Frequently Asked Questions

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What is DoorLoop?

DoorLoop is the easiest property management software that helps manage tens of thousands of units in over 100 countries. Managing someone else’s portfolio? DoorLoop has you covered too.

Our goal is to make your life easier so you get more done in less time, increase occupancy and profitability while decreasing turnover and workload. Soon you’ll have the time and energy to focus on what matters most.

What properties can I manage?

If it has a door, you can manage it with DoorLoop!

Manage any combination of properties and spaces, for example:

  1. Residential properties: Single Family, Multi-Family, Condo, Townhouse, Apartment
  2. Commercial properties: Industrial, Office, Retail, Shopping Center, Storage, Parking, Co-Working, Parking Spaces
  3. Student Housing
  4. Mobile Homes
  5. Affordable & Workforce Housing
  6. Community Associations & HOAs
Who is DoorLoop for?

DoorLoop is built for property managers, management companies, owners, landlords, investors, tenants or anyone managing any property worldwide.

Most of our members are frustrated with how they currently manage their business. They want to be more organized, generate custom reports with ease, and increase profits without increasing their expenses.

With unlimited customization and flexibility, DoorLoop is perfect for anyone just getting started with 1 property, or large companies managing thousands.

What are the most popular features?

With DoorLoop, you can:

  1. List and market your units online to increase occupancy
  2. Screen tenants and run background checks
  3. Offer paperless online applications to prospects
  4. Automatically fill and send lease agreements with eSignatures
  5. Offer renters insurance
  6. Collect rent online by ACH (eCheck, wire transfer), debit card, credit card, cash with DoorLoop’s RapidRent
  7. Offer a tenant portal with maintenance requests and communications
  8. Offer an owner’s portal with custom reports
  9. Manage your vendors and work orders
  10. Send automated renewal agreements to reduce turnover
  11. Manage your bookkeeping and accounting to remove duplicate data entry in QuickBooks
  12. Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and many more financials
  13. Run unlimited custom reports in seconds
  14. And much more

Visit our Features page to learn more.

We are not computer savvy. Is it easy to use?

Our world-class designers built the most beautiful and user friendly software imaginable. If you can use a mobile phone, you can use DoorLoop.

Anyone, regardless of age or computer experience, can use DoorLoop. In fact, most of our members don’t even ask for training, but we still recommend 1 hour of free basic training.

We promise, by the end of week one, you and your team will know exactly how to manage all of your tenants, properties, units, leases, renewals, and even work orders and vendors. We know new software can be scary, but we’ll be there holding your hand every step of the way.

Can I use DoorLoop from my phone?

Yes, in fact, there is even an iPhone, iPad, and Android app available on the Apple App store and Google Play store.

The best part is, nearly every single screen and feature on the Desktop version is available in the mobile app.

Now you can work and access all of your properties remotely no matter where you are in the world.

What is the process to get started?

After years of trial and error, we came up with the Perfect Portfolio Plan:

  • Step 1: Schedule a demo or sign up for your free trial.
  • Step 2: If you’re using another software, import all your data into DoorLoop with our dedicated migration team.
  • Step 3: Complete a 1-hour basic training.
  • Step 4: Add all your properties, units, tenants, and lease expirations. Email your tenants the link to their new tenant portal for payments, maintenance requests, and messages. Enable the owner portal for financial reports.

It really is that simple. Click here to schedule your demo and get started.

I have more questions

Please click here to send us a message, and we promise to respond within 24 hours guaranteed.

You can also click here to schedule a private virtual demo.

If I use Excel, Word, Outlook & Dropbox, will it help?

Simply put: Efficiency.

Why use multiple programs when you can use one that combines everything, saves you time and does so much more?  With the power of an all-in-one software, and only one login, you no longer have to switch between 10 different programs.

Instead of manually typing lease agreements, renewal offers, and other documents in Word, you can use prefilled templates and send them from DoorLoop.

Never forget about applications, lease agreements, tasks, maintenance requests, deadlines, rent payments, late fees, evictions, renewals, and more with automated reminders and built-in tracking features.

