Property Management Leasing Software

Oversee every lease for every property in one place and never miss anything.

Property Management Leasing Software

What is a property management leasing software?

A property management leasing software will help manage the leasing process from start to finish. Upload your lease agreements, save them as templates, send them to new or renewing tenants, and get them electronically signed. You can even collect rent automatically by credit card or ACH with RapidRent. The best part is, you can save all lease agreements online and search for them in one click so you never lose another signed file again.

Manage your tenants

Manage your tenants

With a built-in CRM and tenant portal, keep track of prospects & active tenants, all communications, renewals, and more.

Tenant screening & lease management

Manage applications, collect fees, screen tenants, and track lease agreements, renewal dates, and more.

Automated lease management

Automatically track lease agreements, renewal dates, rent schedules, recurring charges, and more.

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Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening

Process tenant applications, manage leases, charge rent, communicate with your tenants, and so much more–all in one place.

Run background checks

Perform detailed background and criminal checks on prospects in seconds.

Protect your income

Run credit checks and see tenants’ eviction histories so that you can pinpoint the most reliable tenants in a few clicks.

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Property management leasing software benefits

Property management leasing software benefits

Go paperless and automatically keep all your leases more organized than ever. Collect rent payments and recurring charges on autopilot and find documents more efficiently than ever.



Attract tenants automatically. Showcase your listings on your own website and integrate with some of the most popular listing platforms on the market.

Market your listings

Display your open units on your own custom website and post them on the most popular syndication platforms out there, like Zillow and

Find tenants on autopilot

Collect applications from your website, background check your prospects, and manage current tenants all in one place.

Market your listings

Rental applications

Rental applications

Accept rental applications and run thorough background checks to make sure you're bringing in the very best tenants.

Custom applications

Customize your rental applications so that all of the most important tenant information is available to you right away.

All-in-one application management

Background check your tenants, collect eSignatures, and move prospects through your application funnel within minutes on one platform.

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Why use property management leasing software?

"Took us from filing cabinets to paperless so seamlessly. We are so much more organized and efficient now."

Frequently asked questions

Can I post my listings through DoorLoop?

Yes! With DoorLoop, you can create a custom website that features all your listings, tenant applications, and a tenant portal. You can customize the website with your logo, as well as a color scheme and background of your choice.

Can I track lease progress?

Absolutely. Using your lease funnel, you can visualize any lease to see whether it's been sent, viewed, partially signed, or fully signed.

How many documents can I store on DoorLoop?

Depending on the subscription plan you are on, the storage limit can be 50 MB Per Unit, 5 GB Per Unit, or Unlimited. See our pricing page to learn more.

Is my tenants' lease information safe?

Always. You can set custom User Access Roles to determine who can see leases and tenant information. On top of that, all data in DoorLoop is encrypted using 256-bit military grade encryption.

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