Miami Beach, FL – August 8, 2023 – DoorLoop, the leading all-in-one property management software automating everything from listing units to accounting, has leaned into the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) by developing and releasing its own chatbot, Looper AI. Looper AI is a novel real estate chatbot powered by ChatGPT and trained to answer questions about real estate and property management. Without needing to create an account or pay a subscription, anyone will now be able to submit their queries to Looper AI up to five times per day to facilitate their property management research. 

DoorLoop’s team recognized that website visitors often turned to the website’s search bar to find answers to their specific real estate and property management questions. This usually led them to DoorLoop’s blog. Although the blog does have a plethora of resources for general questions, it couldn’t answer every single query, especially when they were so specific. From there, the answer was clear: bring the power of AI to DoorLoop. 

DoorLoop Leads with Innovation

Since its inception in 2019, DoorLoop has paved the way for easier property management, and it continues to innovate every step of the way. 

DoorLoop initially raised $10 million in seed funding to develop the platform itself as well as its team. Earlier this year, DoorLoop raised another $20 million in Series A funding from the Alpine Software Group (ASG). With a total of $30 million in funding behind the company, DoorLoop has been able to further expand its team and software capabilities to bring its customers the best and most exciting experience possible. In the past year, DoorLoop has expanded to 100 employees and has experienced 400% growth in revenue.

As one of the most cutting-edge property management software companies in the industry, DoorLoop has fully embraced the modern digital era. The company has revolutionized property management software user interfaces. Its design principle is simple: can your grandfather figure it out? DoorLoop is easy for people of all ages and backgrounds to pick up, making property management easier and more accessible and efficient than ever for veterans and newcomers alike.

DoorLoop has taken its innovation and accessibility to the next level by adopting AI. The company has already provided numerous resources and guides on property management tips and tricks that utilize cutting-edge technologies like ChatGPT to automate work. Now it has its own ChatGPT-powered chatbot.

“AI is the technology of today, tomorrow, and tomorrow’s tomorrow. People who aren’t totally tech-savvy might find AI daunting and complicated to use, so our Loopers wanted to bring it right to the palm of your hand. Everyone should be able to reap the benefits of this incredible technology, especially in property management,” says CMO and co-founder of DoorLoop, David Bitton. “Our goal is to continue empowering landlords and property managers of all backgrounds and skill levels through innovation so they can save time, make more money, and grow their portfolios.”

With Looper AI, users can now get immediate, concrete answers to their questions. Because the information pulled from Looper AI comes from ChatGPT, the tool is intended to be used as a supplementary resource and not as a source of legal, accounting, or financial advice. However, it serves as an excellent platform for obtaining general information or a blueprint for conducting property management research.

Looper AI is available now:

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