Florida is home to nearly 50,000 homeowners associations with millions of people living across them. It stands to reason then that trying to manage these with manual or conventional methods may not be the most efficient approach.

This is where the concept of a property management company comes into play. These are full-service companies here to provide management solutions to community associations such as homeowners associations.

Below, we take a look at some of the best options throughout Florida including potentially using a well-curated software solution.

What Are Your Options?

Finding a local company in Florida to handle homeowner association management is not a difficult task since there are quite a few of them to choose from. The choice is going to come down to the office locations, and solutions offered including community association management, development, accreditation assistance, etc. Here's a look at some of the best that the state has to offer.

Vesta Property Services

Vesta Property Services

It's not farfetched to say that Vesta may very well be on its way to becoming the top HOA management company that the state has to offer. It specializes in the management of homeowner, condominium, and commercial associations.

At the time of writing, there are over 250,000 unit owners and residents being served. Apart from the community element of things, the property management services offered include amenity management, special events, and even lifestyle services such as spa and wellness offerings.

This is also complimented by a strong financial services division that can assist with financial tools, fiscal management, financing, and more. Of course, you also stand to benefit from the consulting services present.

KW Property Management & Consulting

KW Property Management & Consulting

KW Property Management & Consulting is another great option for those who may be looking for end-to-end property management services in Florida to appeal to homeowner associations and condominium boards.

While the company focuses on a sense of efficiency in all it does, it also prides itself on the ability to give a personal touch to the services provided to ensure that customer relationships are well maintained.

The operation depends on flexible offerings through innovative technology that covers different functional areas such as hospitality, accounting controls, and financial reporting.

Floridian Property Management

The name of this homeowners association management company conveys the kind of dedicated spirit that is typical of its team that offers its services throughout the state of Florida.

As far as a competitive advantage goes, this company's claim to fame is the broad base of experience that its staff complement boasts in key areas such as real estate, finance, accounting, and general community management.

You will be receiving an expert blend of great customer service and sound financial advice to go with Floridian's property management solutions.

FirstService Residential

Floridian Property Management

After operating for over three decades, it stands to reason that this Florida property management company would have the distinction of being the largest residential community association manager in the state.

In fact, condominium associations, HOAs, and other community associations in both the United States and Canada tend to look to FirstService for their needs.

The portfolios managed span low-, mid-, and high-rise condominiums, master-planned communities, active adult communities, single-family homes, commercial properties, and rental properties.

Even if your needs are complex thanks to massive budgets and broad amenity offerings, there is a wealth of experience to benefit from.

Seacrest Services

Seacrest is another company that has been in the property management game for quite some time as it has been operating since 1975.

The needs that can be met here often depend on what clients need. There are the traditional full-service management needs, professional accounting, and the like. However, other niche services are extended where maintenance, janitorial, and landscaping requirements are concerned.

Typically, the approach that is taken is to understand the scope of needs that the client may have, after which a specific plan can be tailored to the community.

The staff complement there is extensively trained, certified, and notably experienced in the field.


Floridian Property Management

RealManage avoids the traditional viewpoint of HOAs as nothing more than a series of meetings and board member interactions. Instead, it views them as a family, a community, and a home.

Therefore, the solutions offered aim to go beyond the basics while keeping things efficient. This is achieved by sticking to best practices and leaning on the capabilities of world-class proprietary systems.

Of course, all solutions offered are perfectly scalable to meet the needs of different clientele sizes. It also doesn't hurt that this is a company that stands as one of the top five in the nation where community association management is concerned.

Lang Management Company

Lang Management Company

Lang Management Company started operations in 1980, making it yet another veteran in the industry. Since then, it has been a leader along the Gold Coast as far as property owner, homeowner, and condominium associations go.

The staff is professional, which is already a win, but there is also the advantage of being able to call on a network of industry experts who can provide the insight and solutions necessary to address just about any property management challenge as quickly and as effectively as possible.

