Despite the development and growth of the digital world, property management remains the same: property managers bring in new tenants, maintain properties, and collect rent.

It’s the tools that changed the game for landlords, property managers, property owners, real estate investors, and everything in between.

In this post, we'll discuss the best property management apps for 2024 based on specific need.

Top Property Management Apps for 2024

  • Best for increased traffic to listings: Apartment List
  • Best for property showing automation: ShowingHero
  • Best for optimizing the application process: Rentberry
  • Best for collecting rent with a free plan: Landlordy
  • Best for a clean UI for rent collection: Landlord Studio
  • Best all-in-one property management software: DoorLoop
  • Best property management software with custom training: Rent Manager
  • Best hybrid property management software: Hemlane

Best for Increased Traffic to Listings: Apartment List

Apartment List homepage screenshot

Pros: Boosts your property in supplement with other listing apps and can help you find qualified renters using AI machine learning.

Cons: Only available in California, Texas, Illinois, Arizona, Georgia, Florida, Colorado, and North Carolina.

You’ve heard about the Zillows of the world. But what about the lesser-known property management apps that drive huge amounts of traffic each month? A simple way to boost applications and fill units faster is to find some lesser-known listing apps and submit your available units.

One of those apps is Apartment List, which has great rankings across Google and a good presence in most U.S. states, including California, Florida, and Texas.


Apartment List does not share their pricing publicly, so you'll have to contact them on their "List with Us" page for all pricing information.

Best for Property Showing Automation: ShowingHero

ShowingHero homepage screenshot

Pros: Streamlines the entire showing process so you have everything in one place.

Cons: Does not extend beyond helping with showings,

Setting up showings can be a pain. ShowingHero seeks to make life easier for you as a property manager by helping automate some of that process.

At its heart, the property management app primarily streamlines the communication element by doing the following, all within the app:

  • Bringing all showing-related emails, messages, and calls into one place
  • Allowing you to set up appointments
  • Enabling screening for leads

Although the property management app doesn’t extend beyond helping with showings, what it does do, it does very well.

If showings always seem to be time-consuming, hard to navigate, or complicated in terms of communication and tracking appointments, or if you’re just looking for different ways to streamline your property management business, this is a good app to check out.


The Starter Plan starts at $26 per listing with a 4 listing minimum and their Enterprise Plan is $14 per listing with a 100 listing minimum.

Best for Optimizing the Application Process: Rentberry

Rentberry homepage screenshot

Pros: Has a new AI-powered description generator and allows you to collect rent on their platform, along with their rental application optimizations.

Cons: No free trial.

If you liked the last one, this one will make you feel like it’s Christmas.

Rentberry is a great property management app if you’re looking to optimize the application process and get better at actually moving new tenants in.

The app has similar features to ShowingHero but focuses more on getting tenants screened and applications done.

You can do these things and more:

  • Screen applicants
  • Communicate with those applicants
  • Complete applications entirely in the app, including signatures


Rentberry allows you to list your property for free, but for their other features, you will have to contact them to get transparent pricing.

Best for Collecting Rent with a Free Plan: Landlordy

Landlordy homepage screenshot

Pros: Includes basic accounting features in the free plan.

Cons: User interface could benefit from some enhancements.

There’s a lot more to managing your property accounting than just collecting rent. You would know.

For that reason, using an app or full rental management software that allows you to manage your property accounting is more than worth consideration, especially considering how time-consuming it can be doing it manually. Excel spreadsheet? No thanks.

Better yet, there are some free property management software options out there. Landlordy is one such solution.

Although it does offer a free property management software option in addition to paid plans, Landlordy isn’t a comprehensive option, but it does help you do a few essential accounting tasks easily via your smartphone:

  • Collect rent and manage rent payments
  • Set up bill and rent reminders
  • Run basic accounting reports


Landlordly pricing screenshot

If you only have a few units and you’re looking for a simple solution to help you manage your property accounting, Landlordy is a great option to check out.

Best for a Clean UI for Rent Collection: Landlord Studio

Landlord Studio homepage screenshot

Pros: Has a free plan.

Cons: Limited financial reporting.

