Landlords and property managers have to focus on many things. Protecting their investment is the first thing. That's often done through landlord's insurance, which is beneficial in many situations. However, it won't cover the tenant's personal property. They require renters insurance for that.

You're probably wondering what Vermont renters insurance is, how it works, and whether or not you can make tenants buy it. Today, you will learn all about it in this article. Let's get started immediately!

What Is Vermont Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance is similar to homeowners insurance. People buy it to protect their personal property from covered events, such as fires and windstorms. However, mortgage lenders often require homeowners to purchase insurance, whereas tenants don't have to get Vermont renters insurance.

Overall, renters insurance is designed to protect tenants financially if an event destroys their things. It offers peace of mind because the insurer will replace their possessions after a theft or fire.

Average Cost of Renters Insurance in Vermont Per Year

Typically, the average price of renters insurance is $163.68 per year, which equals $13.64 per month. For comparison, the national average is $17 per month.

Therefore, renters insurance rates are lower in Vermont than the national average. Still, the price can go up or down depending on how much coverage the person needs and their personal property limits.

Tenants should compare prices to ensure they have the best coverage possible. Likewise, they need to think about liability coverage. If someone gets hurt on the property, the tenant might be sued. Liability will protect them.

How Much Is a Vermont Renters Insurance Premium (Based on Popular Cities)?

ValuePenguin claims that tenants in Milton will pay higher renters insurance premiums than those in Colchester.

Here are the numbers to give you a better idea of what renters might pay:

  • Milton - $187/year
  • Essex Junction - $153/year
  • Colchester - $150/year
  • Burlington - $157/year
  • South Burlington - $154/year
  • Montpelier - $155/year
  • Bennington - $155/year

Is Renters Insurance Required in Vermont?

Federal and state laws don't require tenants to buy renters insurance, but landlords can mandate it in the lease agreement. Overall, it's wise to do so because it will bring added protection in case of an emergency or accident.

If you do require tenants to purchase renters insurance, you will be helping them and yourself. Likewise, it's easy to request proof by having them add you as an interested party. This means they can't cancel the policy or change it without your knowledge.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover in Vermont?

Vermont doesn't often see natural disasters, but earthquakes and floods can happen. Typically, most renters insurance policies will not cover these things, so they might have to buy separate coverage.

Here are the things renters insurance will cover:

Medical Payments to Others Coverage

There is often limited coverage for medical payments if someone is hurt while visiting the tenant.

Personal Property Coverage

If the tenant's personal belongings are damaged, personal property coverage will cover the cost up to the policy limits. Typically, specific things are listed, such as theft, wind, and fire.

Loss of Use Coverage

Called additional living expenses, loss-of-use coverage pays the expenses over the tenant's ordinary living expenses if the rental is uninhabitable after a covered event. This includes meals, hotels, and more.

Personal Liability Coverage

If someone gets hurt or experiences property damage, and the tenant is at fault, personal liability coverage will cover the costs, such as legal expenses and medical payments. Usually, a standard renters policy includes $100,000 for liability protection.

What Does Renters Insurance in Vermont NOT Cover?

Though renters insurance in Vermont is great, it probably won't protect tenants from every risk. For example, flood damage isn't covered. Liability coverage might not extend to events relating to dangerous dog breeds, such as pit bulls.

Sometimes, coverage is limited for fine art, jewelry, and expensive collections. Tenants might need to get separate policies for those things.

Here are a few common limits and exclusions in a renters insurance policy:

  • Pests and Bed Bugs - Most policies won't cover damages associated with bed bugs or rodents. They're considered a maintenance problem.
  • Car Theft and Damage - If the tenant's car is damaged or stolen, it's not covered under the renter's policy. They would use the auto insurance coverage. However, renters insurance will cover any belongings in the vehicle when it was stolen.
  • Earthquake/Flood Damage - Most policies don't cover floods and earthquakes. However, some companies offer add-on coverages.

