One of the most important aspects when managing rental properties is making sure that your tenants are happy with your services.

By making sure that they are pleased with what your company is doing for them, there is less risk of dispute and a more efficient relationship.

One of the easiest ways to increase satisfaction is by granting tenant web access.

Not sure what that is?

Below, we will outline exactly what tenant web access means and how it can become very important to your property management company.

What is Tenant Web Access?

Tenant Web Access is a kind of secure portal that allows tenants to log in and execute various tasks regarding their property. These tasks are typically necessary tasks, like paying rent or submitting maintenance requests.

To use the tenant web access, the tenant simply has to create an account and sign in with this account. Then, they can view a ton of data about their rental and use various tools at their discretion.

Below, we have outlined some of the most common things that can be done from a tenant portal.

Pay Rent

One of the most common functionalities of an online tenant portal is the ability for the tenant to pay rent directly from the platform. Tenants can usually also schedule their rent payments so that they never miss a single payment.

This is a very useful feature because it minimizes the human contact between the property manager and the tenant. And, since the tenant portal acts as a sort of rent manager, tenants can find a complete history of their payments.

Also, some property management software, like DoorLoop, offer various payment methods for the tenant, so that they do not only have to use one. They typically offer payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, or eChecks (ACH).

Submit Maintenance Requests

Another very useful feature that is typical of when giving tenants web access is the ability to submit maintenance requests. The process for this is usually as follows:

  • The tenant goes online and submits a request
  • The property manager looks it over and approves it
  • The request is assigned to a vendor
  • The property manager tracks all stages of the service
  • The vendor is payed

All of these steps can usually be done from the same platform, depending on the software that is being used.

By using this, you can completely cut down the amount of time that it takes you to deal with maintenance requests. You can even automate maintenance to be done of properties in some cases. This means that you will never have to worry about your properties getting out of shape ever again.

File Sharing

Another useful feature of a tenant portal is the ability to share files with the tenant. Sometimes, there are files that the property manager wants to share with the tenant and wants to make sure that the tenant has access to them.

These files can include a receipt of a maintenance order, a copy of the lease, or some history of communication. By sharing the file, the tenant has unlimited access to it and can refer back to it whenever they need to.

In many cases, this tool also adds the functionality for the property manager to request signatures. This way, the property manager and the tenant never have to interact to sign documents. The property manager simply shares the file with the tenant and awaits the signature.

DoorLoop's Tenant Web Access

Tenant Web Access

Interested in implementing tenant web access into your property management company? Well, look no further.

With DoorLoop's RapidRent, you provide the tenant with a multitude of functionality that makes everything from submitting maintenance requests to paying rent very simple.

Some of the features provided by DoorLoop's RapidRent feature include:

  • Various payment methods (Check (ACH), Credit Card, Debit Card)
  • Automatic rent collection
  • Safe and secure rent payments

If these features sound like something you would be interested in, visit DoorLoop's Rapid Rent page to get started today!

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