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Simplify your storage business to get more done in less time. Manage storage units, warehouses, facilities, containers, and more.

What is a self storage property management software?

A self storage property management software makes it easier for you to run your storage business and facilities. With it, you can get paid automatically, manage leases, get expiration reminders, communicate with renters securely, and much more. Automate your processes, track your finances, and get more done in less time with a go-to, all-in-one solution.

Automated payments

Sync any bank account and set automatic reminders so that you can get paid on autopilot.

Sync any bank

Connect any bank or credit card to DoorLoop. Pull, categorize, and reconcile all of your transactions so you're always on top of your finances.


Set rent charges and recurring fees at any interval, then get paid automatically through your secure renter portal.

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Renter communication

Send messages, reminders, and updates to your renters securely from one place.

Message any device

Send facility-wide or individual messages to your renters via email, phone, text, or your renter portal–and track when messages are opened.

Miltary-grade security

Rest assured that your messages and files are safely backed by 256-bit encryption (the same level used by banks and the military).

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Benefits of self storage property management software

Never lose track of a payment again. Automatically track any upcoming or past due payments and send reminders to your renters. Communicate with renters easily through your secure renter portal, or choose to reach them via phone, text, or email. Store all important documents safely and find any file in seconds. Make it easier, faster, and more profitable to run your self-storage business.

File management

Upload, store, and organize your files in one place, then easily search for the documents you need in one click.

Store and search

Upload and save any file. Request eSignatures from renters and never lose a signed document again.

Instant search

Search for files in one click and find them in seconds. Add any number of custom tags to your files for even better organization.

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Automatic reminders

Stay on top of all due dates, renewals, and charges across your property on autopilot.

Payment tracking

See which payments are coming up, due, or past due for every unit on your property. Create automated late fees at any intervals you choose.

Automated reminders

Automatically send reminders to your renters before and after payments are due.

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Why use a self storage property management software?

"I've gotten nothing but positive feedback about DoorLoop from my self storage property management team. I've noticed that occupancy rates are more consistent, lease renewal rates are higher, and document sharing is easier than ever. This software has been a fantastic tool for us across the board."

Frequently asked questions

How are documents organized in DoorLoop?

You can search for your files by property, renter, lease, or unit in order to make finding them as easy as possible. You can also use the instant search function to search for a document directly in seconds.

How much does it cost to send announcements to all renters?

It's free to send emails and renter portal messages. For phone calls and texts, each message costs 1 communication credit. Your account is pre-loaded with 100 credits, and you can top them off at any time. Each credit costs $0.02.

How can I see which payments are overdue?

You can add a widget displaying all of your overdue payments right to your custom dashboard so that it's the first thing you see when you log in. You can also search for payment statuses by renter, unit, or lease.

Can I sync my specific bank to DoorLoop?

DoorLoop's bank sync is powered by Plaid, which is capable of connecting to any major bank, including Wells Fargo, Chase, and Bank of America, as well as smaller banks and credit unions.

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