Vermont's rental assistance program (VERAP) helped many tenants avoid eviction from their homes. Still, thanks to the ongoing support, landlords could also rest easy knowing they were going to receive the money they needed to live during these difficult COVID-19 times.

Each state, including Vermont, had a different process to apply. Here, we'll discuss everything you should know about the application process, the benefits, and more.

Disclaimer: As of June 30, 2023, the ERA program in Vermont isn't accepting new applications. It's currently reviewing past requests, and the portal will be available until December 31, 2023. We recommend you check the portal to see if there are any updates or alternatives to consider.

What Is ERAP in Vermont?

The Vermont Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) aimed to help eligible tenants and landlords alleviate income pressure after COVID-19.

Thanks to the program, the applicant could receive rent and utility assistance for certain periods. Regarding utility bills, people could pay for:

  • Electricity
  • Water and sewer
  • Trash
  • Natural Gas
  • Fuel oil/energy costs
  • Past-due internet charges

How Does ERAP Work in Vermont?

Those who applied to the Vermont Emergency Rental Assistance Program could use each payment to pay for past-due rent, future rent, and past-due utility bills for their rental unit.

If the application got approved, the landlord would receive the money directly on behalf of the tenant.

What Are ERA1 and ERA2?

ERA1 was the first phase of the Emergency Rental Assistance Program, authorized by the Consolidated Appropriations Act.

The second phase, ERA2, provided further benefits to renters, and it was authorized by the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.

How Does ERAP Benefit Landlords in Vermont?

While tenants can get the money to pay for rent and utilities, landlords also ensure a steady source of income during troubling times.

COVID-19 caused a lot of uncertainty in the economic sector, so knowing the state will provide funding for a certain period helps make everything easier.

What Is the Landlord's Role in Vermont's ERAP?

Landlords are encouraged to help their tenants apply. This helps verify each claim thoroughly and ensure they're submitting the right information.

It's in both parties' best interest to get the application approved, so landlords must assist during the process.

Who Is Eligible for ERAP in Vermont?

Here are the eligibility requirements for rent and utility assistance in Vermont:

  • Households with one (or more) members that qualified for employment benefits, experienced a reduction of income, or suffered financial hardship due to COVID-19.
  • Households with one (or more) members who are at risk of facing homelessness or housing instability.
  • Households with a gross income of 80% of the median area income (or lower).

Can Tenants on Other Housing Plans Apply for ERAP in Vermont?

Yes. Renters on other housing plans, such as Section 8, could apply for the Vermont Emergency Rental Assistance Program, as long as the funds received don't count as duplicate assistance from the other program.

Otherwise, the renter would be no longer eligible for ERAP.

How to Apply for ERAP in Vermont

You first have to work with your tenant to gather the following:

  • Lease agreement
  • Pay stubs
  • 2020 W-2s or a 1040 tax form
  • Unemployment benefits letter
  • Eviction notice (if applicable)
  • Other valid documentation
  • Landlord's personal and banking information

Then, you can go to the official ERAP page and follow the instructions. A representative from the program will contact you eventually with the next steps to follow.

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