Automate your repetitive tasks so you can focus on what really matters - building better relationships and growing your business.

As former property managers and current owners of real estate, we know you’re spread thin. Let us help you increase your revenue, and decrease your workload.

Why should I choose you over other programs?

Our mission is simple - to make your life easier. We want to reduce your stress and workload and bring peace back into your life.

We take pride in our 3 main differentiators:

  1. Ease of use - Take our complex competitor test - get a free trial from our top 3 competitors without speaking to anyone, and see for yourself which is the easiest.
  2. Speed - See how fast it is to create your account and complete your first few steps.
  3. World-class support - Our average response time to any messages, emails, or chats is 24 minutes, not hours.

Sign up today and see why everyone is switching to DoorLoop.  Did we mention we help you move over, for free?

What if I already use a property management software?

You can use DoorLoop on top of your existing software. Use time saving and automation features that don’t yet exist with your current software.

You can also use DoorLoop for all your new properties, units, and leases and slowly migrate your entire portfolio over with each renewal.

How many programs will DoorLoop replace?

The beauty of DoorLoop is it removes the need and cost for all your other programs. Here are some of the things you can do built-in:

  1. Full property accounting & reporting
  2. Create rental applications, lease agreements, and much more to replace Word templates
  3. eSignatures to replace printing/scanning/faxing documents
  4. Tenant portal for communication and maintenance requests to replace the endless calls and emails you get that fall through the cracks
  5. Automated screening and background checks
  6. Renter’s insurance
  7. Payment processing by credit/debit card or ACH wire transfer (eCheck)
  8. Frontdesk operations software (coming soon)
  9. Maintenance and vendor tracking for work orders
  10. List all your properties online with a custom designed website template
  11. Accounts payable to pay all bills and print checks
  12. Automated reminders to replace calendar applications
  13. And much more

DoorLoop will help you get more done, in less time, with less overhead.

What is your complex competitor test?

Many property management software companies claim to be “the easiest to use.” We want you to put that claim to the test.

We invite you to sign up for a free trial of any competitor. Without speaking to anyone, you decide for yourself which is the easiest to use.

When we did our own research, it seemed like many other Property Management programs were stuck in the 90s. Many of them were created so long ago, their technology, coding, design, and security was completely outdated.

Imagine buying a car in 1998 and adding paint jobs for 25 years. Even though it might have a fresh coat of paint, under the hood it’s still the same old engine. With software, the coding language is like an old engine – it can’t be replaced. Most of us don’t drive the same car from 1998 - then why should we use the same outdated software from decades ago?

Do you have all the features your competitors have?

The truth is, no software will have the exact same features as another.  

Over the last 15+ years, other companies have added so many features that their programs have become extremely bloated and complicated, slowing down your efficiency by taking multiple steps for something that should be 1 click away. You probably don’t even use more than 10% of their features, but you’re definitely paying for them.

It’s not more features that make a software better, but perfecting every feature so it makes your life easier (quality vs quantity).

Many platforms charge for integrations instead of developing the features in-house. We aim to offer everything you need, at one low price.

It’s impossible to find the perfect software that has every single feature a property manager wants. Our goal is to provide an easy-to-use platform with an intuitive design that perfects those important features - helping you save time, make more money, keep your clients happy, and scale your business.

What will the competition say about DoorLoop?

We love competition. It pushes everyone to make their products and services better. You will rarely find us talking bad about specific competitors because we embrace it. Unfortunately, not all competitors think the same. Below are some things they will most likely say about us, and our responses:

“DoorLoop is new and won’t last long”

  1. For over a decade, we’ve built industry-leading platforms. Feel free to ask any retail kiosk owner if they’ve heard of Nova Point of Sale, and any law firm or attorney if they’ve heard of PracticePanther. All of our previous companies are still thriving many years later.
  2. So far, we’ve raised over $30M from our partners, co-founders, and private investors and are here for the long run. And given the overwhelming support from the real estate tech community, that number keeps increasing.

