Nevada is one of America's most iconic states- home to a unique combination of stunning nature, vast desert, and the one and only Las Vegas. It is a diverse and welcoming place to live, with low taxes, affordable living, and a growing economy.

The Silver State also happens to be one of the most popular places for retirees, meaning there are a significant number of people with money in properties.

Those who own homes in Nevada mustn't forget the importance of properly protecting their investment. The sunny disposition and easy-going lifestyle do not mean that risk does not exist. Nevada is a high-risk area for flash flooding, powerful wind storms, and extreme dry heat that can all take a toll on your home.

Companies offering homeowners insurance in Nevada are the first line of defense in protecting your finances if disaster strikes.

Be it minor or catastrophic, damage to your home can be extremely expensive, but having a reliable, robust insurance policy keeps your investment safe.

Here are five of the best homeowners insurance companies in Nevada based on policy features, limits, optional extras, and potential discounts. We have also shared some advice on how to pick the best policy for your Nevada home.

Nevada Homeowners Insurance Summed Up

Homeowners insurance is essential coverage for your home and everything in it. It provides a defensive barrier between unexpected challenges or expenses and risks to your finances.

Having this type of policy covers the structure of your property, the integrity of your home, and the value of your belongings in difficult times.

Average Costs of Nevada Homeowners Insurance

On average, homeowners insurance in Nevada costs around $1100. However, that does not mean your policy will cost the same.

Nevada insurance rates are below the national average as a whole, but the costs vary depending on the size, value, and location of your home, what endorsements are included in the policy, and how high your coverage limits are.

Homeowners Insurance VS Landlord Insurance: What One Do You Need?

If you live in the property you own, you are most likely to only need homeowners insurance to protect your belongings and the structure of your home.

On the other hand, if you rent your property to someone else, you need landlord insurance to cover the additional risks and liabilities.

How to Pick a Nevada Homeowners Insurance Company

Many homeowners insurance companies operate in Nevada, so how do you pick the right one for you? It comes down to several factors- most notably cost, coverage, and customer satisfaction.

You need to find a policy you can afford, but the price is not the only thing that matters. It is important to have enough of the right types of coverage so you are efficiently protected if the worst should happen. Homeowners can learn a lot by looking at what others have to say.

Specific Policy Requirements for Nevada

  • Flood and water damage coverage
  • Earthquake insurance
  • Roof and siding repair
  • Storm damage cover
  • Personal property replacement for theft
  • Cover for damaged service lines
  • Fire insurance

General Considerations when Assessing Homeowners Insurance Companies

  • Are there any discounts you can take advantage of to bring down your premiums?
  • What extra endorsements are available to extend or enhance your coverage?
  • How high are the limits on property repair and replacement?
  • Does the company have the financial strength to be considered reliable?
  • Is the customer satisfaction rating good, and what are the common complaints (if any)?
  • Can you easily access support when you need it?
  • How do the policy prices compare to other similar plans?
  • Is it worth bundling your homeowners insurance with another package?

The Five Best Nevada Homeowners Insurance Companies

1: State Farm

State Farm

State Farm is one of the USA's leading insurance companies and our top pick from Nevada homeowners. It has an A++ AM Best Rating for financial stability and offers generous, customizable insurance policies at competitive prices.

Another reason people love State Farm and rate it so highly is the excellent customer service.

There is a network of local agents across the country (including Nevada) that work with clients to make the insurance and claims process smoother, more efficient, and easier to manage.

Coverage and Features

This insurance company works almost nationwide- only California is not covered. It offers all the staples of great homeowners insurance, plus a variety of extra endorsements and extended coverage options for better protection and more peace of mind.

One of the things that makes it stand out as a top choice for Nevada homeowners is the excellent flood insurance coverage- something many providers do not include in their premiums.

Furthermore, the property repair coverage is very generous, making it a reliable choice for those concerned about catastrophic damage caused by earthquakes- another potential risk in this state.

Overall, the impressive selection of add-ons, enhanced limits, and other extras are beneficial for Nevada homeowners who want to feel secure, even if the worst should happen.

Here are some features available through a State Farm homeowners insurance policy that make it a reliable and highly recommended choice in Nevada and across the USA.

  • Sewer and drain insurance, plus water backup coverage options
  • Flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program
  • Earthquake coverage extras
  • HVAC and water heating system upgrades
  • Excellent water damage coverage (including mold removal in many cases)
  • Business insurance for remote workers or people who have company property in their homes
  • Foundation insurance
  • In-home carer liability coverage
  • Coverage for additional structures outside your home

State Farm has exceptional customer satisfaction ratings. The app is one of the best, the many optional homeowners insurance coverages tick every possible box, and having access to a local insurance agent makes it even easier to manage claims.


