Security You Can Trust

As users of our own product, security is our highest priority. Sleep well knowing your data is always backed up and safe.

Enterprise level security

Built with security in mind from the ground up.

Automated backups
All data is backed up every 5 minutes across multiple geo-redundant servers.
Data exports
Manually back up and save a physical copy of your data to your computer in one click.
Data encryption
Data is encrypted both at-rest and in-transit with a 256-bit military grade encryption.
Rest assured no one will ever have access to your encrypted data except yourself.
Secure rent payments
Your rent payments are always secured. DoorLoop can not access any credit card or bank information.
User Access Roles
Allow a user to view parts of the software you allow. Block access to financial reports for example.
Activity Logs
See a history of the tasks each user completes including work orders related to maintenance requests.
Enterprise security
Feel safe knowing your data is protected by firewalls, security audits, and penetration tests.
Two-Step Verification
Get an email or text with a one-time code when logging into DoorLoop each time.

Software Uptime

With 24/7 monitoring and alerts, we guarantee a 99.9% server up-time so you always have access to your properties and data.

Aws security Services

Security Certificates

DoorLoop is powered by AWS (Amazon Web Services). Below are their security certifications.


Your Questions Answered

Can I migrate my data to DoorLoop?

Yes. The best part is, all migrations are 100% included for now.

If you’re using another software or even a spreadsheet, our migration team will help migrate your current properties, units, tenants, owners, leases, and vendors into DoorLoop.

There are also export buttons throughout DoorLoop, so you can always export your information to another software or for backups.

Is my data backed up and protected?

Yes, sleep well knowing your data is automatically backed to numerous servers. If you wish, you can export and save a physical copy of your data to your computer.

DoorLoop is hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the leader in data security, and used by Netflix, LinkedIn, ESPN, Airbnb, Apple, Adobe, and many others.

AWS protects your data with firewalls, security audits, and penetration tests.

Are my payments & data encrypted?

Yes. When you login to DoorLoop, you will see the link starts with HTTPS and either has a green bar or lock icon in the top left of your browser’s URL bar. This means we’re using an SSL certificate to encrypt all communication in your browser.

To get technical, your data is encrypted both at-rest and in-transit with a 256-bit military-grade encryption.

Your payments to DoorLoop and your tenants’ rent payments are encrypted and secured with PCI compliance as they are submitted directly to the credit card processor and never pass through DoorLoop’s servers.

Your tenants can pay rent online by credit or debit card or by ACH (powered by Stripe). You can also read more about DoorLoop’s security.

Do I need servers to run DoorLoop?

Not at all! DoorLoop is in the cloud, which means you can login from any computer, phone, device, or browser. Examples include, but are not limited to:

Desktop or Laptop Computers: Mac, Windows PCs, Microsoft Surface, Chromebook

Phones or Tablets: iPhone or iPad, Android devices, Amazon Fire

Browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera

Now you can work from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Can I block parts of the software from my team?

With user access roles, you can allow or block access to certain parts of the software from any user. You can also allow or block a user from creating, editing, viewing, or deleting anything.

For example, you could allow someone to add new tenants and view existing tenants, but not to edit or delete tenants. Or, you could completely block access to all financials, accounting, and reports.

Do you do background checks on your employees?

We thoroughly vet every potential candidate before offering a position at DoorLoop.

We have a rigorous interview process, verify their identity with multiple forms of identification, check employment references, and run employment verification and criminal background checks.

All employees are required to sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements and go through extensive training before they can begin working at DoorLoop.

Do you have a bug bounty program?

Yes, for security purposes. As users of our own software, security is our highest priority. If you are a security researcher and discover any potential vulnerabilities, please contact us.

How can I delete all my data?

If you have full Admin access on your account, you can delete all your data yourself by selecting every item on each page and mass deleting it.

After verifying your identity extensively, we can also delete your entire account for you.

Deletion is permanent and there is no recycle bin or recovery.

How secure is your API?

If you want to use our API to integrate with any other app, feel safe knowing everything is encrypted at rest and in transit using an AES-256 encryption algorithm.

Every plan includes enterprise level security with TLS/SSL application endpoints, strong cipher suites, Perfect Forward Secrecy, and more.

Feel free to test our API using the Qualys SSL Labs test where we receive an A+ grade.

Do you have 2-Step Verification?

Yes. For increased security, you can receive an email with a one-time code when logging into your account.

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