Real estate is a vast and varied business- covering everything from construction to rental management. Modern technology helps everyone in the world of property get through their tasks more efficiently- and gives them greater independent control of their businesses.

One of the well-known platforms in this industry is Sage. Sage Accounting has a branch of specialized services designed for construction and real estate professionals- and we wanted to find out what was what.

Below, you can find an overview of what Sage is all about and the features it offers. We have also shared the pros and cons- as well as a few top alternative choices to consider as well.

What Is Sage Property Management Software?


Sage is mainly an accounting software firm that covers admin and HR- amongst other things. The standard Sage Accounting package is already highly advantageous- but the addition of Sage 300 Construction with some additional capabilities targeted at this industry has put it on the radar for those involved in property management.

Sage Property Management Software Features

Let us begin by saying that Sage is very much an organization and accounting tool- rather than a practical communication or marketing tool. It has a great range of features- but not so much for dealing with tenants.

Sage Accounting Software

Sage Accounting is an advanced and robust software solution for businesses of all sizes. Property manager, contractor, or independent real estate agent- it doesn't matter; these features are useful for everyone.

Real Estate Admin Management

One of the features that is particularly helpful for our industry is the ease of administration and document organization. You can collect, save, and record data, earnings, outgoings, paperwork, and all sorts with excellent admin tools.

Invoice Creation

Whether you are providing invoices to tenants, vendors, or suppliers- Sage can help. There is a built-in invoicing system that lets you send things internally or export them.

Inventory Tracking

Also beneficial for construction teams and rental managers- inventory tracking tools help you manage spending and usage of materials- whether they are on-site, in the office, or for use in condominiums and apartments.

Construction Management Software

Sage 300 Construction is designed to connect the back office side of the real estate business with the field operations. It covers task assignments, scheduling, work orders, site history, clocked work hours, staff payments, reporting, and so much more- creating one seamless solution for construction and real estate collaborations.

There are also some communication tools- although they are quite basic at this time.

Project Management Tools

Similar to the features above, the project management tools offered by Sage for property rental teams are helpful but not exhaustive. They use software solutions to pre-empt potential issues that could slow things down- and help project managers keep things running smoothly for themselves and their clients.

Sage Property Management Software Pricing

Sage is subscription based with monthly charges that range in price depending on the plan you choose.

The Sage Start pack (which is just the basic accounting software aimed at independent contractors and property managers) costs just $10 per month.

You also have Sage Accounting- aimed at mid-sized contractors and rental management teams. It normally costs $25 per month, but there is a huge 70% discount for the first six months.

There is also a program called Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate- but prices are provided only on request.

Is There a Free Trial for Sage?

Yes- there is a Sage free trial that lasts for one month. To set it up, you need to select the subscription you would like should you choose to stay with Sage- and if you don't cancel at the end of the one-month trial, you will be charged automatically.

Sage Property Management Software Pros and Cons

Now that you have better insight into what Sage is all about- let us summarize the leading pros and cons that come with using the program for your business.

PRO: Sage Has an Extensive Feature Set for the Administrative Side of Real Estate Companies

At heart, Sage is an advanced admin and accounting software program that happens to adapt well to real estate and the construction business. The range of cloud-based features makes it much easier to manage HR, paper trails, custom reports, inventory management, general ledger, budgeting, job cost, and cash flow- to name a few.

Whether you are the chief financial officer of a real estate management company or the person in charge of documents for ongoing renovations in a condominium- Sage has many fantastic tools to make life easier.

PRO: The Number of Users Per Account is Unlimited

No matter how big or small your team is, you can all access all features with a Sage subscription. Only the starter package limits use to just one user- the rest welcome as many collaborators as necessary.

This is great for keeping everyone on the same page and giving access to those who need it- especially if you work remotely as part of a spread-out team.

You can use the platform to manage project costing, vendor payments, or important documentation- then someone else can simply log in and see your updates as they happen. Moving quickly is a must in construction and real estate- so this level of collaboration is very valuable.

PRO: Online Training Is Provided

The user interface for Sage does not seem all that complex at first, but once you start exploring all the modules, it gets harder to follow.

Luckily, there is the Sage University of sorts- where experienced representatives from the software team talk you and your staff through the implementation- and share tips and training on how to use it.

It is a lot to take in, which is one of the downsides of the software. Although not the most user-friendly, the phone support and in-person training to get people on board and make the most of the custom features gets a huge gold star from happy users.

PRO: General Practices are Far Less Time-Consuming

Nobody wants to waste their time- especially in a fast-moving business such as property and construction management. Software solutions such as Sage do the opposite- they save time and stress by providing faster ways to do things that just make sense.

