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Stop chasing tenants for rent payments. Allow your tenants to pay by credit card, debit card, or eCheck. Send automated payment reminders so they never "forget" to pay rent again.

Track paid or overdue rent

Having trouble tracking rent payments? See how much each tenant paid or owes instantly. We'll alert you to uncollected rent, upcoming renewals, and more. Plus, add late fees automatically!

Make more money today

Let DoorLoop handle the rent collection so you don’t have to. Spend less time collecting rent and more time growing your business.

Automate rent collection

Tired of chasing down rent? With DoorLoop, you don’t have to. Get tenants to pay you automatically on the 1st of each month. Make more money, spend less time collecting it.

Receive eCheck payments

Say goodbye to bounced checks and bank fees with automated eCheck (ACH) payments. Now your tenants can pay rent from their personal or business bank accounts.

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Secure Payments

Your tenants' rent payments are encrypted and secured by 256-bit military-grade encryption. With PCI compliance, all payments are submitted directly from Payrix to the credit card processor and never pass through DoorLoop's servers.

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Make it easy to collect rent online by accepting all major debit or credit cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is RapidRent?

RapidRent is our brand name for accepting payments online. The actual merchant processor that makes all the magic happen on the backend is Payrix.

What is an eCheck or ACH payment?

eCheck and ACH are slightly different to a wire transfer. With a wire transfer, one person is actively sending money to another person or business. There are normally costs from both sides to send and receive a wire transfer.

With an ACH or eCheck payment, the money is pulled from your tenants’ account and placed into yours, with only the tenant paying a small fee.

Will I need to give my tenants my bank account details?

No. You never need to share your account or routing number. They will fill out a form online with their credit card or bank details, authorizing you and RapidRent to automatically charge them for rent.

Are online payments secure?

Yes. When your tenants login to their online portal to make a payment, they will see the link starts with HTTPS and either has a green bar or lock icon in the top left of their browser’s URL bar. This means we’re using an SSL certificate to encrypt all communication in their browser.

To get technical, everything they submit is encrypted both at-rest and in-transit with a 256-bit military-grade encryption.

Your tenants’ rent payments are encrypted and secured with PCI compliance as they are submitted directly to the credit card processor (powered by Payrix) and never pass through DoorLoop’s servers.

Can I accept payments in other currencies or outside of the US?

At the moment, RapidRent is only available for US bank accounts. You can only open a RapidRent account and accept payments if you are a registered US business with a US bank account.

A tenant in another country might be able to make a payment from their international credit card depending on the type of card. It will charge them in US dollars.

Can I accept rent by Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, CashApp, Square, or other apps?

That is completely up to you and your State laws. Most of these providers don’t offer the option for DoorLoop to integrate with them. If your tenant pays you by any of these methods, simply add the payment in manually. Learn more about receiving payments in DoorLoop.

Please beware - if you are in the middle of an eviction process, and a tenant sends you any amount of money with any of these companies, most of the time it’s automatically accepted, and the eviction process may be halted, even though you didn’t collect full rent payment. Please check with your attorney to be certain before offering these payment alternatives.

How long does it take to start accepting payments?

Once you submit the form, we will contact you and send you the online application. Once the application is submitted, it normally takes 7-10 business days to start accepting your first online payment, but can take longer due to underwriting out of our control, or if something is incorrect or missing from the application.

How quickly will I receive the money after a payment?

For security reasons and fraud prevention, your first payment will be deposited into your bank account after 10 business days.

After that initial holding period is over, any future credit card or eCheck (ACH) payments normally take up to 3 business days to enter your bank account.

What are the credit card or eCheck platform fees?

The standard platform fee for making an online debit or credit card payment is 3%. It is $1.99/transaction for eCheck transfers (or $0 if you're on the Premium plan).

You do not pay the fees, your tenants do as an online platform fee. They will clearly see the amount before making any payment.

Most banks do not charge you or the tenant for outgoing or incoming ACH transfers.

If a payment is made by credit card, do I get the full amount?

Yes. If the rent owed is $1,000, you will receive $1,000 in your bank account. The small platform fees are paid for by the tenant.

Are there any other fees?

There is a one-time application fee of $49 per bank account to start accepting online payments. This non-refundable payment covers the cost of processing the application, underwriting, and setting up your account. If your merchant application is not approved, you will not be charged.

There are no other monthly fees or minimums.

Will I get a monthly statement?

Since you are not paying for the platform fees (your clients and tenants are), there are no merchant statements. You can run and export a Payment Received report in DoorLoop to see all your payments collected within any time period.

What happens if their credit card gets declined?

The tenant will receive an email that they need to login to their online portal and update the credit card on file, or fix the issue. If they do not fix it within a certain time period, you can add late fees to their invoice.

DoorLoop will not try to charge the card again.

What happens if there's no money in the tenants’ bank account?

Your tenant will get an email that the ACH transaction was declined. They will need to add money into their bank account, and process the payment again.

You will be charged a $25 insufficient funds fee every time the payment is declined (this is out of our control). If it’s legal in your State, and in your rental agreement, you may consider adding a $25 insufficient funds fee (or higher) to their invoice to help you recoup the time and cost.

What happens with a credit card chargeback dispute?

Credit card payments are still a great way to receive rent, especially if the tenant can’t afford the payment today, but they can afford putting it on their credit card.

If your tenant does a chargeback and submits a dispute, you will typically receive a letter in the mail from the credit card provider with a deadline to submit your response. You may also receive an email.

We recommend sending the following:

  1. Signed lease agreement that shows the payment amount, payment date, start and end date.
  2. A screenshot of the payment agreement form on DoorLoop showing proof they agreed to online payments and submitted the information themselves.
  3. History of rent payments.
  4. Any other information necessary.

This is also a great time and reminder to add a policy in your lease agreements for all future disputes.

Can a tenant reverse an ACH payment once it was transferred?

Once the money is in your account, it is nearly impossible for the money to be reversed. There can always be exceptions we don’t know about, but we have never heard of this happening.

How do my tenants pay rent online?

You will give your tenant access to their online portal where they can login and make a one-time payment, or setup an automated recurring payment. You can require them to pay rent in full, or allow them to enter a partial payment amount. You can also add automatic late fees to their charges.

How do I select which bank account to receive payments into?

In DoorLoop, you can select which account each payment should be deposited into. If you have different bank accounts for different properties, we make it easy to open a RapidRent account for each.

How do I add automatic late fees?

You can automatically add a late fee either as a fixed amount, or a percentage of their outstanding balance, as well as decide how many days your tenants can be overdue before we automatically add them to the rent charge.

You can even set a maximum late fee amount, or a minimum balance to apply late fees. For example, “Charge my tenant a $50 late fee if rent is overdue by 3 days.”

Please visit our help center to find tutorials on adding late fees.

Can I still accept regular cash or check payments?

Yes. Once you create a RapidRent account, you can enable or disable online payments (credit card, debit card, and eCheck) for any tenant, property, or lease. Tenants can still pay however you like.

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