Looking to figure out which condo or HOA property management software solution is best for you?

Luckily, there are a lot of options out there and a lot to consider before pulling the trigger.

Whether you're a:

  • Landlord with a few condos to your name
  • Large community association manager, or
  • Property management company with a massive portfolio

It's important to know what features and functionality you need to maximize efficiency at your level.

In this guide, we'll take you through step-by-step to help you answer that question for yourself.

We'll talk about everything from basic questions like what features are typically available in your average condo management or HOA community management software to a full-fledged breakdown of the top software.

To begin, let's start with the basics...

What is HOA and condo management software?

HOA or condo management software gives managers the ability to streamline the management of the properties they oversee.

That can include features like:

  • Accounting
  • Work order management
  • Fee and other payment collection
  • Managing community calendars
  • And more, depending on the software

Here, we are talking about one overarching umbrella of software tools that sometimes specialize when we say HOA software, condo management software, condo accounting software, community management software, etc.

Due to the overlap between homeowner's associations and condominiums, these two types of property management needs are often combined into one software.

For example, each of the above– both HOA and condo management tools– are types of property management software.

Some are full-blown property management solutions that include managing condominiums and HOA communities from within the software, among many other things.

Others are more specialized, forgoing certain general property management features to focus on one area, like HOA community management.

This software might still have features like the accounting and work order management that property management software typically has. However, they might not.

In exchange, though, they often have other specialized features such as community management features in HOA software to make the administrative work more manageable.

What features can you expect from HOA and condo management software?

So far, we've touched on some of the features you can expect from condo or HOA management software.

However, let's dive into the details so you have a complete picture of what to expect if you decide to invest in property management software.

These are features that you can often find in HOA and condo management software:

  • Built-in accounting: Including automatic payments and fee collection and integrations with dedicated accounting software such as QuickBooks.
  • Work order management: Receive and communicate maintenance orders directly with the tenant or community member and track the work order through to completion, among other potential features.
  • Reporting: Having all your data in one place, along with the ability to run reports regarding payments, events, etc.
  • Community management: Depending on the software, more dedicated HOA software will often have features that easily organize committees and subgroups.
  • Communication: Communicate with community members through various means directly from an app or cloud-based software, centralizing and simplifying everything.
  • Built-in tenant/community member portals: A central place where members can get all the information regarding maintenance requests, payments, important community dates, etc.

The exact features you can expect from a particular property management software depend on that specific solution and what it specializes in.

In general, a good HOA or condo management solution can do a lot to make managing your properties or community easier, including:

  • Reduce paperwork
  • Automate and streamline tasks
  • Simplify reporting
  • Enhance community connection and communication
  • Centralize tasks to reduce time and effort to get things done
  • And also reduce mistakes due to less to-and-from contact on those tasks

Association and property managers face a unique set of challenges that often require multiple processes and systems to operate efficiently.

There's managing the properties themselves, including maintenance, doing the accounting from collecting payments to managing accounts, overseeing multiple community calendars simultaneously, and more.

That's why having a single tool to pull everything together into one dashboard, one central location where you can see everything in a matter of a few clicks, is so incredibly valuable.

What type of property management software is best for you?

Now you know the value of an excellent property management tool, whether condo or HOA software.

The next thing to think about is what type of property management tool best suits you and your needs.

If you're an HOA manager, a specialized HOA management software tool that provides specific community management tools might be the way to go.

A robust property management tool like DoorLoop could be the perfect fit if you manage condos or co-ops.

DoorLoop HOA Software

With DoorLoop, you get access to:

  • One central dashboard to manage everything: No more bouncing around between spreadsheets, accounts, and documents. Now, you'll have everything in one place.
  • Work order management: Work order creation, tracking, and even communicating directly with tenants and residents on their maintenance orders.
  • Built-in CRM and tenant portal: One central location where tenants can get everything from updates on their maintenance requests to making payments.
  • Robust accounting: Accept a diverse range of payments such as credit cards and ACH, manage your entire chart of accounts, issue owner payments, and more.
  • And more

Want to see what it can do for you first-hand?

DoorLoop's full-service property management software is 50% off your first two months. So, jump in and give it a try to see what a robust management tool can do for you.

10 of the Best HOA & Condo Management Software of 2023

Below, we've broken down each of the ten best condo and HOA management software based on several items.


  • Strong points
  • Notable features
  • And pricing model

Keep in mind that some of these tools require you to contact the vendor first to schedule a demo (they tend to be on the pricier side). In that case, you'll need to take that first step to get pricing information.

When that's the case, we've noted as such within that tool's pricing section.

With that said, let's get started.

Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot Management system

Wild Apricot is a robust HOA management software for small associations with tons of features and incredible ease of use.

The only real negatives are that it doesn't offer either calendar management or work order management, which can be make-or-break depending on what you're looking for.

Features include:

  • Event management
  • Committee management
  • A variety of payment process options
  • Website management
  • Member database (though they don't offer a property database to go with it)


Wild Apricot has quite a few pricing tiers, starts at $40 with its basic plan for up to 100 contacts up to its most extensive Global plan for up to 50,000 contacts at $600 per month.

Wild Apricot doesn't tier its features, so you get all of the tool's features no matter which plan you get.


PayHOA Condo Management Software

PayHOA services HOAs and property management companies and is known for its super-responsive and helpful customer support, among other things.

It also has the full range of features you'd want from an HOA management tool.

The only drawback is it doesn't offer mobile app functionality.

