Managing properties, showings, prospective tenants, current renters, and everything else that comes with being a landlord can become overwhelming- unless you have an excellent system in place to assist.

Showdigs is one of many property management platforms helping people maximize their efficiency, portfolio capacity, and rental success- but is it the one for you?

In this Showdigs review, we look at the core features, pros, and cons of the program- and discuss the costs and some possible alternatives.

What Is Showdigs Property Management Software?


Showdigs is a management platform for property owners, landlords, and leasing agencies that combines AI, automated leasing software, showing tools, and much more. It is specially designed for property managers trying to scale their businesses and cope with tenant turnover and demand.

Showdigs Features

Here is an overview of the core features provided through Showdigs.

Scheduling Tools

One of the biggest challenges for growing property management companies is scheduling conflicts. Showdigs helps with this by providing tailored software features designed to manage timing with calendar integration.

Local Agents

With Showdigs, you have an amazing team backing you with showings and proving a generally excellent service all around.

Gain a better work-life balance by bringing in local agents to show properties when you can't or don't have staff availability within your own team.


Self-showings are becoming more popular as the younger generations flood the rental market.

They allow people to view properties by themselves through on-demand tours whenever suits them- without the need for arranging attended showings into your schedule.

Showdigs provides a platform for secure self-showings- including virtual tours and marketing photos- and photo ID collection is in the works. They save time on certain showings and cut down property costs-

Self-showing helps fill vacancies faster and makes it easier for people to view your vacant property outside normal business hours.

AI Leasing Bot

Occupied properties are the goal for all property renters and managers- and the Showdigs AI features offer a great program to make that happen. The app performance is high quality and user-friendly.

Showdigs Pricing

Showdigs has fairly simple pricing at $50 per month. That includes the entire roster of features and tools. Prices for access to the amazing team of expert agent services vary- and are applied on a case-by-case basis.

There is also a one-time fee of $20 to list a new property. Once listed, the property can remain on the profile until it is rented.

Does Showdigs Offer a Free Trial?

There is currently no free trial available for the Showdigs platform.

Showdigs Reviews: Pros and Cons

PRO: Versatile Showing Options

You can use Showdigs to schedule open houses and attended showings, set up self-showings, or arrange for one of the provided showing agents to do it for you.

This kind of mixed-use is incredibly useful in the current market as it allows for more versatility.

PRO: Unlimited Licenses

Showdigs offers an unlimited number of licenses for your team.

PRO: Friendly and Professional Showdigs Agents

The agent network at Showdigs is exceptional- providing great customer service and support for property managers. Having a customer service team of this quality is one of the things that makes Showdigs special.

CON: No Feature for Photo ID's Yet

Although it is reportedly coming, the platform does not yet allow managers to require photo ID's from people going to showings. It can be a risky job, and this safety feature is something people are keen to include.

CON: Some Customization Features are Lacking

Customization is important to get the most for your business- and although some options are available, they are limited.

CON: It Can Get Pricey If you Have Many Properties

Because of the simple pricing structure, larger leasing agencies can end up paying quite a lot to list all of their properties.

Top Three Showdigs Alternatives

If you want a well-rounded platform for managing properties, check out Showdigs' top competitors. These three alternatives come highly recommended and offer various benefits depending on what you need most.

1: DoorLoop

DoorLoop Property Management Software

DoorLoop is one of the most versatile programs- covering all the key areas for landlords and agents. It is affordable and operates at the highest level.


  • Excellent accounting tools
  • Advanced owner portal
  • Communicative integrations
  • Online payments
  • Much more


You can try DoorLoop for free- and once you fall in love with it, you can use it for just $49 a month for up to 20 units.

2: TenantCloud


If you are looking for a more affordable way to manage more properties, TenantCloud is a possibility. It is a simple system that focuses on convenience and efficiency in the areas that matter the most.


  • Basic accounting
  • Online payments
  • Managing work order


TenantCloud has three pricing options based on the number of properties in the portfolio.

  • Free for up to 75 units (and with limited access to features)
  • $15 for up to 150 units
  • $50 for up to 500 units

3: TurboTenant


TurboTenant is a low-cost program that offers basic management tools for landlords. It is certainly not the most advanced, but it is a good alternative to Showdigs if your budget is tight.


  • Online rent payment processing
  • Listing rentals
  • Tenant screening
  • Leasing tools


TurboTenant has an almost free platform- but many features cost extra. Here are some of the main things that cost more.

  • Lease agreements: $39 each
  • Lease addendums: $15 each
  • E-signatures: $9 each
  • Landlord forms pack: $145


DoorLoop Features

Showdigs is best for people who want to spend less time showing their properties to focus on other things. There are other features, but arranging more showings with less personal input is the key benefit.

DoorLoop is the more versatile and efficient choice- and you schedule your free demo today in less than one minute.

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