Propertyware is a rental property management software tool with solid leasing and accounting features such as automatic payment reminders and lead tracking. 

It offers virtually all of the basic features you’d expect from a full property management software. 

However, users often report basic usability and functionality issues throughout the software to the point where the average user review score is low in comparison to most other property management tools in the industry.

With that said, it’s important to consider not only what Propertyware offers but what alternatives are out there that may be a better fit for you.

To do that, let’s first take a look at what features Propertyware offers to see what it can do in this property management software review.

Propertyware features

Propertyware’s greatest strength is likely in its feature set. It offers property managers and property owners access to virtually all of the typical features you’d expect from a full property management tool.

Propertyware software features

It offers a good collection of leasing features including:

  • Leasing tools
  • Tenant screening
  • Lead tracking
  • Online listings

As well as a good accounting system with features such as:

  • Payment reminders
  • Bank reconciliation
  • And fee management

Other features include:

  • Tenant portal
  • SMS messaging
  • Some maintenance management tools
  • And reporting

The only complaint in terms of their feature set comes in the way of what features you get access to in their various pricing plans.

Several vital features that many other property management tools offer in their basic plan are only included in Propertyware’s premium plans.

The chart below is directly from their website and shows left to right their Basic, Plus, and highest tier Premium plans and which of their optional features are only included in their higher tier plans:

Propertyware plans

Propertyware pricing

Now, let’s dig into pricing. 

Propertyware uses a relatively standard per unit, per month pricing model seen throughout the industry.

Their Basic plan comes in at $1 per unit per month, which is highly affordable compared to other software.

Their mid-tier Plus plan jumps to $1.50 while their highest-level Premium plan to $2 per unit per month: 

Propertyware pricing

However, it’s important to note below the per unit per month pricing that all of Propertyware’s pricing plans have a high monthly minimum.

Their basic plan has a $250 minimum while the Plus and Premium have a $350 and $450 minimum respectively. 

So, while their per unit pricing might be affordable, if you have any less than 200 units you’ll be paying far higher than the industry average. 

Pros and cons

Now, let’s take what we’ve talked about so far and expand on general pros and cons.

Whether it’s features, pricing, or something else altogether such as usability or customer service, where does this property management platform excel and where does it not? 

Let’s take a look: 

Pro: Solid feature set

In terms of features on paper, Propertyware doesn’t leave you wanting for much.

With all the major boxes checked off in:

  • Accounting
  • Rent collection
  • Maintenance Requests
  • Leasing
  • Etc. 

Pro: Affordable per-unit pricing for larger portfolios

Propertyware has a high minimum per month pricing floor of $250 per month for just their starter plan.

That’s pricey compared to most other competitions. 

However, if you have 250+ units, Propertyware’s $1-2 per unit, per month pricing (depending on your plan level) is affordable compared to most of the rest of the industry. 

Con: Low average user review

It’s common for most property management software tools to have a rating somewhere between 4-4.5 stars, with most rated relatively highly compared to other software verticals.

In some cases, the best-of-the-best can be even higher (DoorLoop has maintained a 4.9-5-star review across those same platforms). 

However, Propertyware users report many issues with the software (see below) to the point where the average user review is below-average 3.8 stars. 

While this isn’t a direct con related specifically to any feature or functionality, it does weigh heavily in terms of the general reliability of the software to deliver a satisfactory customer experience. 

Con: Frequently reported usability and functionality issues

Many users report having issues with the basic usability and functionality of the software.


  • The reporting feature
  • Owner portal
  • Random unscheduled maintenance times that take the software down (making the "manage maintenance requests" portion a bit difficult)
  • Software crashes
  • And more

Less than one single thing, this is a general lack of dependability that users report with the Propertyware software, which is arguably worse than anyone con related to a feature. 

Con: Not built for large portfolios

Earlier, we mentioned that Propertyware’s pricing model is one of the more affordable in the industry for larger portfolios.

While this is true, on the flip side many users with large portfolios also mention having issues with using Propertyware with hundreds or 1000+ units, stating that the software doesn’t seem built to handle large portfolios well. 