How to Choose the Right Renters Policy

Tenants need to focus on getting appropriate renters insurance policies that protect them with enough property and liability coverage.

Here are a few tips to help them get the right coverage:

  • Price - Renters insurance in Vermont isn't expensive, but tenants might need extra coverage. Therefore, they might spend more because of the possessions they own. Price should be a factor, but it's not the only thing to consider.
  • Coverage Options - The renters policy will have coverage limits in place. Tenants should buy enough to replace everything if it was all destroyed or stolen.
  • Technology - Some people prefer to use apps and websites to do everything, while others like the human touch of talking to a live agent. Both options should be available.

Available Renters Insurance Discounts in Vermont

Keeping the renters insurance premium low is on every tenant's mind. Luckily, there are many renters insurance discounts available. Still, each company is different, so it's important for people to research the options for each.

Here are some common discounts:

  • Claims-free discount
  • Multipolicy discount
  • Safety or security equipment discount

How Does a Renters Insurance Policy Protect the Landlord or Property Manager?

Renters insurance in Vermont doesn't only help the tenant. It can protect you as the landlord or property manager.

Here are the ways:

  • Fewer Lawsuits - Renters insurance often includes liability protection. If someone's property is damaged or they are hurt because of the tenant's negligence, the insurer will cover the medical costs, damages, and legal fees.
  • Lower Insurance Premiums for You - Putting in many claims to your landlord's insurance might cause you to have higher rates or even get the coverage canceled.
  • No Disputes - If a tenant's things are damaged, they might sue you for the property damage. However, a renters policy will protect them.

Top 5 Best Renters Insurance Companies in Vermont

Knowing about the cheapest renters insurance companies will help you determine if tenants are using reputable brands.

Here are the top renters insurance companies to consider:

1. Allstate Renters Insurance

Allstate Renters Insurance

Allstate has one of the largest insurance agent networks in the country. Plus, it has the best cheap renters insurance. The premium is only $12 per month! Though it's only for basic coverage, there are many add-ons, such as replacement cost coverage and extended liability.

However, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners has seen many negative reviews about Allstate. Therefore, tenants who use it might have a difficult time filing a claim.

2. Amica Renters Insurance

Amica Renters Insurance

Though Amica isn't the cheapest renters insurance company on the list, it is a great option for tenants who want excellent customer service. The NAIC claims that Amica has fewer customer complaints compared to the average in the industry. This means people are ultimately happy with the service they receive.

Likewise, customer support is available through live chat, email, and telephone. Plus, customers can file claims in the customer portal or over the phone. Once filed, they can track everything on the mobile app!

Still, there aren't many ways to save money because Amica doesn't have many discounts. In fact, the only option is bundling car and renters insurance.

3. Travelers Renters Insurance

Travelers Renters Insurance

If tenants want basic coverage, Travelers offers cheap renters insurance. It includes medical payments, liability, personal property, and additional living expense coverages.

However, one of the things setting Travelers apart is the standard personal property coverage. If items are damaged in a covered event, tenants can apply some of the coverage to restorations and improvements, such as fresh paint!

Likewise, tenants can get additional coverage for expensive items, such as fine art and antiques.

4. State Farm Renters Insurance

State Farm Renters Insurance

State Farm might have the best renters insurance in Vermont. However, tenants will have to work with an agent. Still, offices are everywhere in the state, so it shouldn't be hard to do. In fact, there are more than 18,000 licensed agents here.

People often like State Farm because employees will handle claims. This makes it easier and faster in most cases.

5. SURE Renters Insurance

SURE Renters Insurance

SURE is another great option for renters insurance in Vermont. Tenants can get instant quotes online, and they can also manage and buy policies without talking to an agent.

The website offers educational resources, too. This helps to explain insurance easily. There are also many endorsements, which allow tenants to find a plan that meets their needs.

What Is DoorLoop?

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