Modern technology and software have made many things easier and more accessible- including the real estate market. Rental property managers and leasing professionals looking for a tool that can make a difference may have heard of Leasehawk Performance Platform- but what exactly is it?

With so many platforms available, why choose Leasehawk? The following review answers this question by sharing helpful insight into the core software features, who it is designed for, the pros and cons, and- of course- the cost. We have also provided a few alternatives in case Leasehawk doesn't fit the bill for your business.

What Is Leasehawk?

The Leasehawk Performance Platform is a multi-channel platform focused on the marketing and lead management side of real estate. It uses artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technologies to make it easier for property management teams to secure more clients and fill more vacancies.

Unlike many popular property management platforms, Leasehawk is less about handling the day-to-day duties of landlords and rental managers- and more about real estate CRM (customer relationship management). It is designed for bringing in clients to fill the properties- not so much about what you do once they move in.

Leasehawk Performance Platform Features

To help you decide if Leasehawk sounds like the right fit, we have highlighted some of the standout features that give a clearer picture of what the platform is all about.

Robust Marketing Tools for Leasing Professionals

Creating and managing real estate marketing campaigns has never been easier- and Leasehawk is at the top of the list. It has all the elements required for marketing for businesses- but has tailored them specifically to real estate.

Manage ad sources, find prospects and solid leads, follow status in real-time, identify gaps in your advertising, and create custom emails. These are just a handful of the possibilities- the list goes on.

Interaction Management

One of the things that makes Leasehawk Performance Platform a little different is the call-tracking feature. Interaction management is important for companies that rely on their sales teams to build relationships with clients and drive the business's success.

Leasehawk supports call recording, monitors employees' performance, stores data on missed calls, and provides opportunities for office managers to evaluate staff performance.

Chat Bots

Customizable chatbots can be integrated into your company site to talk with users and visitors and answer questions quickly.

Multi-Channel Communication

This multi-channel platform makes it easy to stay connected with fellow team members, clients, and partners. It helps support vendor relationships, collaboration, and customer service through calls, texts, emails, and chat.

Task Management

Delegate tasks to specific team members and keep track of scheduling with the Leasehawk Performance Platform task and calendar management systems. Assign timings for certain lease goals, monitor employee activity throughout the week, and improve the general organization of your workflow.

Leasehawk Pricing

Now that you have a better idea of what Leasehawk offers- let's discuss how much it costs. Unfortunately, there is no exact information about average costs- since all quotes are provided individually and are customized to the client's company and requirements.

Is There a Leasehawk Free Trial?

Leasehawk provides a free product demo to anyone interested.

Leasehawk Pros and Cons

Here are the top two benefits and drawbacks of Leasehawk- based on user reviews.

PRO: It Is Very User-Friendly

One of the things people seem to agree on regarding Leasehawk Performance Platform is its accessibility and ease of use. It is reasonably simple to set up and start using, the website is clear, and the tools are straightforward.

It also helps that Leasehawk offers live online training to get your team on board with the new program and help Leasehawk integrate with your business.

PRO: Many Customizable Features for Customer Relationship Management

Across the software, there are plenty of ways to customize the program to meet your needs. The custom reporting tools are excellent, and you can adjust the settings on call tracking, data collection, emails, surveys, branding, and more.

CON: There Are Almost No Features to Assist with Landlord Duties

Leasehawk is great at what it does. It is arguably one of the best real estate CRM tools out there- but it sort of stops there. If you are looking for something you can keep using after leases are secured and properties are occupied, this might not be it.

Luckily, Leasehawk integrates with RentManager and RentDynamics- so there are at least two options for payment management that don't require a whole new account. It also integrates with MRI Software Property Management System.

CON: Access to the Leasehawk Support Team is Quite Limited

Although the user reviews are fairly positive about the interactions with Leasehawk's customer service team, the methods and hours of contact are fairly restricted.

The team mostly works during standard business hours for phone calls and online support- but responses are much slower over weekends and in the evenings.

Top Three Alternatives to the Leasehawk Performance Platform

Here are three Leasehawk competitors to consider as possible alternatives for your business.

1: DoorLoop

DoorLoop is one of the top-rated property management solutions on the market- and for good reason. It covers all the bases- with a range of advanced tools and features that can be customized to make your life easier.

It blends real estate CRM and rental management into one streamlined service- which is easy to use and doesn't bust the budget.


  • Full suite of accounting tools
  • Online rent payment system
  • Advanced reporting and analytical tools
  • Dedicated owner and tenant portals
  • Multi-channel communication for staff, clients, and vendors- all managed internally through DoorLoop


It gets better! Doorloop costs just $49 per month for up to 20 units- an excellent price for such a robust and reliable program.

2: Stessa


If you are looking for a great program that helps manage data, forecasting, budgets, and accounting- Stessa is worth a look. It provides a range of simple but helpful tools that help with the background running of things- and can be useful to support marketing.


  • Analysis of cash flow
  • Forecasted budgeting needs
  • Data reporting and visualization


Stessa is a free platform- only some of the more advanced features require payments.

3: PropertyWare


If you have a higher budget and want a system that offers advanced accounting, reporting, and communication- you could consider PropertyWare. Account management is definitely the focus here- but it also helps with many other landlord tasks.


  • Excellent accounting suite
  • Advanced owner portal
  • Automated reminders and communications


It costs just $1 per unit per month for access to a basic PropertyWare subscription- but there is a minimum spend of $250 and an implementation fee.

Final Thought

In short, Leasehawk Performance Platform is an excellent choice for real estate customer relationship management (CRM), marketing insights, and lead management. If staff performance monitoring and call tracking are things you are interested in- this could be the solution.

On the other hand, DoorLoop covers all your landlord and real estate needs- with upfront prices and excellent support for users. Try it for free by scheduling your product demo today.

David is the co-founder & CMO of DoorLoop, a best-selling author, legal CLE speaker, and real estate investor. When he's not hanging with his three children, he's writing articles here!