Features include:

  • Member and property database
  • Committee management
  • Calendar management
  • Work order creation and tracking
  • And payment processing


Pay HOA has a 30-day free trial and three pricing tiers.

Their most basic plan starts at $40 per month at up to 50 contacts, while their max-level tier is $150 per month at up to 500 users.

All features are included for all pricing tiers.


Empowered Hoa Management System

Empowered HOA is a dedicated HOA management tool with a simple and easy-to-use interface and solid online documentation that makes getting started easier.

However, they don't offer online support or training webinars (a standard in the space) and have neither property nor member database functionality.

Features include:

  • Work order management
  • Website support
  • Calendar management
  • Solid documentation
  • Event and committee management


Empowered HOA doesn't offer its pricing publicly, so you'll need to contact them to schedule a demo.

Condo Control

Condo Control HOA Management System

Condo Control is a complete condo accounting software geared towards condominium and co-op managers and HOAs.

It's unique in that it has more robust property management features while also having several of the unique HOA community management features of a dedicated HOA software.

Features include:

  • Community management, including bulletin boards and voting
  • Tracking violations
  • Event management
  • Payment processing
  • Security and concierge features such as visitor parking


Condo control lists tiers on its website but doesn't offer its pricing publicly, so you'll need to contact them to schedule a demo.


eUnify HOA community management software

eUnify is a complete property and HOA management tool known for its quick response time and regular feature updates.

However, users sometimes report issues with the software, particularly with executing operations tasks (though their response is fast and issues are taken care of quickly).

Features include:

  • Work order creation and tracking
  • Calendar and committee management tools
  • Various payment process options
  • Website management
  • Member and property database


eUnify doesn't offer its pricing publicly, so you'll need to contact them to schedule a demo.


FrontSteps Community Association Software

FRONTSTEPS boasts its ability to service the entire lifecycle of a community from the home builders to HOAs, property managers, and even security.

Users report that while the software is easy to use, it can feel a bit clunky and less efficient than some of the other tools on the market.

It makes up for this somewhat with a robust feature set that offers everything you'd want from a condo management or HOA tool.

Features include:

  • Mobile app functionality
  • Great training tools
  • Community and committee management
  • Work order creation and tracking
  • Payment process


FRONTSTEPS doesn't offer its pricing publicly, so you'll need to contact them to schedule a demo.

CINC Systems

CINC Management System Software

CINC is designed for condo and HOA communities and is known for its great automated workflows and ease of use.

It also has Apple app functionality, with Android functionality in the works. However, it doesn't currently offer online support.

Features include:

  • Event and calendar management
  • Member and property database
  • Work order creation and tracking
  • Website management
  • Mobile app functionality (iOS only, no Android)


CINC doesn't offer its pricing publicly, so you'll need to contact them to schedule a demo.

Yardi Condo Management

Yardi Condo Management System

Yardi offers many different property management tools, but its condo management solution is specifically designed for condo and HOA communities.

They're known for having a sleek, easy-to-use design with robust features. However, they're on the pricier side for this kind of software.

Features include:

  • Calendar management (no event management)
  • Documentation management
  • Property and member databases
  • Work order creation and tracking
  • Robust reporting


Yardi's pricing is different from other solutions in that it prices based on the type of property instead of pricing tiers.

As mentioned, they're on the pricey side. Their basic Breeze plan starts at $0.50 per unit per month but with a $200 minimum per month.

Their higher-tier Breeze Premier is $1 per unit per month with a $400 per month minimum.

HOA Life

HOA Life Management software

HOALife is specifically designed for HOA managers and offers one of the more HOA-focused collection of features on this list.

They even offer in-person training for those getting started with their software, something almost no one else offers.

However, they don't offer either calendar or event management, which might be a deal-breaker for some depending on what you're looking for, and they're on the pricey side.

Features include:

  • Work order management
  • Violation tracking
  • Reporting
  • Committee management
  • Member and property database
  • Mobile app functionality


HOA Life's Basic plan is $995 per year (no per unit or per month pricing) for up to 500 units for one association.

Their Professional plan is the lowest monthly plan at $95 per month + $0.25 per unit per month for multiple associations.

Rentec Direct

Rentec Direct Management software

Rentec Direct is another comprehensive property management solution with robust features, including extensive work order tracking tools.

However, it's known for having a bit of a dated and complex interface that can take some getting used to.

Features include:

  • Robust reporting
  • Payment processing
  • Tenant portal to communicate on maintenance issues and other requests and make payments
  • Work order creation and tracking, as well as make vendor payments


Rentec Direct has a variety of pricing tiers based mainly on the number of units. They're one of the more affordable options on the list, starting at just $35 per month, though that only covers up to 10 units.

There is also a $55 per month plan for those needing something extensive for up to 50 units, $90 per month for up to 100 units, all the way up to $450 per month up to 500 units.

Depending on the package level, they also offer a few additional feature add-ons, such as tenant screening for between $7 and $15 per month.

Which condo or HOA management software will you choose?

Which tool you choose depends partly on what features are most beneficial to you and your needs and budget.

Take the time to review the information throughout this guide to make an informed decision.

Whichever you choose, do your homework and remember that property management software should be a tool that helps automate and streamline your processes, not get in the way.

And don't forget to check out DoorLoop, our complete property management software solution.

With DoorLoop, you'll be able to take advantage of features such as:

  • Full-service work order management, from creation to tracking
  • A complete suite of accounting tools, from automatic payments to accounts management
  • Tenant portal and communication, making tenants happier and more satisfied while simplifying your workload
  • And much more

And the best part is it's 50% off your first two months.

David Bitton

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