With so many property management products on the market, it's hard to know which is the ideal option for you. However, property owners and managers must do their due diligence and research each one.

Today, you'll learn more about Knock CRM, including the price, features available, pros and cons, and why you might choose it. Then, you'll discover a few alternatives to help you get a well-rounded picture of what's available. Let's get started now!

What Is Knock CRM Property Management Software?

Knock CRM

Demitri Temelis and Tom Petry founded Knock CRM in Seattle in 2014. They were frustrated by the challenges surrounding communication with apartments as residents and prospects. Therefore, they created a multifamily technology to help property management companies improve experiences and increase operational efficiency.

Knock CRM is primarily designed for multifamily managers, operational executives, IT teams, and many others.

Knock CRM Features

You'll experience these features from the residential property management solution:

Performance Management Platform with Tools

Knock CRM provides reporting and analytics that will simplify your needs because it's a performance management platform. Property managers and leasing teams can achieve better outcomes.

Multiple Weekly Reports and a Few Other Features

Site teams, regional managers, and leasing teams will love the auto-response and creating multiple weekly reports. The system records incoming calls, and there are plenty of automation integration and data transparency tools. If you're focused on customer relationship management, this could be the best solution available.

Knock Now and Knockbot for Leasing Teams

Site teams will like the AI chat feature. You'll attract high-quality leads and bring pre-qualified prospects right to your door. Plus, the Knock Now feature lets prospects self-schedule tours from the app or website, which increases volume without more expenses. This is excellent for multifamily managers and leasing agents!

Knock CRM Pricing

Knock pricing isn't publicly available, so you must request an online quote and schedule a free demo to learn more about it. Sources typically claim that the fees focus on how many units you have, so it gets an average score here.

Does Knock CRM Offer a Free Trial?

Online it's unknown if Knock offers a free trial.

Knock CRM Pricing: An Overview

It's difficult to compare residential property management tools and make confident business decisions without knowing the price you will pay. Teams spend countless hours focusing on creating business intelligence, and they need to know what they receive and the cost.

3 Competitors to Consider

Though Knock offers the best-in-class automation integration, many people have a little trouble using it without additional training. Plus, the inability to see prices can be problematic. Here are a few Knock alternatives to consider:

1. DoorLoop

DoorLoop homepage

DoorLoop is an excellent property management product because it has all the tools you need to improve occupancy rates. Plus, customer support is excellent. Let's learn more!

DoorLoop Features

  • Tenant portal
  • Collect rent online
  • Accounting tools
  • Great communication tool
  • Dedicated owner portal

DoorLoop Pricing

You can schedule a free demo to learn more about DoorLoop, and it's only $49/month for 20 properties.

2. Innago

Innago homepage

Innago has a free plan, which is great if you've got a small portfolio or a tight budget. There are strong reporting features and verification tools, but you might have issues with navigation. Overall, this isn't a great choice for large enterprises.

Innago Features

  • Tenant portal
  • Maintenance management
  • Excellent accounting tools

Innago Pricing

The pricing plan starts with no payment required. However, you'll pay 2.75% for debits and $2 for ACH payments. Likewise, background checks cost $30 to $35.

3. Landlord Studio

Landlord Studio homepage

DIY landlords and those with small portfolios will likely enjoy using Landlord Studio. Though it has a limited feature set, it's a great starting point when you're new to property management software. Just be aware that it likely won't help you drive renewal rates.

Landlord Studio Features

  • Reporting and expense tracking
  • Collect rent online
  • Basic maintenance management
  • Tenant screening and applications

Landlord Studio Pricing

There's a free plan, and the Pro version is $12/month (billed annually). The price rises based on how many units you have.

Try It

Though Knock is great, DoorLoop might be better. You'll know how much you pay before you do anything and will get access to an accounting suite, maintenance order management system, and much more. Schedule a free demo today!

DoorLoop demo

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