Property management software can do all kinds of amazing things for landlords and property managers.

Finding the right tool, however, isn’t always easy.

There are countless different features and other factors to consider like customer service, ease of use, and pricing.

One option is Innago, a property management software known for its free plan that makes it a good starter option for those new to using software for property management. 

Read on to learn about its features, pricing, pros and cons, and Innago reviews from real customers.

Plus, near the end, we’ll cover some great alternatives for those looking for something with a little more power than Innago property management software.

Is Innago Right for You?

Innago is a property management software with a basic set of features paired with a partly free starter plan.


It makes for a good option if you’re just starting out with property management software or if you simply have a small portfolio and you’re only interested in a few basic features.

With that said, Innago is missing several stand-out features that are standard in property management software and aren’t at all premium features.

So, you’ll need to decide if you'd rather save a few dollars or get said features.

Innago Features

Innago is known for having robust reporting tools as well as somewhat unique verification tools.

It also has good leasing tools, though users often report having issues using those leasing tools. 

Innago’s features include the following:

  • Invoicing
  • Basic accounting tools such as expense tracking and online payments
  • Tax management
  • Some basic leasing tools, such as credit checks
  • Tenant tracking 
  • Reporting
  • Maintenance management
  • Owner portal
  • Tenant portal

Innago Pricing

Innago is known for its free pricing tier, which has no monthly charge.

With that said, it’s not entirely without its costs.

Property management software that labels itself “free” often fails to mention the fact that fees for ACH and debit payments can add up to more than the monthly charge if it’s on the inexpensive side (~$50 per month):

Innago pricing

So, while Innago doesn’t have a monthly charge, it does still charge a fee for ACH and debit transactions.

In addition, it charges $30-35 for background history checks:

Innago price breakdown

Innago Pros and Cons 

Now that we’ve touched on Innago’s features and pricing, let’s dive a little deeper by looking at some pros and cons. 

This should give a more balanced view of why you may or may not want to choose Innago for your property management needs.

Pro: Free Plan

The biggest selling of Innago by far is its free plan.

Pricing aside, it lacks features that several powerful property management tools offer, so it’s mainly a fit for those looking for an inexpensive property management tool that still offers a good balance of features.

Pro: Ease of Use

If there were a secondary pro to Innago, it would be its ease of use, something that many users report. 

With a more modern design and simple interface (partly due to the software having fewer features), Innago is simple to use.

Con: Lack of Important Features

You get what you pay for, and property management software is no different.

While the free plan is attractive, what you give up in return are several important features that can each save you time and money and generally streamline your process. 

Whether it will be OK to give up these features is up to you, but it’s hard knowing just how valuable some of those missing features are without first trying a property management software out that has them. 

Con: Confusing Navigation

Some users report that while the software is generally easy to use, navigation can be a bit confusing at times. This can be a small or a large issue depending on what you need to get to regularly within the software. 

Innago reviews 

Before we get to alternatives, let’s look at a few Innago reviews to get a better picture of what users think of the software.

Note: These are real Innago reviews from users pulled from major review sites such as Softwareadvice and Capterra

According to user Matthew, “Innago provides a easy to use interface that puts all the relevant information together in a nice visual!”

Adam remarks, “I really enjoy the automation Innago provides for rental payment collection.”

In another review, user Courtenay says, “We spent a lot of time trying to get our leases formatted to where Innago would allow tenants to sign online and still have not figured it out…. We gave up and went back to just emailing leases to tenants then uploading to innago when finished.”

Innago user Bob also says, “There are a lot of bugs, even if the error is user error there seems to be no system to tell the user the issue so you have to contact support which is very time consuming, I have been waiting for a couple weeks now for a fix on the lease data boxes shifting.”

User Stephanie echoes the same issue: “There are bugs in the software that are user facing. While they are resolved quickly it seems there needs to be further testing before deploying new features.”

Innago Alternatives 

Now that you have a good idea of whether Innago is a good fit for you or not, let’s talk about a few good alternatives that provide what Innago is missing: 

1. DoorLoop


DoorLoop is for you if you’re looking for the perfect marriage between a robust all-in-one feature set and affordability in rental property management software.

It offers a comprehensive set of features that covers every aspect of property management without a single thing left behind from accounting to leasing, maintenance, marketing, and more.

DoorLoop Features

  • Make rent payment collection seamless with automatic rent payments, rent tracking, and a convenient tenant portal where tenants can pay rent and other obligations, message you, and more. 
  • Streamline your maintenance management from creating work orders to assigning them to a vendor, adding comments and attachments, paying vendors, and communicating with tenants along the way.
  • Simplify your leasing process with tools for eLeasing, signing leases, tenant screening, database storage, and more.
  • Supercharge your marketing with automatic listings, an IDX-approved website, and more. 
  • Enjoy tenant and owner portals to make it easier than ever to keep everything right in its place.
  • Take advantage of powerful accounting features that allow you to handle all of your property accounting features from one place.
  • Integrate with QuickBooks Online and other software you might want to use on the side.

DoorLoop Pricing

DoorLoop’s starter plan starts at just $49 per month for up to 20 units and includes a lion’s share of the features property managers and owners need.

Schedule a free demo of DoorLoop to try it out today. 

2. Rentec Direct 

Rentec Direct

Another good option, Rentec Direct is affordably priced with a robust feature set. 

If features are most important to you as a property manager, but you’re on a strict budget, Rentec Direct is one to consider.

With that said, users report the UI is dated and the software itself difficult to use and navigate.

Rentec Direct Features

  • Robust accounting features
  • Maintenance management 
  • Tenant portal

Rentec Direct Pricing

Rentec Direct starts at $45 per month for the first 10 units. After that, as opposed to a standard per-unit, per-month model in the industry, you’ll move up in tiers depending on how many units you have.

For 50 units, for example, you’ll pay $65, while 500 units is $550. 

3. Condo Control

Condo Control

Condo Control is an option for those looking for something built specifically for condos.

It has unique features designed for community management, including calendar management, though it falls short when it comes to managing multiple properties.

Users report that using the software with multiple properties can be confusing and cumbersome due to property data not being organized effectively.

Condo Control Features

  • Bulletin boards
  • Calendar management 
  • Parking tracker
  • Online rent payments

Condo Control Pricing

Conco Control has named pricing tiers online, though doesn’t actually list its pricing. 

Typically that means its pricing is on the higher end. However, you’ll need to contact the company directly to find out more about its actual pricing.

Is Innago Right for You?

Finding the right property management tool can make all the difference.

Not only can it save you hours upon hours of precious time, but also that time saved is money saved—and a whole lot less headache. 

Only you can decide which tool is right for you, but we hope this Innago review helped you get a bit closer toward deciding which that is. 

If you’re in need of any of the following:

  • An all-in-one property management tool that offers everything you need to manage your entire portfolio and collect rent payments online from your rental properties
  • A tool affordably priced so you can get the most value for money
  • A tool with award-winning ease of use and incredible customer service

...then schedule a free demo of DoorLoop, and see why it’s the #1 Innago alternative and a great property management software.

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