The Cozy property management software once offered an all-in-one solution for property managers.

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If you needed a good property accounting tool, you were covered.

Something to help you manage all those maintenance requests, in one place? Check.

Streamlined communication with tenants? Yup.

Leasing tools that make the entire process– from bringing in new tenants to background checks and signing? That too.

Sure, their free plan was super limited, but you could pay for their premium plan to get all of the above-mentioned features.

If you were a landlord or property manager, Cozy offered everything you’d need to help you manage your properties more effectively.

If you’ve been shopping around, chances are Cozy has caught your eye as a good option for you.

The only problem is...

Cozy has since closed down (permanently)

Purchased in 2018 by owner CoStar, several of Cozy’s tenant-side tools were integrated into the platform.


In other words, Cozy is gone and their property management tools aren’t coming back.

You may or may not have already known that, and now you’re looking for a good alternative.

Fortunately, Cozy wasn’t the first (or last) all-in-one property management tool to exist.

There are some amazing alternatives out there that can do most or all of the same things it can do, at a competitive price.

That’s where this comparison guide comes in.

Below, we’ll detail the best and largest list online of Cozy alternatives to help you make an informed decision about which property management software is best for you.

11 Best Cozy Alternatives [Updated for 2024]

Here are 11 of the best Cozy alternatives:

1. DoorLoop

DoorLoop Cozy Alternatives

If you’re looking for an all-in-one Cozy alternative, DoorLoop offers every major feature of Cozy and then some, at a competitive price.

Plus, you get it all baked into one convenient, lightning-fast, and easy-to-use platform.

Not to mention, great customer service that makes getting started (including migrating) and learning the software simple and straightforward.

DoorLoop’s features include:

  • Full accounting suite so you can make DoorLoop your all-in-one property accounting tool
  • Plus, a convenient QuickBooks Online integration if you prefer to use DoorLoop strictly for property management
  • Tenant portal to make collecting rent easier and centralize all tenant communications
  • Maintenance management system
  • Leasing tools to make getting clients in, and setting them up, completely streamlined
  • And much more

DoorLoop pricing

DoorLoop starts at $59 for the starter plan.

Schedule a demo today.

2. Rent Manager

Rent Manager

Rent Manager is a good Cozy alternative due to having a similar feature set, including great accounting features and a convenient smartphone app.

If you’re mostly interested in having good accounting tools, this is a good option. However, keep in mind that this isn’t a great Cozy alternative if it’s their pricing model that initially attracted you, as Rent Manager has enterprise pricing (and isn’t very transparent about it).

Rent Manager features

  • Good accounting features such as automatic rent payments and QuickBooks integration
  • Tenant portal
  • Smartphone app

Rent Manager pricing

Rent Manager doesn’t list their pricing online (which generally means they offer higher-end, enterprise pricing), so you’ll need to contact them directly to learn more.

3. Hemlane


Hemlane is a good option if you’re more interested in a clean UI that’s relatively easy to use, with all the core features you’d expect.

They also offer some unique features such as agent match, which connects you with local real estate agents to help facilitate showings.

However, like Rent Manager, Hemlane is on the pricey side, so if you don’t have a need for the above-mentioned in-person assist features, it’s likely not a good fit.

Hemlane features

  • Agent match
  • Tenant portal
  • Maintenance management

Hemlane pricing

Hemlane’s starter plan is $30 per month base with $2 per unit per month on top of that after the first property. For example, if you have 1 property, it would be $30. If you have 2, it would be $32. If you have 20, it would be $68 and onwards.

4. Rentmoji


Rentmoji is a similar option to Rent Manager and Hemlane in that it offers a good balance of the major features you’d expect from a property management software while sitting on the pricey end.

They make this list due in part to their QuickBooks integration and decent UI. However, you can get the same core features for less in many options on this list.

Rentmoji features

  • QuickBooks integration
  • Online rent payments
  • Tenant portal

Rentmoji pricing

Rentmoji doesn’t list their pricing online, so you’ll need to use their contact form online to get in touch and ask about their pricing.

5. Yardi Voyager

Yardi Voyager

Yardi Voyager is one of several property management software options offered by Yardi, this one built more for multifamily properties than anything else. So, if that’s what you’re looking for, this is a good fit.

Voyager includes most of the core features you’ll need, but as most of Yardi’s offerings are enterprise-level, you’ll likely be paying extra unless you have a larger portfolio.