Landlord Studio is similar to Landlordy. It offers both an iOS and Android app version and basic features for tracking and collecting rent payments.

The app has a cleaner UI than Landlordy, as well as a few other nice features, such as tenant screening.


Landlord Studio monthly pricing screenshot for 3 units or less

It's an all-around good option to consider, especially if you only have a few properties and are looking for a simple option for helping you better manage your properties.

Best All-In-One Property Management Software: DoorLoop

DoorLoop homepage screenshot

Pros: All-in-one and easy to use software with a clean user interface.

Cons: No free trial.

The first all-in-one property management app on our list, DoorLoop, is a robust platform with both an app and cloud software.

The app is available on iOS and Android and offers several invaluable features:

  • Leasing tools for tenant screening, lease contracts, and more for getting tenants set up
  • The ability to communicate directly with tenants from one convenient tenant portal
  • Property accounting management tools, including everything from automatic rent payments to a complete chart of accounts and even comprehensive custom reports
  • Work order management system to submit and track maintenance requests as well as issue tasks entirely from within the software
  • Owner and tenant portals to keep all involved parties satisfied and in the loop
  • Marketing tools to advertise your vacant properties

All in all, these features are a boon for commercial property managers, residential property managers, and other stakeholders in a rental property business looking to improve their tenant management. Whether you manage or own residential properties, commercial properties, industrial properties, student housing, or other types of real estate, DoorLoop's property management solution has your back.


And the best part is, pricing starts as low as $59/month for your first 20 units.

Best Property Management Softare with Custom Training: Rent Manager

Rent Manager homepage screenshot

Pros: Has features like custom training, data migration, and custom reporting.

Cons: $200 monthly minimum for basic plan.

Rent Manager is the second all-in-one rental property management software option on our list.

The property management software has a good app option with a good balance of features for advanced users and even beginners looking to get started with something more robust.


Rent Manager pricing screenshot

The only negative thing about this software is that certain features you’re used to getting with an all-in-one option are gated behind additional payment tiers that can get pricey.

Despite this, Rent Manager offers features like custom training, data migration, and custom reporting, making it a great option otherwise.

Best Hybrid Property Management Software: Hemlane

Hemlane homepage screenshot

Pros: They work with vendors to help you fix maintenance requests.

Cons: Some users report having a bad experience with their customer support team.

The hybrid property management approach lets rental owners use technology to automate daily operations, such as rent collection and tenant notifications.

This model allows owners to control their rental properties when needed while providing daily automation support. Rental owners can monitor maintenance needs, rent payments, and lease information.

If something like ShowingHero sounds interesting to you, but you need something more robust, Hemlane is worth checking out. Hemlane's rental property management software offers unique local support features for performing tasks like showing properties and placing tenants.


Hemlane annual pricing per month screenshot

Keep in mind that you may have to pay extra for these features, and the cost of the premium version of the property management software can get steep.

However, if these are helpful features to you, it’s a one-of-a-kind option for your property management software solution.

Criteria for Selection

When selecting the best property management apps, here are some of the specs we look for:

  • Features and Functionality: We look for apps that have the tools you need and will make your life easier.
  • User Experience: The app should be easy to use. You don't want to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to use it. It should have a clean layout, simple navigation, and clear instructions so you can find what you need quickly.
  • Support and Resources: Good support is important. The app should offer help when you have questions or problems. This might be through online chat, phone support, or helpful guides and tutorials that show you how to use the app.
  • Pricing Structure: Some apps might be free but offer less functionality, while others might charge a monthly fee but provide more features. We added variety to help you choose an app that fits your budget and meets your needs.

Move Your Business Forward with the Best Property Management Apps

DoorLoop features screenshot

The right app and rental property management software can make a big difference in your ability to manage the daily business of running your properties.

And the best property management software for you is the one that does what your specific business needs it to.

From minor tasks such as scheduling showings to vital ones like collecting rent and managing your entire operation’s accounting, the best property management app can help you do one or more (or all) of these things.

If you’re looking for any of these features:

  • A complete set of accounting tools
  • Word order management
  • Tenant portal and automatic rent payments

Then DoorLoop's property management software is worth checking out a free demo.

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