Student Housing Property Management Software

Easily manage your leases with multiple renters whether it's on or off-campus from dorms, apartments, and more.

What is a student housing property management software?

DoorLoop makes it easy to stay on top of multiple-tenant leases, short-term leases, and every other aspect of managing student-occupied units. Collect payments automatically and track all of your transactions in one place. Set automatic rent increases, one-time charges, or recurring fees. Receive and manage maintenance requests from beginning to end. Stay on top of all leases more easily than ever with access to mobile apps on any device.

Rental applications with multiple tenants

Create, upload, and manage leases with multiple tenants easily

Lease management

Create lease templates, upload them, and customize them to each unit's specifications. Set rent and recurring fee charges by unit or tenant to make payments easy.

Secure tenant portals

Create as many individual tenant portals as needed for each lease. Collect rent payments automatically through each tenant portal, and send both individual and community-wide messages.

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Work orders

Receive maintenance requests from tenants and manage work orders all in one place.

Manage tenant requests

Automatically get maintenance requests through the tenant portal. Create automated workflows to make fulfilling requests as easy as possible.

Oversee work orders

Set urgency levels and due dates for maintenance tasks, then assign them to vendors. Track every step of a work order's progress and pay vendors promptly upon completion.

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Benefits of student housing property management software

Manage multi-tenant and short-term leases with an all-in-one software that makes it easy. Create multiple tenant portals per lease to simplify rent collection and communication. Set one-time charges, recurring fees, and rent increases as far in advance as you need, and never lose track of an upcoming or overdue payment again.

Automated payments

Get paid and track the status of every payment for every lease–all on autopilot.


Collect payments through your tenant portals and sync any bank account to get paid automatically.

Track payments due

Send tenants automated reminders when rent and any other fees are due. See reports of paid, due, and past due charges right on your dashboard.

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Document management

Keep all of your documents in one place and never lose an important file again.

Collect eSignatures

Upload and store document templates securely, then get them eSigned by anyone in seconds.

Go paperless

Share files with tenants, owners, or vendors in one click. Find any document in seconds with instant search, and optimize your file organization with custom tags.

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Why use a student housing property management software?

"Managing student properties can be tricky. There are a lot of shorter lease periods, and there are almost always multiple tenants in one unit. DoorLoop has helped us streamline everything. Splitting rent charges and collecting payments used to be a mess. Now, it's so simple to receive each tenant's payment automatically and track anything that's overdue. This software has truly helped our change for the better."

Frequently asked questions

How can payments be made through the tenant portal?

You can collect payments via credit card or ACH through your tenant portal.

Are there file storage limits?

Your file storage limit depends on your subscription plan. It can range from 50 MB Per Unit to 5 GB Per Unit or Unlimited. See our pricing page to learn more.

Does it cost anything to collect rent payments through DoorLoop?

You do not have to pay anything to collect rent payments. When your tenants pay by debit or credit card, they pay a 3% service fee. If they choose to pay via ACH (eCheck), they only pay $1.99 per payment.

Do I have to wait for tenants' maintenance requests to create work orders?

Not at all! Though maintenance requests are a great way to make sure tenants' needs are met, you are free to create work orders on DoorLoop at any time, both for individual units and common areas.

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