To illustrate the client range that Lang can handle, there are currently communities as small as 10 units being managed while others are as large as 5,000 units.

Campbell Property Management

Campbell Property Management

If you were to look for the highest-rated community association management company in South Florida, Campbell Property Management would be the one. It has been around since 1953, which has afforded a very long time to optimize its approach to its craft.

There are many employees across seven offices serving just under 400 associations. As far as the service offerings go, you will be able to take advantage of accounting, janitorial, maintenance, concierge, gate access, financial, administrative, community website, landscape maintenance, and information technology offerings.

One of the key points of success for the company is the understanding that even boards with similar purposes will have unique goals that must be tackled with tailored solutions.

Allied Property Group

Allied Property Group

This full-service property management company deals with clientele on the West Coast and in South Florida. Its approach is to focus on the best ways to meet the competing needs that directors will have including property value increases, enhancing community experiences, and keeping costs low.

With this understanding, Allied Property Group tailors its services to save as much time and money as possible while ensuring that there is a personal touch applied to it all.

You can look forward to the creation of strategic policies, detailed and accurate financial reports, the use of state-of-the-art technology, and more!

Alliant Property Management

Alliant Property Management

The final company we'll take a look at is Alliant Property Management. As far as Southwest Florida goes, this is one of the fastest-growing management options there is. The selling point here is the team-based approach that is taken towards HOA management.

Commercial, residential, and hospitality industries are served through a services of professional offerings including financial services, administration, homeowner communications, call center operations, and more.

What About a Well-designed Software Solution?

From administrative needs to financial management and beyond, it's clear that there is a slew of management companies out there that HOAs and other community associations can look to for solutions. While this is one way for board members to go about it, there is another convenient option to explore.

What if you had a platform that could both solve your problems and keep you informed? Perhaps it would be that much easier to understand the requirements for an HOA board member certification for HOA, condo, co-op, etc. After all, HOA certification is necessary to comply with the educational requirements of the state.

Maybe dealing with HOA fees or community homeowners association insurance would become more streamlined.

This is where we introduce you to DoorLoop.

Meet DoorLoop's HOA Software

Where do we even start? Whether you're a community manager or a board member, DoorLoop makes it extremely convenient for you to manage your residents and communities.

Is collecting homeowner association fees a challenge? Well, that's now a thing of the past as the platform allows you to easily automate payment collection. Such payments can include HOA dues, amenities, rent, maintenance, fines, and more.

Reporting is another key element of managing the finest residential communities in Florida. With DoorLoop, you can easily manage your accounting and AR/AP reports. Additionally, sharing them with the relevant board members has never been easier.

There's even a well-designed integration allowing for synchronization with bank accounts and QuickBooks accounts. How many users can you invite? It's unlimited!

Now autonomy comes to the fore with the management of architectural forms (ARC) and maintenance requests online.

Speaking of online, DoorLoop HOA software users are given a custom website for FREE, complete with a resident portal that allows for logging in, completing payments, submitting forms, and sharing documents.

Finally, the software solution will allow you to easily communicate with your residents or board members via portal messages, text, phone, or email.

What Else Does DoorLoop Offer for Your HOA?


DoorLoop's software solution is a no-brainer for your HOA management needs, but that's not all the value you stand to get. Our website is full of useful resources to support you in different ways. For example, are you having trouble streamlining HOA communication? Check out our comprehensive guide here!

Alternatively, maybe you want an audit or a maintenance checklist that's easily actionable. You can find a host of useful resources, from HOA fundamentals, all the way to lines of responsibility, and beyond.

Wrapping Things Up

DoorLoop Features

HOA management companies offer administrative, amenity-based, financial solutions, and more, but they can introduce a layer of complexity to your association hierarchy, obscure important management details, and even come at a prohibitive cost.

Maybe all you need is a well-designed piece of software such as DoorLoop's HOA management option to keep management in your hands in an efficient way at a low cost.

Want to see how it will all work? Schedule a demo today and watch your strategy change!

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