“We were the first ones, we’ve been here the longest”

  1. That’s usually not a good thing, especially with technology. When the technology and code is so outdated, it can never be significantly improved.
  2. Think about comparing a brand new iPhone or Android phone to one from 10 years ago. Everytime there’s a software update, the phone gets slower. Over time, the hardware simply needs to be replaced.

“They’re small. We have hundreds of thousands of customers.”

  1. Bigger does not mean better.
  2. Generally speaking, companies that are so big become excruciatingly slow, stop innovating, and no longer care about you. When was the last time you spoke to the CEO of such a company, or made a feature request that actually got listened to and implemented?

“We are endorsed by every real estate association and group. They are not.”

  1. If we spent $100,000/year on advertising, sponsorships and memberships, we would too. Instead, we choose to reinvest back into our product so we can deliver the best experience and service for you.
  2. Put simply, most are paying to be endorsed.

We are more secure, do 3rd party audits, etc…”

  1. After building numerous software companies, we know a thing or two about security. Feel free to check out our security page for more.
How does DoorLoop reduce turnover?

One of the major reasons we started DoorLoop was to solve our own problems and reduce the costs associated with employee, tenant, and owner turnover.

With no great systems in place, things constantly slipped through the cracks. After years of experimentation, we’ve perfected the entire process and built all our best practices into DoorLoop to help reduce turnover for:


With a beautifully designed website for your listings and detailed background checks, you’ll attract better quality tenants that will improve the quality of life for your other tenants.

When you offer a modern experience for your tenants, give them an easy way to communicate and create maintenance requests, and make sure nothing falls between the cracks, they’re much happier, stay longer, and will even pay more. Plus, renewing is as simple as a few clicks!


Impress your owners with the power, organization, and efficiency you get with DoorLoop. With timely printed checks, unlimited customizable reports, robust accounting, and a dedicated owner portal, the increase in transparency will increase their trust.


Most employees are stressed, overwhelmed and barely have time to focus on what’s most important. DoorLoop will help them automate most (if not all) of the repetitive and tedious administrative work. They’ll be able to work faster and get more done in less time, with fewer errors. You’ll be able to grow your business while keeping the same employee count.

Get started today and start reducing turnover tomorrow.

How much training will I need?

DoorLoop is so easy to use, most people need very little (if any) training. We recommend 1-2 virtual training sessions with us (only an hour long) so we can show you some best practices.

If you need more help, we have unlimited free training and support for you and your entire team including live virtual training, tutorial videos, help center articles, and more.

The best part is, you no longer have to train your team or answer any questions about the software, we’ll do it for you!

What are your prices?

Thanks to the $30M we raised from our partners and investors, and in order to expedite our growth, we’re offering 50% off your first 2 months.

Prices start at only $49/month for your first 20 units, or $24.50 with the promo.

Unlimited training and support is included.

You will receive free updates, a dedicated account manager and unlimited free support.

Which pricing plan is best for me?

If you have under 10 units and no employees, the Starter plan could be a good fit. We would recommend the Pro plan for 10+ units, and then the Premium plan for anyone who needs unlimited flexibility and customization with our API and integrations.

Do I need a credit card to try it?

Absolutely not! All you need is your email address.

How will monthly billing work?

You can select to pay monthly for any of our plans (pay as you go). If you remove any units in the middle of the month, they will automatically be removed from your next monthly bill.

You can add more units anytime during the month, and it will be prorated based on how many days are left until your next bill. For example, if you add more units, and you are 20 days into your subscription, you will only be charged for 10 more days.

How will annual billing work?

You can select to pay annually for any of our plans. By paying annually, you receive a discount up to 20% off and will be billed for 12 months in advance. For example, if you add 10 units on the basic plan, it would cost $588 upfront for the entire year ($49 x 12 months).

If you prepaid for 10 units for the year, you can add or remove up to 10 units during that time. There are no credits or refunds for removing units since they have been prepaid for 1 year.