Propertyware reviews

Now that we’ve taken a closer look into Propertyware’s offering with some pros and cons, let’s dive even deeper.

In this section, we’ll be looking at real user reviews to get a better idea of not just hard facts like features and pricing, but how real Propertyware users feel about the software. This will help you understand if Propertyware is the best property management software tool for you.  

First, let’s look at some of the good things verified Propertyware users are saying. Like this review from user Anna:

“The accounting reports are great - easy to convert to an income statement.”

And Propertyware user Jennifer says: “We like that staff across the board can use the software and we can tailor their experience based on what position they are in.” 

Unfortunately, challenges abound within user reports as well, with many user reviews mentioning one or more major cons.

The same user, Jennifer, also says, “My company now manages over 1100 units for 16 different portfolios. PropertyWare isn't the most intuitive for handling that many units or portfolios. Also I struggle with reports, often times there are fields that aren't options to pull into reports.”

User Carolina made similar complaints: “The downside is that it is not aimed at commercial or large properties. The software can not be installed on computers either, it can only be done through the cloud.”

Other users say, “Report formatting is HORRIBLE, and for the most part is not customizable as far as layout & custom fields. Support has been unhelpful."

As well as one user outright stating, "My experience as an owner was awful. The Owner Reporting feature is terribly lacking."

Other users make note of frequent issues with the UI or general functionality: “[It is] VERY hard to read statements, ledgers, and there are frequent crashes.”

And user Deric says, “we have encountered various backend issues since we started using the product.”

Propertyware vs. DoorLoop

Now that we’ve covered Propertyware’s strengths and weaknesses, let’s talk about an alternative by getting into a quick comparison between and our very own DoorLoop.

DoorLoop is an all-in-one property management solution (for every property type, even commercial properties) with a competitive feature set, affordable pricing plans, and both award-winning customer service and usability, making the lives of rental property owners and managers, a lot easier. 

Let’s see how they stack up:


Earlier, we covered Propertyware’s impressive feature set. It offers a comprehensive collection of tools for just about everything you need to manage your properties.

DoorLoop also offers a comprehensive set of features for everything.

DoorLoop features

Features include:

  • Automatic rent collections
  • Full accounting suite
  • Leasing tools to streamline the entire process (allowing you to screen tenants and collect rent payments from the comfort of your computer or phone)
  • Marketing such as automatic listings
  • Tenant communications
  • Tenant portal 
  • Maintenance management
  • Owner portal
  • And much more

If there’s something you need to manage your portfolio, DoorLoop has it. 

DoorLoop pricing


Propertyware offers a $1 per unit, per month starter plan with a $250 minimum: 

Propertyware reviews plans

DoorLoop offers a flat $49 per month plan for up to your first 20 units:

Each unit thereafter is just $2 per unit, per month.

So, while the per unit, per month pricing is more when comparing basic plans, DoorLoop doesn’t have a huge $250 minimum like Propertyware.

That means if you have any less than 250 properties, DoorLoop will be significantly more affordable.

What about beyond that?

It’s also worth noting that if you want an equivalent performance, you’ll need to move up to Propertyware’s $2 per unit per month plan to get a similar experience feature-wise as DoorLoop. 

Customer support and satisfaction

We touched earlier on the fact that many past and present Propertyware users have found themselves unhappy with the software and the property management services in general.

What do users say about DoorLoop? Well, they’re some of the happiest in the industry.

In fact, DoorLoop has both award-winning customer service and usability.

DoorLoop customer service

Together, the DoorLoop experience is one of ease, simplicity, and efficiency (whether you’re communicating with a tenant, running a report, or assigning a word order to a vendor), leading other property management software products in the business.


Seen enough?

Learn why DoorLoop is the #1 Propertyware alternative.

Start experiencing what rental property software always should have been and get access to:

  • A full suite of property management tools
  • Incredible usability and lightning-fast load times
  • Award-winning customer service
  • And all at an affordable price

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