Are you considering choosing SimplifyEm as your property management platform?

Considering the hundreds of options that are out there, it isn't easy to choose one to make your dedicated property management solution. However, we are here to make that choice slightly easier.

For rental property owners and managers, there are some criteria to consider when making this important choice. Some questions to ask yourself include:

  • What are the pros and cons of investing in SimplifyEM?
  • How much would the investment cost?
  • Does it have a robust set of features?
  • How does it compare to its competitors?

Getting answers to these questions can provide some clarity when choosing the best property management software.

So, if you want to find out if SimplifyEm is the best rental property management software for your real estate business, continue reading.

In this guide, we will cover all aspects of the SimplifyEm property management software, including features, pricing, and alternatives.

What is SimplifyEm Property Management Software?

SimplifyEM property management software review

SimplifyEm is a powerful property management system that is designed for property managers with various types and sizes of portfolios.

Providing all of the tools that a property manager will need to automate many of their daily tasks, SimplifyEm can transform any property management company.

This software can serve as a very effective tool for property managers and landlords to effectively manage all of their properties from one place.

With SimplifyEm, property managers can track just about every aspect of their properties. This includes income, expenses, fees, balances, and many more.

Also, SimplifyEm features financial report generation, meaning you can send professional owner reports anywhere within seconds.

Below, we will discuss more how this feature works and how real estate professionals use it to streamline their business.

If SimplifyEm interests you, you definitely would want to continue reading.

In this guide, we will discuss the most useful features that SimplifyEm offers and how to use them to bolster productivity in your property management company.

To begin, let's go over some of the most notable property management tools that you will be getting your hands on with SimplifyEm.

SimplifyEm Features

SimplifyEM features

One of the first things that someone asks themselves when considering most property management software is: what features will I be getting? This is the most logical question, as the features are one of the most important aspects.

With the right set of features, property management software can completely transform the way that your business operates.

For this reason, it is vital to make sure that the features you are investing in are the best for your real estate business, whether you own residential or commercial properties.

SimplifyEm also allows users to perform basic marketing with custom websites. This way, they can feature all of their occupied and vacant units in one user-friendly site for future tenants to see.

Some of SimplifyEm's most notable features include:

  • Lease Agreement Processing
  • Maintenance Requests Scheduling
  • Property Accounting
  • Tenant Portals

With this comprehensive rental software, any property management company can transform greatly increase their business's efficiency and get a lot more done.

So, for tasks that would typically take you hours to do, you can do them in just a few minutes using SimplifyEm.

Now that we know some more about what SimplifyEm has to offer, let's dive into more detail regarding the features it offers and how they can help your property management company.

Lease Agreement Processing

First on the list is a feature that is common among this class of property management services, processing lease agreements. This feature essentially encompasses the entire leasing process into a few simple steps within the software, covering every step.

With this feature, property managers can track all the different kinds of tenant and lease information and even draw up leases.

Some things that this feature brings include online lease forms, lease tracking,  lease alerts, and even the ability to charge late fees. The user can even set up automated rent reminders to make sure that rent payments are done in a timely manner.

This is an extremely useful feature because it allows property managers to capture tenant details and store lease agreements within the software can then be referenced at any time, whether it be for an audit or to sort out a dispute.

Maintenance Scheduling

Another essential feature offered by SimplifyEm is maintenance management to help you manage maintenance requests. This is also a very common feature among other property management software platforms like this due to how common maintenance is done on a rental property.

This feature is essential to managing properties because it allows property owners or tenants to request maintenance quickly and easily.

When a request is submitted by the tenant, the property managers and landlords are sent maintenance alerts. Then, through the SimplifyEm software, property owners manage tenant requests and can store vendor documents and create invoices for the tenant.

With this feature, owners can also set up automatic maintenance to be done on rental properties. This means that certain maintenance will never be missed, like mowing the lawn or cleaning the pool.

You can also track the communication done between any of the parties, including the tenant, the vendor, and yourself.  

Property Accounting

One of the most useful features that are offered by SimplifyEm is a full accounting suite. With this feature, you can completely transform the way that your business handles accounting and how the bookkeeping is done.

To begin, SimplifyEm automatically searches for any way that your property management business can save money.

To do this, the software takes in everything that is an income and expense and provides tips on how to optimize them to save money. This way, SimplifyEm is changing the way you manage your income and expenses to make sure that you are not missing out on any profit.

The SimplifyEm software solution also generates various financial reports pertaining to your business, including cash flow reports and tax reports.

Once the report is generated, each item that is tracked is separated into different IRS tax categories, making tax season a breeze.

Apart from separating your financials into different tax categories, SimplifyEm also tracks any tax deductions automatically. This means that the software automatically detects anything that can serve as a tax deduction and alerts you, allowing you to maximize your tax savings.

Tenant Portals

Last, but definitely not least, a feature that we will be discussing in this guide is the tenant portal. A tenant portal is a section within the software that tracks all sorts of tenant information that the tenant can use as well.

This is an especially useful feature because it benefits both the tenant and the property manager.

For the tenant, they can execute all rental payment transactions straight from the portal. They also have access to a complete transaction history of online rent payments that they can use in the case of a dispute.

On the other hand, the property manager gets the ability to transform their tenant management by having all of their information in one place.

From the tenant portal, owners can do things like conduct tenant screening, track income, request online payments, view tenant balances, and monitor insurance.

SimplifyEm Pricing

SimplifyEm Pricing

Now to the important part, the pricing. For many people looking for rental property software, this is where the decision becomes difficult because they may be on a limited budget.

Also, many people get confused by some pricing structures, as some can be very tricky and confusing.

Luckily, SimplifyEm has a very flexible pricing plan, accommodating portfolios of any size. They actually have 8 different pricing plans listed on their website, each for a different-sized portfolio.

The first plan, and the cheapest, covers up to 10 units and is a flat $25 a month. From there, the price increases for every 10 units that are added to the plan, with the 100-unit plan costing $100 a month.

After that, there is the P100+ plan that adds $8 per month for every 10 units added to the plan. Finally, the largest and most expensive plan, the P2000 plan covers up to 2000 units and costs $1620 per month.

The best part about these plans is that no matter which plan you choose, you get the same features. This is uncommon among property management software, as many opt to restrict features to be used only by higher-end plans.

On top of that, SimplifyEm provides a completely free trial to its users along with free training. This means that you can skip the hefty monthly subscription fee for any training program, and you can get started in minutes.

Now that we know all about SimplifyEm's most notable features and how it is priced, let's look into one of SimplifyEm's powerful competitors.

Alternate Property Management Solution


DoorLoop homepage

Did SimplifyEm not meet all of your expectations for the best property management software for your business?

If that is the case, DoorLoop may be the best choice for you.

DoorLoop is an all-in-one property management solution that offers all the tools real estate professionals will ever need to become a successful property management company.

Some of DoorLoop's features include:

  • Convenient Tenant Portal: Fosters open communication between the owner and the tenant and includes rent collection, tenant screening, etc.
  • Complete Accounting Suite: Manage all of your financials in one place with an accounting suite that integrates with dozens of other software and keeps track of everything.
  • Leasing and Marketing Tools: Automatically list vacant properties to quickly fill in available units.
  • Excellent Customer Support: Around-the-clock dedicated customer support to assist with any user needs or concerns.

If this set of features sounds like something you would be interested in, continue reading to find out about DoorLoop's pricing.

DoorLoop Pricing

Want to get in on this software but are on a budget?

Luckily, you can get access to all of DoorLoop's features, starting at only $59 a month.

Get started today with a free demo and discover what DoorLoop has to offer.

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