Offer renters insurance. And peace of mind.

Stay protected and allow or require your tenants to purchase renters insurance directly from their tenant portal.

Insurance protection

Keeping you and your tenants covered.

Loss of use

Insurance will protect your rent payments and your tenants new accommodations.

Personal liability

Cover injuries or property damage caused by tenants or guests.

Replacement costs

Replace personal items after covered events (e.g. fire).

Personal property

Safeguard tenant's belongings in their unit.

Sewage or drain backups

Protect personal property from sewage or drain damage.

Identity fraud

Offer identity theft coverage for tenants' peace of mind.

Your Questions Answered

Which company manages the rental insurance policy?

Depending on what State your unit is in, DoorLoop either offers renters insurance with Sure that is backed by ASSURANT, or Lemonade.

You can learn more here. After reviewing nearly all the options, we chose SURE and Lemonade because they had the easiest application process for your tenants, gave instant quotes, and had some of the best coverage and protection for both the tenants and landlords.

How much does it cost and who pays for it?

Depending on the property, location, and other factors, rates can start as low as only $10/month and the tenant normally pays for it.

Do I have to offer renters insurance to my tenants?

In most States in the US, you do not need to offer or require renters insurance, but we strongly believe you should for the protection and peace of mind it offers both parties.

Can I require my tenants to get renters insurance?

In most States in the US, you can require and make it mandatory for your tenants to get renters insurance coverage. Please check your local and state laws depending on the type of property you’re renting.

If you require it, your tenants will be able to either purchase it directly from their tenant portal in DoorLoop, or upload proof of their own renters insurance.

How can my tenants apply for rental insurance?

When you add your tenant to DoorLoop, you can give them access to their online tenant portal. They will receive an email to login where they can purchase renters insurance.

What countries do you offer renters insurance in?

At the moment we offer renters insurance in the US. You are still able to use DoorLoop in any other country worldwide and simply recommend a local insurance provider.

If you have a carrier you recommend in your country, please contact us and let us know!

Can I make a referral fee if my tenants get insurance?

At this time there is no revenue sharing program offered through DoorLoop for renters insurance.

We do however have an affiliate referral fee program if you want to spread the word about DoorLoop!

Does renters insurance protect property manager?

Both! It protects the tenants from having to come out of pocket for many unexpected events. It also protects the landlords in case the tenant can’t pay for the damages, or a natural disaster out of their control.

Here are some typical scenarios that could happen:

  1. A guest of your tenant trips in their unit and needs to be hospitalized.
  2. A fire was started from your tenant's microwave and damages the unit or building.
  3. The unit above yours has flooding that damages your unit.
  4. Your tenant's unit was broken into and personal items are missing.
Can I offer my own coverage option other than yours?

Yes, you can offer any renters insurance you like and do not need to use the recommended ones from DoorLoop.

What does the policy cover?

It typically covers the following:

  1. Personal property damages
  2. Personal liability for bodily injury or damage to another property
  3. Loss of use if the property is unlivable
  4. Replacement cost if personal property is damaged by a covered peril
  5. Sewage or drain backup that covers personal property
  6. Identity fraud if your tenants are a victim of identity theft (optional)

Before they pay, your tenants will see a summary of their coverage and a sample policy as soon as they apply for coverage. You can ask your tenants to send you the final policy by email.

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