Another bonus of choosing State Farm is the savings potential. There are many discounts and bundles to take advantage of that offer savings of more than $1100 each year for those who qualify.

Despite having fewer discounts overall than some other providers, State Farm manages to use its deals to optimize savings for as many people as possible. These are some of the highlights.

  • Multi-policy bundling discounts: You can save money by combining your home and auto insurance through State Farm.
  • State Farm offers discounts on rates for homes with security and monitoring systems, such as smoke detectors and burglar alarms.
  • The no-claims bonus applies to anyone who goes several years without making any claims.
  • Some homeowners may qualify for a discount on their insurance if they upgrade their utilities.
  • Nevada properties with new roofs or roofs made from impact-resistant materials can save money on their State Farm premiums.
  • Those who make efforts to mitigate wind risks may also be eligible for a discount.

2: American Family

American Family

American Family is one of the best homeowners insurance providers in Nevada- despite being a relatively small company compared to some others on our list.

It is an affordable, versatile, and customizable policy provider that offers some features you don't often see. American Family also offers the essentials for keeping your Nevada property financially protected.

Coverage and Features

As well as all the usual things you would expect to find with homeowners insurance in Nevada, this insurer also offers the following.

  • Your insurance covers temporary rentals and any damage caused by someone else living on your property short term (maximum 62 days).
  • Hidden water damage (leaks, mold, etc.) is insured up to $25,000.
  • The cover extends to senior living facilities.
  • Any repairs to sewer pipes, water lines, and other public utilities that run to your house are covered if the expense falls to you.
  • Breakdown cover is offered for large appliances, electrical systems, and other home devices.
  • If part of your siding is damaged, American Family not only pays to replace it- it will cover up to $20,000 more to replace the rest of the siding to match the new part.
  • People working from home can add a business insurance endorsement to their homeowners policy.

American Family's website is informative, user-friendly, and has all the information and tools you need to manage policies and make claims.

The service is excellent, with that small-town, personal approach that makes clients feel valued.


Here are some discounts and deals American Family offers to help reduce premiums and make protecting your investment more manageable.

  • Homes that are 15 years old or less may be eligible for lower rates. Plumbing, heating, and electrical systems installed fewer than 15 years ago also cost less to insure.
  • Bundling discounts are available with several other packages by American Family.
  • If your parent is an American Family customer and you are between 18 and 30, you may be eligible for cheaper rates.
  • You could earn reduced rates if you go paperless, sign up for autopay, or pay your premium in full rather than in installments.
  • Smart safety features such as alarm systems and video doorbells could reduce your costs.
  • New buyers (within three years) may receive discounted rates from American Family.

3: Country Financial

Country Financial

Country Financial is a smaller insurance company that only operates in 19 states- Nevada included.

We like that it offers three policies with varying degrees of protection and coverage to suit different homes, and the Premier Home Insurance plan is ideal for Nevada homeowners.

Coverage and Features

The three policies provided by this insurance company are each beneficial in their own way. First, the standard plan is excellent value for money- offering reasonably-priced protection for general loss, theft, and damage.

However, we recommend that Nevada homeowners opt for the premier option since it pays for damage repairs in any disaster (the standard plan does not cover extreme weather events).

As well as the standard plans, there are many customization options to enhance your coverage and gain more peace of mind. Here are the best bits.

  • Enhanced earthquake insurance
  • Partnered with the National Flood Insurance Program
  • Optional replacement cost coverage for items' original value
  • Extended property damage replacement cost coverage with no limit (plans are capped at 20% over the limit)
  • Personal injury and medical payments coverage for residents and visitors
  • Water backup insurance

These features are excellent for homes in Nevada, and the limits on policies are pretty generous. You can get a quote through an agent who offers high-quality personalized service.


  • Autopay enrollment or paying in full rewards you with discounts on your payment.
  • Newer homes tend to have lower premiums, as do homes with new roofs or updated electrical systems.
  • Wind mitigation efforts may make Nevada homeowners eligible for lower rates.
  • Having home equipment designed for fire and theft prevention may also reduce costs.
  • Rates go down after holding a Country Financial policy for a while, and there are additional bonuses if you remain claim-free.
  • You can save by bundling home insurance with car insurance through Country Financial.

4: Nationwide


Nationwide is another of America's largest home insurance companies. It is known for its excellent rates and comprehensive coverage options- as well as having a reputation for being trustworthy, easy to work with, and focusing on client satisfaction.

There are various policy features that work well across the USA but are especially beneficial for Nevada homeowners. Generous coverage limits and optional add-ons for flood and earthquake insurance are some of the highlights.

Coverage and Features

As far as coverage and features go, Nationwide ticks all the essential boxes for dwelling coverage, property damage, personal liability insurance, and more.

You can also customize your plan to better protect your Nevada property with the robust collection of additional endorsements.