You can add more units anytime during the year, which will be prorated to your annual bill date. For example, if you add an additional 20 units, and you are 3 months into your subscription, you will only be charged for 9 months ($20/month difference x 9 months).

Are there any contracts?

We believe you should have the freedom to use any software you like without being tied down by corporate contracts. With DoorLoop, you are free to cancel your account at any time or export your data and use another software.

Why is your price so low?

We are a privately owned company that is able to keep a low overhead and pass those savings onto you. By comparison, many of our competitors are publicly traded and need to charge high fees and increase costs to please their shareholders.

Who pays for online rent payments, screening, and eSignatures?

There are 2 premium services you can offer your tenants at no cost to you.

Tenant Screening & Background Checks (powered by TransUnion) - The cost to your prospective tenants is only $39.99 and includes a US national criminal background check, eviction history, and credit report. You can also markup the cost and keep any profits.

Credit Card & ACH Payments (powered by Payrix) - Automate your rent collection and get paid faster for only $49 per bank account. Your tenants pay a 3% service fee for credit card payments or $1.99 for ACH ($0 if you're on the Premium Plan). Before your tenants make any payments, they will see the service fee so it's transparent for everyone.

Other benefits include:

  1. Outgoing payments - Outgoing EFT payments are available under the Pro and Premium plans for $1 each. You can also mail checks for $1.50.
  2. eSignatures - It cost $1 per signed document regardless of how many people need to sign.
How much money am I losing by not using DoorLoop?

When you keep doing things the same way, there is a cost of not taking action. This is known as “opportunity cost”.

When you spend money, you expect something in return. With DoorLoop, we are helping you and your team get more done in less time. We want you to grow your portfolio and revenue, without growing your expenses and overhead.

If you are looking at property management software, it’s because you want to improve. Right now, you have the chance to make a choice and take action, get things done and build a better business.

Only you can determine how much you’re losing. Here are some questions that could help:

  1. How much does turnover cost when tenants don’t renew their leases?
  2. How much money are you losing by not routinely collecting rent?
  3. How much does your overhead and employee count grow when adding new units?
  4. How many tenants or owners do you lose to your competitors?
  5. How much do vacant units cost you?
  6. How many showings are empty because the marketing could be better?
  7. How much time are you spending responding to tenant maintenance requests, calls and emails?

As property managers and business owners ourselves, we’ve had these problems too. Over many years through trial and error, we perfected the business model and built our best practices directly into DoorLoop.

When you contact us, ask to speak with one of our co-founders for tips on growing your business and profits. We care about your success and are happy to share the knowledge.

Why do some companies hide their price or have no free trials?

While we can’t speak for all companies, in our experience they don’t show the price on their sites because they either negotiate heavily so you will never know if you’re getting the best deal, or because their price is so expensive they need to convince you over the phone why it’s worth it (while employing high-pressure sales tactics).

If they don’t allow you to try their software for free and want you to only schedule a demo, it’s most likely because they know the software is so complex and hard to use, you will be lost without extensive training. The problem is, every time you hire someone new, they need to go through hours and hours of training. We’re doing our best to change this industry and eliminate the need for long training and tech support calls by offering the easiest to use platform. We strongly believe you should be able to try before you buy, do your own research without being forced to get a demo and be pressured by a salesperson, and cancel anytime without penalty.

Will the price ever increase?

We are strongly against any major price increases, and have never done so in any of our previous companies. It’s just wrong and greedy.

If you are an early access member signing up today during our early access period, your price will not go up for at least the first year, until 2023.

After 2023, we may increase pricing to stay in check with inflation and rising costs for wages, servers, and the like.

Our goal is to keep our customers happy. So, please contact us if you ever want to discuss pricing (or anything else).

Can I migrate my data to DoorLoop?

Yes. If you’re using another software or even a spreadsheet, our migration team will help migrate your current properties, units, tenants, owners, leases, and vendors into DoorLoop.

