Miami Beach, FL – November 14, 2023 – DoorLoop, the leading all-in-one property management software automating everything from listing units to accounting, expanded its offerings to homeowners associations. Now homeowners association (HOA) board members, community managers, and other relevant stakeholders can enjoy seamless real estate management for their communities. 

DoorLoop is widely renowned within the residential and commercial real estate sectors for providing one of the easiest-to-use property management solutions on the market today. Users laud its features for making their business operations smoother and praise the company’s support team for being responsive, efficient, and helpful, all with a human touch.

Now DoorLoop is bringing the same benefits to the HOA sector. With DoorLoop HOA, community managers can send announcements and communicate with association board members and residents. This is done via the software’s robust resident portal, which supports the ability to send email and text messages to residents in addition to in-portal announcements. From DoorLoop HOA, association board members have access to key reports pertaining to profit and loss, cash flow, balances, and an A&R aging summary. 

Through the portal, residents can create and submit requests to the community manager and make payments for association dues, assessments, and more. Community managers can make sure residents stay on top of those payments and other issues by setting up reminders as well.

“As we always say,  ‘if it has a door, you can manage it with DoorLoop.’ With that in mind, we’re constantly expanding our features based on user needs and feedback so they can truly do that,” said CMO and co-founder David Bitton. “HOAs involve a large number of stakeholders and residents, which makes communication in particular difficult. That’s why with DoorLoop HOA, we’re targeting that pain point so that community managers can communicate with the board members, residents, and others more easily and efficiently than ever.”

DoorLoop HOA is available now. You can learn more about its features here.

About DoorLoop

DoorLoop is the highest-rated property management software online. Landlords, property managers, and management companies in over 100 countries use DoorLoop to manage hundreds of thousands of units. The software automates everything: property listings, tenant screening, rent collection, maintenance requests, tenant move-ins and move-outs, and everything in between. DoorLoop is fully customizable for any mixed-use portfolio, including residential, commercial, associations, and many more.

Ilia is a Content Creator and Copywriter at DoorLoop with a background in Real Estate and Law. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Florida International University with Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and International Relations.