Miami, FL – April 3, 2023 – DoorLoop, the all-in-one property management software automating everything from listing units to accounting, today announced an updated version of the platform, DoorLoop 1.4.0, to enhance the payment process. Now, landlords and property managers can post charges, customize payment allocation, and organize their banking more easily than ever. On the heels of the recent UI design updates, DoorLoop is helping users save time, make more money, and grow their portfolios.  

“Late and unorganized payment methods will no longer be an issue for our users,” said Noam Grebel, VP of Product at DoorLoop. “With our updated platform, property owners can now streamline payment processes to save time and headaches for everyone involved. This is a huge step in our mission to help property owners and landlords spend less time managing administration work and more time growing their portfolios.” 

DoorLoop’s 1.4.0 software update includes:

  • Post Charges Before Due Date: Users can post charges to the Tenant Portal before they are due, so tenants have a longer notice period for their rent charges.
  • Access Payments, Charges, and Expenses Faster: Access points for Bills, Expenses, Charges, and Payments are now available in the Accounting Menu for easy access.
  • Custom Payment Allocation: Users can decide exactly which overdue charges should receive payments first, based on priority.
  • Easier, More Organized Banking: Users can connect new banks and merchant accounts to DoorLoop from a dedicated "Online Payments" page, as well as review banking activity directly within the dedicated "Banking" page.
  • Automatically Refresh Your Mobile App: The DoorLoop mobile app now automatically refreshes anytime you open it from the background. Say goodbye to latency between your mobile and desktop actions, and save even more time.

“DoorLoop wants to make payment processes as easy as possible for everyone involved in the rental experience,” said Ori Tamuz, co-founder and CEO of DoorLoop. “The latest version of our software gives property managers the ability to access payments faster while simplifying the user experience for their tenants. DoorLoop is continuing to establish a strong customer service experience for property managers and tenants alike by making sure nothing falls through the cracks with our easy-to-use online portal, and our world-class customer service team is happy to support every step of the way.”

The updated software is now available at

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