There are also export buttons throughout DoorLoop, so you can always export your information to another software or for backups.

Is my data backed up and protected?

Yes, sleep well knowing your data is automatically backed to numerous servers. If you wish, you can export and save a physical copy of your data to your computer.

DoorLoop is hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the leader in data security, and used by Netflix, LinkedIn, ESPN, Airbnb, Apple, Adobe, and many others.

AWS protects your data with firewalls, security audits, and penetration tests.

Are my payments & data encrypted?

Yes. When you login to DoorLoop, you will see the link starts with HTTPS and either has a green bar or lock icon in the top left of your browser’s URL bar. This means we’re using an SSL certificate to encrypt all communication in your browser.

To get technical, your data is encrypted both at-rest and in-transit with a 256-bit military-grade encryption.

Your payments to DoorLoop and your tenants’ rent payments are encrypted and secured with PCI compliance as they are submitted directly to the credit card processor and never pass through DoorLoop’s servers.

Your tenants can pay rent online by credit or debit card or by ACH (powered by Payrix). You can also read more about DoorLoop’s security.

Do I need servers to run DoorLoop?

Not at all! DoorLoop is in the cloud, which means you can login from any computer, phone, device, or browser. Examples include, but are not limited to:

Desktop or Laptop Computers: Mac, Windows PCs, Microsoft Surface, Chromebook

Phones or Tablets: iPhone or iPad, Android devices, Amazon Fire

Browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera

Now you can work from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Can I block parts of the software from my team?

With user access roles, you can allow or block access to certain parts of the software from any user. You can also allow or block a user from creating, editing, viewing, or deleting anything.

For example, you could allow someone to add new tenants and view existing tenants, but not to edit or delete tenants. Or, you could completely block access to all financials, accounting, and reports.

Do you do background checks on your employees?

We thoroughly vet every potential candidate before offering a position at DoorLoop.

We have a rigorous interview process, verify their identity with multiple forms of identification, check employment references, and run employment verification and criminal background checks.

All employees are required to sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements and go through extensive training before they can begin working at DoorLoop.

Do you have a bug bounty program?

Yes, for security purposes. As users of our own software, security is our highest priority. If you are a security researcher and discover any potential vulnerabilities, please contact us.

How can I delete all my data?

If you have full Admin access on your account, you can delete all your data yourself by selecting every item on each page and mass deleting it.

After verifying your identity extensively, we can also delete your entire account for you.

Deletion is permanent and there is no recycle bin or recovery.

How secure is your API?

If you want to use our API to integrate with any other app, feel safe knowing everything is encrypted at rest and in transit using an AES-256 encryption algorithm.

Every plan includes enterprise level security with TLS/SSL application endpoints, strong cipher suites, Perfect Forward Secrecy, and more.

Feel free to test our API using the Qualys SSL Labs test where we receive an A+ grade.

Do you have 2-Step Verification?

Yes. For increased security, you can receive an email with a one-time code when logging into your account.

Do I need QuickBooks or Xero?

QuickBooks and Xero are not built to support multiple property accounting. They only allow you to manage 1 property per account. So if you have 10 properties, you need 10 QuickBooks accounts and logins.

If you still wish to use QuickBooks however, DoorLoop has a direct integration with QuickBooks Online.

DoorLoop also has it's own full accounting system that allows you to maintain double-entry accounting accuracy for multiple properties in 1 platform - saving you thousands in license and accounting fees and hours in double data entry.

DoorLoop will help you keep track of your own set of books for each property, with their own balance sheets and reports per property.