Features include:

  • Good multifamily property-specific features
  • Robust accounting
  • Tenant portal

Yardi Voyager pricing

Yardi Voyager has a $100 monthly minimum, right off the bat making it more expensive than most of the other options on this list. However, you also pay $1 per unit per month beyond the first unit, which means it could be much more.

6. Property Matrix

Property Matrix

Property Matrix is the self-proclaimed most customizable property software option available. 

With great customizability comes a steeper price point: the software’s most basic plan starts at $400/month for up to 250 units. The plan does offer custom fields and custom reporting. However, it's important to note that similar features are also present in other software options that start at a much lower price.

Property Matrix features

  • Mobile app
  • Credit card & ACH payments
  • Check scanning
  • Transaction history

Property Matrix pricing

Property Matrix starts at $400/month on the Starter plan for up to 250 units. They don’t offer a free trial, but they do offer live demos. Given the features available on the Starter plan, it’s very possible to find software on this list with comparable functionality and a much more affordable price point.

7. Innago


Innago offers a (mostly) free option for getting started, which makes it a good starter option. Users report them having good reporting features and verification tools, so if that’s important to you, this might be a good option.

With that said, users also report having trouble using their lease templates and some parts of the software are either unintuitive or don’t work properly, leading to frequent complaints.

Features include:

  • Robust reporting
  • Tenant screening
  • Lease management
  • Tenant portal

Innago pricing

Innago’s starter plan is mostly free, with a $2 charge on all ACH payments and 2.75% charge for debit and credit card payments.

You’ll also need to pay $30-35 for criminal, credit, and eviction history checks per transaction.

8. TenantCloud


TenantCloud offers a truly free plan, though only up to 75 units and with greatly limited features.

With that said, if you’re looking for something simpler to get started with, and you’re fine with it not being quite as powerful as a full-fledged property management software, this could be a good option for you.

Features include:

  • Maintenance management
  • Automatic rent payments
  • Robust reporting tools

TenantCloud pricing

TenantCloud offers a free plan up to 75 units. Additional units are $1 more per unit per month, or you can pay a $9 flat fee for up to 150 units.

9. Buildium


Buildium is another great all-around Cozy alternative with a large set of core features such as online rent payments and payment tracking.

Features include:

  • Payment tracking
  • Automatic rent payments
  • Robust reporting
  • Decent accounting tools

Buildium pricing

Please visit Buildium’s website to see their latest prices and packages.

10. LeaseHawk


LeaseHawk isn’t an all-in-one property management tool, but they’re great if you’re looking for a tool that can help you automate the leasing process.

The tool uses AI processes to automate several steps in the leasing process, from the initial contact to follow-ups.

As mentioned, though, you won’t get the all-in-one experience, so you’ll be missing several major core features to help you manage your entire property management efforts, including comprehensive accounting and work order management.

Features include:

  • AI leasing tools such as AI chatbot and automated follow-ups
  • Basic accounting features
  • Robust leasing tools

LeaseHawk pricing

LeaseHawk doesn’t list their pricing anywhere, so you’ll need to contact their sales team online to ask about their pricing plans.

11. ResMan


ResMan is another great option for anyone focusing on multifamily properties. It offers great leasing tools for property managers such as the ability to post late notices to a tenants payment dashboard.

With that said, while a more full-featured software compared to LeaseHawk (without the AI features), ResMan is fairly focused on its niche of streamlining the leasing process.

So, you’ll be missing several useful core features you’d expect from a comprehensive property management tool.

Features include:

  • Robust leasing tools
  • Automatic rent payments
  • Tenant dashboard notifications
  • Late fee calculator

ResMan pricing

ResMan doesn’t list its pricing online, so you’ll need to contact their sales team directly for more information.

Which will you choose?

So, there are 11 great Cozy alternatives you can choose from to supercharge your property management efforts.

Between the various automation tools, systems to streamline communication and more, and countless other optimizations, the right software can do a lot for your portfolio or property management efforts.

Now, the question is: which do you choose?

If you’re looking for a complete, all-in-one property management software that offers a competitive feature set with Cozy, user-approved customer service, and incredibly easy to navigate UI, try DoorLoop.

So, what are you waiting for?

Give it a try today and see how DoorLoop can help you streamline your property management from start to finish.

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