Whether you are starting your own property management company or are just beginning to delve into the real estate world, it is important to know about the resources that you can use to help you along the way.

There are a plethora of websites that provide many useful resources out there. They can range from blogs, to guides, to templates, and much more. These are all meant to guide new and existing tenants and property managers through the world of real estate property management.

In this guide, we will be going over the best property management resources to assist you in your real estate journey.

First, let's discuss what property management is and how resources can help with it.

What is property management?

In real estate, property management is where a third-party company is hired to provide service on the rental property. These services can range greatly with each company, but tend to include some of the following:

  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Tenant Screening and Background Checks
  • Rent Collection
  • Accounting
  • Maintenance Requests

Any great property management company will include all of these services, and many more.

Although all of the services above are typically provided by any property manager, it is important to have sufficient resources to make sure you are making correct decisions. It is also important to have access to these resources if you are interested in being a real estate manager yourself. Even if you don't have your own property management team, these resources can become very useful in the property management industry.

Below, we have provided a comprehensive list of the best places to find property management resources.

Best property management resources

Now that we know what property management consists of, let us delve into the most useful resources that you can use.

Property Management Software

If you are a property manager, or are thinking of starting your own property management company, a good software could become very useful for you. A property management software allows you to take many daily tasks and have them all in one place. A property management software that combines all your typical tasks into a single place is called all-in-one software.

This kind of software can have a wide range of functionality, including the following:

  • Tenant portal: Centralize all tenant communication into one dashboard and allow for online rent payments
  • Marketing tools: List properties and units, grab lease templates, and screen tenants.
  • Maintenance: create, edit, and track work orders. Even communicate with vendors and tenants on those maintenance requests from directly within the software.
  • Accounting: Accept a variety of payment methods, manage multiple accounts for everything from lease payments to deposits, and run custom reports
  • Owner portal: Have one central place where you can issue checks and provide reports

These kinds of features are extremely important to any property manager and can significantly increase the efficiency of any operation.

Of all the resources listed on this page, a property management software will surely have the most significant effect. If this sounds like something that you would be interested in, you may want to check out DoorLoop's all-in-one property management software.


One of the most popular property management resources you can find is in the form of blogs.

With new developments coming out every day, it is important for property managers to keep up with everything happening. Whether it be new laws, regulations, strategies, or trends, reading blog posts is a very easy way to become knowledgeable.

Also, blog posts may provide other information about property management that you may find useful, like what to look for in property management software.

Not sure where to find a good property management blog? Check out DoorLoop's blog to find all the information you could need about property management.

Conferences and Events

Some other resources for property management that are useful to property managers are conferences and events.

Many of these events serve to inform people about the latest developments in the real estate industry. Also, these events can inform you about up-and-coming trends in the industry. Apart from learning about these, attendees may also learn about emerging technologies, investment opportunities, and business growth. All of this information is very valuable to any professional in the field.

Another great property management resource that can stem from these events is the networking that occurs there. These events give property managers alike a chance to meet other people with similar interests and goals. These relationships can become very valuable as individuals can give each other insight on how to flourish in the real estate industry.

Speaking of networking, consider joining real estate investor associations in your area. These are great resources for meeting other professionals, accessing ongoing education, and learning about upcoming events.


Property management and real estate investor associations are organizations that aim to assist groups of property management professionals in the real estate industry. These associations provide many opportunities for education, networking, conferences, resources, and helpful services.

Many of these associations are by membership, where members get some exclusive access to property management resources. This could include professional workshops and trainings designed exclusively for several types of property managers.

Whether it be a local, state, or national association, these organizations can allow property managers alike to meet tons of people with similar interests and similar professions.

Some of the most prominent property management associations include:

  • Building Owners & Managers Association
  • The International Council of Shopping Centers
  • Institute of Real Estate Management
  • National Association Of Residential Property Managers
  • National Apartment Association

If more than one of these associations seem appealing to you, you can join more than one. In fact, you are encouraged to join multiple to make sure you are kept up-to-date with all relevant information about the real estate industry.


The last property management resources that could serve useful to property managers are templates. The longer someone is in the property management industry, they realize that the job is filled with repetitive tasks. To ease these repetitive tasks, many property managers create templates and checklists that allow them to speed up these tasks.

Property managers could create templates for a large number of tasks, like evaluating apartment turnover, analyzing wear and tear, and closing sales. They may also come up with templates for things like sending rental denial letters, charts of accounts, and lease agreements.

If you are interested in some checklists and templates that you can download today, check out DoorLoop's Resources Page and take a look at some useful resources for your property management.


In conclusion, it is very important for property managers to check out some of the resources that are available to them. This would allow them to become more knowledgeable of the work and create new relationships that could possibly grow careers or businesses. Whether you are an experienced manager or are just starting out, make sure that you are aware of all the resources available to you to make your business as efficient and informed as possible.

Santiago Aday is a Summa Cum Laude graduate and has a background in software development. As the Marketing Automation Specialist at DoorLoop, Santi loves simplifying the complicated aspects of property management.