DoorLoop’s built-in accounting suite can:

  1. Run unlimited custom reports
  2. Manage your chart of accounts
  3. Track and reconcile multiple bank accounts and cash balances
  4. Pay vendors for maintenance, work orders, and eFile 1099’s
  5. Print checks for owners
  6. Track every payment, security deposit, refund, and fee from tenants, vendors, and owners
  7. Calculate sales tax
  8. And much more

Some of the financial statements and reports include:

  1. Profit & loss statements
  2. Balance sheets
  3. General ledger
  4. Income statements
  5. Cash flow statement
  6. Budget VS Actual
  7. Rental owner statements & ending balance
  8. A/R (Accounts Receivable)
  9. A/P (Accounts Payable)

We still recommend using QuickBooks if you use it today for your company accounting like:

  1. Employee payroll and taxes
  2. Categorizing expenses from your bank account and credit cards
  3. Other company (not Property) needs

You’re a property manager, not an accountant. That’s why we built DoorLoop to handle the accounting so you can do what you do best.

Is DoorLoop translated in other languages?

DoorLoop is offered in English. We plan on offering Spanish, French, and German in the near future. We also plan on translating the owner and tenant portal to other languages too.

If we get enough requests and demand, we will translate it to any other language. Please contact us to request another language.

What countries and currencies are supported?

DoorLoop supports every country and almost every currency. When you first signup, you will have the option of changing your currency settings.

You can use 1 currency per account, but if you need multiple currencies, we are happy to create multiple accounts for you, each with their own currency.

Even better - we’re the only software that allows you to switch between accounts in the click of a button without multiple logins, passwords, or browsers open. Easy!

P.S. At the moment, we offer payments (RapidRent), background checks and renters insurance in the US. Contact us if you need any of these services in other countries.

How often do you add new features and make updates?

We strongly believe in the phrase “innovate or die”, which is why we’re constantly pushing the boundaries and adding new exciting features to help your business succeed.

You can expect updates at least monthly. The best part is, they’re done automatically for you - there’s no need to download or install anything. Once you login to DoorLoop, the new updates will already be there.

Don’t let your old property management software keep you stuck in the past. Switch to DoorLoop and join the future.

Do you take feature suggestions?

Yes! This is the only way for us to know exactly what you need.

We prioritize and build new feature requests based on demand and votes. So, please...keep the suggestions coming!

While we value every suggestion and customer, please understand it would be impossible for us to implement everyone’s ideas, and it would bloat the software with thousands of features only a handful of people may use.

Our goal is to accomplish pretty much everything you’re looking for, and do a really good job at it.

Is DoorLoop always online?

We have an industry leading 99.9% server uptime. Typically, we will release updates on the weekend and middle of the night so it never affects your operations. To check our status or confirm our uptime, visit our Status page.

Since we’ve had our fair share of hurricanes at our global headquarters in Miami, we also have extensive backup and continuity plans. Should a natural disaster occur, our remote teams and offices, located on multiple continents, will continue supporting you.

Will you do custom development for a fee?

Yes, depending on the size of the request. Please contact us and we can discuss custom features, and more.

Who are the founders behind DoorLoop?

We are a team of 6 highly experienced co-founders that span the real estate, finance, legal, and tech industries.

We’ve created and worked with successful software and property management companies and are joining forces with our knowledge, expertise, and capital, to bring you the easiest, most user-friendly property management software on the market.

Our headquarters is in Miami, Florida with teams located in London England, and Tel-Aviv Israel.

Why did we start DoorLoop?

Some of the co-founders were owners and property managers, just like you. We struggled collecting rent, leasing vacant units, keeping track of maintenance requests, renewing leases, and so much more. We weren’t able to spend time with our family on weekends and on too many occasions had to drive hours away to collect rent in person.

We used to be so excited to own our own investment properties, but it felt like they were owning us.

After learning from other successful property managers and turning our businesses around, we’ve built all the best practices directly into DoorLoop.

As users of our own software, we’ll never stop improving as we continually strive to deliver the best possible product, one that helps you become more efficient, scale your business, and make all of your properties easier to manage.

Why the name DoorLoop?

When we first had the idea for DoorLoop, people asked which properties they could manage. The truth is, any property with a door can be managed, which led to the first word “Door” coming to fruition.

One of our core missions is to solve a major industry problem - turnover with your staff, tenants, and owners. In essence, we want to solve the “loop” problem of people coming and going. And thus, the name DoorLoop was born.

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