Everything from filing receipts and calculating VAT to managing purchase orders and upcoming requirements is a lot more convenient and speedy with the help of an intelligent program that is always a few steps ahead.

PRO: It Reduces Job Costs and the Likelihood of Errors in Essential Project Management

Yes, there is a charge for this product- but weighed against the extra man hours, outside help, and money wasted through unnecessary errors, it is more than worth it.

Using Sage accounting functions and project management tools eliminates many risks and cuts out the chances of human error from important reports. Job costing, budget prediction, and other calculations are done in a fraction of the time- leaving you free to focus on building and improving your business.

It is not just the accounting side of things that Sage makes easier- it also helps to build a knowledge base for the user to see an overview of schedules, orders, and tasks.

CON: It Can Get Quite Expensive if you Want to Integrate

The program itself is not expensive- but there are some extra charges that crop up later. One example is when you want to integrate with other helpful tools that provide the services that are missing here.

As it stands, there are only 40 possible integrations available- several of which as also Sage products. Other systems have hundreds included without charge- but there are only fairly restrictive options available with Sage.

CON: Many Elements are Missing for Property Managers

It is clear that Sage Accounting is an excellent financial tool- and the construction management software is very helpful in that section of the business- but the day-to-day operations for rental managers and landlords are just not there.

There are minimal inclusions for communication with tenants- nor is there a system in place to help you find and screen them. If you were going to use Sage, you would need another program to handle the actual landlord duties- which is not the end of the world, but there are those that do both.

CON: There Is Limited Customer Support Included with the Basic Plan

Unfortunately, the basic entry-level subscription to Sage does not come with much support. The Sage customer service team actually gets quite positive reviews- but not everyone has easy access to them.

If you want to guarantee the best service and timely assistance when you face any issues, you really need to pay more for the upgraded subscription.

CON: Getting Set Up Is Time-Consuming and a Little Difficult

A lot of people found the setup processes for Sage quite tricky- saying there is a steep learning curve for getting used to the robust software program. Although training and support are provided, it can take much more than a few sessions with an expert to fully understand the ins and outs of what the system can do.

The first stretch using the Sage software platform may not run all that smoothly- but it does seem worth it in the end if your team can get to grips with the software.

Top Three Sage Alternatives

Sage is an impressive platform in some areas, but if it doesn't tick all the boxes for your business, it may be best to look elsewhere. There are plenty of competitors out there offering great services- and here are three of the best to choose as alternatives to Sage.

1: DoorLoop


We are uniquely qualified to review what makes real estate management platforms great because we are an industry leader with a top-class reputation. Our own software solutions are also top-class- and an excellent alternative to Sage.

There are many reasons to choose DoorLoop- but the first is the sheer versatility of the software. Everything you need is included- from robust accounting features and online payment portals to tenant screening and help with listing properties.

DoorLoop is truly an all-in-one solution for property owners, landlords, and managers- regardless of how big or small your operation is. It lets you work remotely, independently, or as part of a team- and it sets you up with every opportunity to make your business run smoothly and successfully.


  • Complete suite of accounting tools

Like Sage, DoorLoop offers an in-depth accounting program for users. They monitor and manage accounts payable, create and export tax reports, help with returns, and monitor cash flow.

Furthermore, DoorLoop integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks to provide even more specialist accounting features.

  • Online tenant portal

Although it won't be you using this feature, it still benefits you because it benefits your tenants. They can access the portal to communicate with you, check for maintenance schedules, put in requests, sign lease agreements, and pay their rent.

The tenant portal makes it easier to stay connected with your renters- and improves the rent collection process by making it more convenient for both parties. Tenants can pay using their bank cards or bank accounts- and you will be notified whenever a new payment is received. You can also send reminders through the portal when due dates are close- or already passed.

  • Easy and efficient mobile communication

Stay connected with tenants, team members, applicants, and vendors through a super convenient mobile communication platform provided by DoorLoop. Message each other securely from a smartphone, laptop, or other devices whenever and wherever suits- all through one simple platform.

Set up private chats and group messages, organize communications into categories, and enjoy an easier way to collaborate with others.

  • Owner portal

It's not just the tenants getting their own handy portal- you have one too! Landlords and managers can use DoorLoop to send reminders, handle requests, arrange maintenance, and export data- and that is just the beginning.

It is a one-stop solution for managing your daily business and landlord responsibilities- and is one of the things people love most about DoorLoop.


The reasons to choose DoorLoop don't stop there: it is also budget-friendly and excellent value for money. Regardless of your budget, our software can help.

DoorLoop's starter plan costs just $49 per month when billed annually- with a 50% discount for the first two months while you get the hang of things. Even this basic plan is fairly comprehensive- offering more than enough data storage and features for smaller rental management companies and independent landlords to thrive.

