Miami, FL - May 2022 - DoorLoop, the highest-rated property management software renowned for its ease of use and modern interface, was the recipient of seven major awards from Gartner. This was welcome–though not unexpected–news for the fast-growing company, whose five-star ratings have made it the property management software to watch since its inception in 2019. 

The Awards (and Why They Matter)

Renowned for its world-class support, comprehensive features, and unlimited free training, DoorLoop was recognized by Gartner as an industry leader in multiple different areas, receiving 7 competitive awards:

  • 2022 Front Runners on SoftwareAdvice
  • 2021 Most Recommended on SoftwareAdvice 
  • 2021 Best Customer Support on SoftwareAdvice
  • 2022 Category Leaders on GetApp
  • 2022 Shortlist of Best Programs on Capterra
  • 2021 Best Value in Property Management Software on Capterra
  • 2021 Best Ease of Use on Capterra in Property Management Software

What qualifies a software company to qualify for Gartner’s Prestigious Top Performer awards? According to Gartner, the software must be deemed relevant to its market by specialized research analysts. It must also have a minimum of 50 reviews from industry professionals. 

Receiving seven of these awards is a major honor for DoorLoop, who places customer satisfaction, ease of use, and continuous software improvement at the forefront of its goals. 

The Highest-Rated Software Online

DoorLoop’s recognitions by Gartner accompany its increasingly solid reputation as the highest-rated software on the market:

  • Rated 5/5 for Overall Performance (Capterra)
  • Rated 5/5 for Customer Service (Capterra)
  • Rated 10/10 for Ease of Use (G2) 
  • Rated 10/10 for Quality of Support (G2)

DoorLoop aims to maintain–and exceed–the high bar it has set for its own performance. 

“We continuously ask ourselves, ‘how can we be even better?’ We want to continue delivering the best software on the market to our users for years to come, and we have a world-class team that’s more than capable of crushing those goals” says co-founder and CMO, David Bitton. 

What Users and Company Insiders Have to Say

DoorLoop’s success among users can be attributed to the caliber of its team. Having raised over $30M in funding, the software company has allocated a great deal of time and resources to building a solid team of A-Players and building an industry-leading platform. This approach seems to be working: DoorLoop is used for tens of thousands of units in over 100 countries, and its reviews are overwhelmingly positive. 

“Our last software took us months to figure out, and cost a fortune for training. After a few painful years, we finally made the switch because they didn't have certain features we wanted that doorloop offered. To say the software is easy to use is an understatement. We only needed two training sessions (an hour each), and felt like we were proficient enough to get going. What took months before, not only took a matter of days. It definitely took the pain out of migration and training,” says one review by DoorLoop user Irving Weisselberger. 

DoorLoop continues to set its sights on striking a balance between powerful features and ease of use.

“It’s extremely important to us to have a powerful platform without sacrificing ease of use. It’s no use having a host of features if they’re complicated to use. Our team has done a phenomenal job at making the software both powerful and digestible–and it’s only going to get better from here,” says co-founder and CEO, Ori Tamuz. 

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