Here are some of Nationwide's best policy features and options.

  • Enhanced roof replacement (repairs with better materials if damage occurs)
  • Water backup insurance
  • Public service line coverage- including sewer works
  • Replacement of personal property with brand new items rather than depreciated value matching
  • Earthquake coverage through a separate policy
  • Medical expenses covered for residents and guests injured on the property
  • Partnership with the National Flood Insurance Program

You can easily track your home insurance coverage policies and ongoing claims through the Nationwide app or contact a local agent in Nevada for more personal assistance.


Nationwide offers many excellent discounts, with bundles and special deals for Nevada homeowners insurance that meet the requirements.

These are some of the ones that stand out.

  • There is a new home bonus for homes bought within 12 months of taking out a policy with Nationwide.
  • You could be eligible for a discount if your property has a new roof made from specific qualifying materials. 
  • Certain smart home technologies and home security features may reduce your Nationwide premiums. Some examples include smoke detectors and burglar alarm systems.
  • Discounts are available for homes located in gated communities.
  • Staying claim-free for several years can reduce your annual premium costs.
  • Insuring your home with your car through Nationwide lets you take advantage of bundling discounts.
  • You could receive credit with Nationwide when you update your heating, plumbing, or cooling systems.

5: Farmers


Our final pick for Nevada homeowners insurance is Farmers- a popular brand known for its versatile home and car insurance.

The only thing that drops it down the list a little is the slightly higher premium costs for certain features, but overall, the coverage options are excellent- and the discounts can make it a lot better value for money.

Some of the best things about Farmers homeowners insurance in Nevada are the generously high property cost replacement coverage and extended repair coverage for damage to your home.

If you want to secure your peace of mind in case of extreme Nevada weather events impacting your property, this is a great provider to help you do it.

Coverage and Features

Farmers offers three tiers of coverage as a home insurance company. The Standard plan covers all the must-haves, including dwelling coverage, lost or damaged property replacement, liability insurance, and cover for additional structures.

When you bundle with car insurance, you move up to the Enhanced tier, which has all the same coverage with the bonus of covering your car at a discounted price.

Finally, the Premier is designed for more valuable properties that require higher policy limits in case of severe damage.

All the options with Farmers homeowners insurance are robust and generous- especially considering the guaranteed replacement cost coverage that pays for 100% of your home's rebuild expenses. The policies also insure your belongings for replacement with brand-new items without depreciating the original value due to wear and tear.

Here are some other coverage options and worthwhile features available in Farmers homeowners insurance policies that are great for Nevada properties.

  • Get an extra $25,000 on top of your limit through the Eco-rebuild bonus when you rebuild using green materials.
  • Equipment such as washing machines and HVAC systems have generous breakdown cover.
  • Any additional living expenses are covered if your home becomes temporarily uninhabitable.
  • Insurance covers water backup and pump failure.
  • You have injury liability for people who live on the property and visitors.
  • Medical expenses incurred after injuries sustained on your property are covered.
  • Policies include public service line damage coverage.
  • There is optional home share insurance for homeowners who occasionally rent out a room.

Overall, Farmers is a comprehensive, detailed insurance provider that covers all the essentials and plenty of extras that are handy for any homeowner.


Although Farmers is considered one of the more expensive home insurance companies in Nevada, the range of discounts available is some of the best.

Here are a few ways you can save money on your premiums with Farmers homeowners insurance.

  • If you go three years claim-free, your premiums are reduced. Your rates are also secured after five years, regardless of whether you make a claim.
  • If there have been no smokers in your home for at least two years, you may be able to get cheaper rates.
  • Combining home and car insurance coverage through Farmers lets you benefit from bundling discounts on both.
  • Homes built within the last 14 years are usually eligible for lower premiums.
  • Teachers, firefighters, and doctors (even if they are retired) may receive special rates from Farmers.
  • If you pay your annual rate in full or register for automatic payments, your insurance costs are lower.
  • There are also rewards for consistently paying your bills on time.
  • If your home has a green certification from EPA, Energy Star, or LEED, you could qualify for discounted Farmers insurance.
  • Nevada homes with fortified windows, foundations, roofs, or walls could be eligible for lower costs.

Other Nevada Home Insurance Companies Worth Considering

  • USAA
  • Amica
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Allstate
  • Chubb


Living in Nevada brings all kinds of benefits, but some risks could impact your home. Choosing a homeowners insurance policy that covers you for floods, storms, and other issues gives you peace of mind and avoids cripplingly expensive repairs.

Many standard homeowners insurance policies are pretty robust and generous as they come, but remember to look for the important add-ons to take your coverage to the next level.

David is the co-founder & CMO of DoorLoop, a best-selling author, legal CLE speaker, and real estate investor. When he's not hanging with his three children, he's writing articles here!