Finding the best tenants can be tricky without the proper screening tools or a good tenant screening process. 

Unfortunately, choosing poorly can lead to costly mistakes. 

Around 2.7 million eviction cases are filed in the U.S. each year, reflecting significant losses for owners, including unpaid rent, court costs, expensive repairs, and a loss of trust in you as their property manager.

This is where tenant screening comes in as a game-changer for owners and property managers. It's your best bet for steering clear of evictions and the headaches they bring.

Why Is Tenant Screening Important? 

Running a prospective tenant background check is the best defense that property managers have against evictions.

But tenant screening doesn’t just help avoid evictions. 

Finding better tenants that are more likely to be financially and generally responsible means:

  • An easier time collecting rent
  • Better relationships with owners
  • Fewer maintenance and repair issues long-term on your rental property

When done well, tenant screening ensures that you rent your units to qualified applicants who are far less likely to cause issues.

DoorLoops offers a simple, integrated way to screen tenants that is not only faster and more reliable but far more extensive– leading to better, higher-quality applicant info. Leveraging best-in-class criminal, credit, and eviction screening via TransUnion, as well as a customizable in-built questionnaire, our fully automated solution helps you ensure you find the right tenant for each and every property.

Why tenant screening matters

Screening Tenants Quickly and Easily with DoorLoop

Running background checks with DoorLoop, you get the following perks and more:

  • Faster background checks that can easily be completed by tenants within minutes
  • More customization
  • Ultra-comprehensive applicant data
  • And simplified data storage

With DoorLoop’s tenant screening services, you can run tenant background checks in five simple steps. Here’s what that process looks like:

1. Get your applications up and running in minutes

The first step is to set up your rental applications in  DoorLoop by selecting the information you want tenants to provide on their background check forms.

Social security, driver's license, and contact information will be included automatically. But you can add more fields to get more detailed data. 

You get complete control so that you can get everything you need to make the best leasing decisions possible, including:

  • Rental and eviction history
  • Criminal background report
  • Credit report
  • Tenant score
  • Pet info
  • Dependents
  • Emergency contacts
  • Co-signors
  • Employment
  • Vehicle information
  • And more

2. Set up your application fees in a few clicks

Set up your application fees

Once you’ve finalized the information you’re going to request on your applications, you can set up an application fee.

You can choose to toggle on an application fee or not with a simple click. Just like this:

From this point, all that you need to do when someone wants to apply to your unit is send them a link to your application. 

They’ll follow the on-screen instructions to complete it, and you’ll get the finished product delivered directly to your DoorLoop account as soon as it’s finished.

3. Start sending out your rental applications

Sending out your rental applications

You can do this directly from DoorLoop by either copying the link provided and sending it directly to applicants via email or SMS. Or you can add your applicant to DoorLoop and send a rental application directly from within the app.

Once your prospects complete their applications, you will receive automated notifications, as well as be able to view your entire prospect funnel directly from the app.

Ready to get started? Learn how to set up your tenant screening with Rental Applications 

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