One step up is the Pro package- which is still far more affordable than many other programs at $99 per month. Again, we only charge half for two months to sweeten the deal even further.

Finally, the Premium DoorLoop package (which is almost unbeatable for versatile, advanced, and complete real estate listing management) costs $149 per month. You guessed it- the first two months are half-price.

If you are interested in trying DoorLoop, you can do so free of charge. There is a free product demo that takes less than a minute to schedule- and gives you are better idea of how beneficial this platform can be.

2: Onsite Property Manager

Onsite Property Manager

If the project management side of the rental business is what you prioritize, the Onsite Property Manager is a worthwhile consideration. It is an ultra-accessible web-based software designed for residential and commercial real estate teams.

Onsite Property Manager is particularly beneficial for handling documents and data- including lease agreements, work orders, invoices, and insurance details. It also allows for on-the-go process handling and communication- letting landlords manage admin while in the property.


  • Expense and income tracking

Track invoices in and out and monitor cash flow through your business. Send reminders when payments are due, and arrange to pay vendors on schedule. You can also see clear reports of where money has been spent and when- which is very useful in real estate project management.

  • Move-in/move-out procedures

Onsite Property Manager has specific features designed to make the move-in and move-out processes more streamlined and less time-consuming. Tenants and landlords can use the software to arrange timings, share details, and pre-fill documents.

  • Payments and charges

As well as monitoring cash flow through Onsite Property Manager, you can also set up automatic payments and receive rent online through the platform.

Tenants can use bank cards to pay their rent and security deposits without any hassle- and you can also use the system to pay suppliers and vendors during ongoing projects or maintenance visits.


The simple cost structure at Onsite is easy to make sense of- with no ambiguous costs or hidden fees, and a basic unit-based price plan.

Onsite charges customers based on the number of units they manage. Everyone has the same access to the same features and support- they just pay more or less depending on the number of properties they manage through the system.

If you have ten or fewer properties, you can enjoy the benefits of Onsite Property Manager for just $6.95 per month! It then increases as follows:

  • $19.95 for between 11 and 25 units
  • $39.95 for between 26 and 50 units
  • $69.95 for between 51 and 150 units
  • $99.95 for between 151 and 300 units.

Those who manage more than 300 units pay $99.95 for the first 300, then an additional $0.22 for every extra one added.

You can try Onsite Property Manager free for 60 days before the charges begin- and if you pay for 12 months, you get an extra month without cost.

3: SimplifyEM


SimplifyEM is a top competitor for Sage because they have similar products and benefit the same types of businesses. It is also predominantly an accounting software program with additional features for project managers at small to medium-sized businesses.

The software is easy to use, fairly straightforward, and not all-that feature heavy- but it gets the job done efficiently. You can't manage every part of your rental business this way- but if that doesn't bother you, this is a decent choice.


  • Full accounting suite

SimplifyEM's accounting software is pretty impressive- and it also offers integration with QuickBooks and some other financial tools to tackle every angle of your accounting needs.

  • Document tracking and management

Organize and follow important documents such as lease agreements, work orders, vendor receipts, and more through SimplifyEM. You can easily keep track of things and ensure nothing gets missed during construction projects, new rental setups, or vendor communications.

  • Schedules and reminders

Life gets busy- especially for property managers! Use SimplifyEM to, well... simplify things. Schedule yourself and your team- then set reminders to keep things flowing. You can also send reminders for rent payments and signatures- as well as many other helpful ways to get things under control.


Like Onsite Property Manager, the more units you have, the more a subscription will cost. Prices range from $35 per month to over $2000- supporting portfolios of up to 2000 units.

There is also a free trial available, so you can check the specific differences between the services.


DoorLoop features

Sage is a versatile and complex software program that goes beyond the simple accounting and admin features provided by most property management programs. It is excellent for anyone looking for help with financial reports and business processes- especially if they combine construction and real estate in their company.

That said, it is undoubtedly lacking in other areas. Although it shines for those working in the construction industry, it is less helpful for landlords working with tenants and rental properties. Sure- the accounting functions and structure organization are beneficial everywhere- but there are very few tailored tools to help with the specifics of managing rental properties.

If you need more than accounting and admin and are looking for a well-rounded, comprehensive management tool built just for property owners, landlords, and managers- then DoorLoop should be the first port of call.

At DoorLoop, nothing is missed- and the excellent features offer great support across every area of the real estate business. Of all the software solutions for this industry, DoorLoop offers the most for the best value.

Why not try it for yourself? It takes less than a minute to schedule a complete product demo free of charge- get yours booked today!

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