The world of real estate is not for the faint of heart, but it is very rewarding!

Many property managers and investors struggle with many aspects of the day-to-day, which directly affects their business’s ability to grow. 

This month, we are proud to highlight Evan as DoorLoop’s property manager of the month. 

Every month, we like to take the time to highlight a property manager that embodies DoorLoop’s values and more importantly, someone that has great advice and potential to teach our readers to become better in the field. 

In this post, we will discuss Evan’s upbringing in property management and share some of his advice to reach success within the industry. 

About Evan

Evan is the owner of Zero Empty Spaces, which focuses on providing affordable studio spaces where artists can engage with the public and their industry. 

Founded in 2019, they currently have 7 locations and are based in Broward County, Florida. 

Evan and his partners first started as art advocates. 

They noticed that it was difficult to find places for an artist to create and collab, but there seemed to be lots of real estate… so they thought to create a win-win-win scenario (a win for the artist, community, and the owner).

… and the rest is history.

Experience With DoorLoop

Evan was initially drawn into DoorLoop’s all-in-one solutions. 

This is because they were using other software that did not have all the property management features.

He says that DoorLoop gave them the ability to minimize the transaction fees for everybody. 

Evan’s Advice

We realize that achieving success in the field of property management is not easy, which is why we’ve decided to ask Evan a few questions that will hopefully, help our readers reach success. 

1. You're a landlord with a few dozen properties. You're bogged down with managing everything yourself. What would you do to fix the problem?

“You really should have a partner, someone you can divide and conquer, split the workload, roles, and responsibilities,” says Evan. 

Partnering with someone you trust, is a great way to get that extra help and go the extra mile. 

Evan also mentioned that you should “outsource weaknesses and accentuate your strengths.” 

If you believe that something needs to be done in a way that your abilities do not allow, outsourcing helps you ensure that every box is checked!

2. What property management advice do you have for new landlords just starting out?

“Get a system like DoorLoop to centralize all resources and track more efficiently,” explains Evan. 

Property management software will help you streamline processes that otherwise would be too time-consuming. This allows you to focus on other important aspects of your business!

He also recommends getting “good service contracts for water heaters, maintenance, where they come every few months.” 

3. What is one thing you feel landlords get wrong about property management?

There are endless mistakes landlords and property managers make, especially when they’re new to the field. 

Evan believes that many landlords, “look at everything like a number instead of a human (...)”

He urges everyone to remember the other person on the other end and to “care about the tenant, remember they are human and have a family.”

This will not only help your moral compass but will also help you get better reviews and retention. 

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Evan has achieved great success in the world of real estate all with the principle of helping artists find their space. 

 Zero Empty Spaces has many goals, but one of the most important is “the goal of expanding the appreciation of various genres of visual art and helping to create a thriving cultural community in various cities across the world.” So be sure to check them out!

If you want to learn more about building a portfolio, DoorLoop has tons of content to help you get started, so don’t be a stranger and check out more reading material, like this beginner’s guide!

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