Finding software that helps property management companies optimize their working practices for a more efficient, streamlined day-to-day operation is a game-changer for landlords. There is no shortage of options- but they are all different, and finding the right one is not always easy.

INFO-Tracker is one of the possible solutions- and this review is here to explain more about what it does, how it helps, and who can benefit from it the most. It covers the core features, pros and cons, pricing information, and possible alternative choices.

What Is INTO-Tracker?


In short, INFO-Tracker is a cloud-based software for landlords and property managers with rental portfolios starting at 250 units and above.

The system designed by Netintegrity Inc. offers an all-in-one management tool tailored for the real estate industry- utilizing automated technology and modern real-time tracking tools for operational and financial performance.

Overall, the purpose of INFO-Tracker is to manage the day-to-day of property management more efficient, streamlined, and convenient for owners, landlords, and tenants. It does a pretty good job of achieving this goal, by harnessing the possibilities of automated systems to help property management companies increase productivity, control, and financial gains.

INFO-Tracker Features

Let us begin by saying that INFO-Tracker has a long list of features- these are just a few of the highlights.

It covers pretty much every angle of managing properties and everything that goes along with it- and those who use it have the world at their feet once they get to grips with operating and optimizing the vast range of tools.

Here are some of the most important features offered through INFO-Tracker.

Online Rent Features

INFO-Tracker supports automated e-banking and online payments for rent, insurance costs, and security deposits. It lets you set up scheduled reminders and immediate payments to vendors- as well as notifications when rent is paid by one of your tenants.

Everything is tracked and reported through the advanced online rental portal.

Smart Maintenance Management Solution

Finding a maintenance management solution is often tricky for rental managers with high volumes of units- but it is essential for keeping tenants happy and properties safe and comfortable.

Through INFO-Tracker, users can schedule regular maintenance, follow up on requests from renters, keep track of invoices, and organize upcoming projects.

Vendor Portal

Another side to INFO-Tracker is its vendor portal. This useful tool allows vendors to enter bids, discuss orders, and collaborate with property managers. From the landlord's side, they can track progress on work orders and select winning bids- so it provides benefits on both sides.

Financial Management Tools

Financial performance is a core part of INFO-Tracker. The standout features revolve around managing, tracking, and improving financial performance- and making the day-to-day processes that go along with managing financials more streamlined and efficient for its clients.

Some of the best bits include automated billing, premium report tools, arrears management, cash flow and expenses planning and tracking, and a robust online payment platform.

Automated Self-Serve Functions

Productivity drives profits- and INFO-Tracker knows it. One of the main goals of this software is to boost productivity and efficiency for property managers and their staff. It does this by automating core processes that would otherwise take up a lot of time, and reducing the workload through faster, more efficient planning and tracking tools.

There are several self-serve functions that make core processes even easier. Tenants and landlords have less to worry about and a lower chance of letting something slip by unnoticed- thanks to automated reminders, scheduled reports, easy-access online payment systems, accounting tools, and much more.

Tenant and Unit Management

As mentioned, INFO-Tracker is designed for rental portfolios starting at 250 units or more. That is a lot of units and (hopefully) tenants to keep track of- and without something such as INFO-Tracker, it could quickly become unmanageable.

Luckily, that doesn't have to happen.

Firstly, INFO-Tracker helps you maintain a clear, real-time overview of your active and vacant units- including tenant details, lease arrangements, maintenance requirements, and income and expenditure reports. It really is a great service that makes a significant difference as your company grows.

INFO-Tracker also helps to manage listings and find high-quality tenants through syndicated marketing and excellent tenant screening systems.

You can customize your requirements when searching for renters- and automatically request criminal records, credit checks, eviction history reports, and more without taking up any of your time.

The system does it for you- just customize the core processes and let the automated system take care of the rest.

INFO-Tracker users reviews

INFO-Tracker shares very little information about the price of its software. Anyone interested in starting a subscription needs to send their details to the provider- who then comes back to them with a customized quote.

Some online reviews claim the prices start at $60 per license- but there are no details regarding what is included or whether or not there are any tiers and packages. Other information suggests the starting price is $289 per month.

The only way to confirm is to contact Netintegrity Inc. to request a quote- which is apparently based on the number of units, the configuration of your portfolio, how many agents will be working with the system, and the specific selection of features and modules you require.

Does INFO-Tracker Offer a Free Trial?

There is no free version or free trial advertised for INFO-Tracker.

INFO-Tracker Pros and Cons

Now that we have taken a closer look at the features, let's break down the pros and cons that potential new customers need to know.

PRO: INFO-Tracker Helps Property Management Companies Organize and Run Daily Duties

With INFO-Tracker helping manage things, you are sure to have a fantastic day ahead in the real estate world. It is a fairly comprehensive program- covering most of the essentials needed to make it easier to run and operate a successful property management company.

PRO: It Monitors and Reports on Operational and Financial Performance

INFO-tracker is known for its operational and financial performance tracking tools above all else. The automated systems take care of most of the important tasks that take up time for property management companies- making processes more streamlined and efficient.

real-time visibility

PRO: There Is an Excellent Customer Support and Training Team

One of the things many users give such an excellent review is the customer specialist support team. The service agents are friendly, helpful, and respond quickly. Email is the primary form of contact, but it is possible to speak directly with an agent on request.

It is always good to work with a team that prioritize customer experience- and INFO-Tracker supports its clients excellently.

CON: Mobile Access is Not Possible

There are no mobile features for INFO-Tracker, which makes it harder to manage things on the go. You need to sign in through a desktop or laptop to access your profile and portfolio- and tenants need to do the same to use the features meant for them.

It is not a deal breaker for everyone- but if you work remotely and have a team spread out across different state and local offices, it could be a bit problematic.

CON: The Site does Not Share Upfront Pricing

To get details of how much the software will cost you, you need to send your details and request a custom quote. You don't get to see the actual cost until you reach the personalized checkout page.

It is a little inconvenient for people who are still browsing their options and don't want to receive marketing emails.

CON: You Must Have at Least 250 Units In Your Portfolio

INFO-tracker predominantly has mid-size business owners in mind- particularly condominium managers, Home Owner Associations, and leasing agencies. It only accepts rental portfolios starting from 250 units- so it is not suitable for small businesses or mid-size businesses with fewer units.

Three Great INFO-Tracker Alternatives

If INFO-Tracker doesn't tick all the boxes for you, here are three top competitors to consider instead.

1: DoorLoop


  • Advanced accounting tools

This feature helps property management companies handle payments in and expenses out- as well as allowing them to export financial reports in a range of formats, manage their taxes, and keep track of cash flow. DoorLoop's accounting system also integrates with QuickBooks.

  • Tenant management and screening

Landlords can easily manage communications with tenants, move-in/move-out schedules, and other processes through DoorLoop. They can also set requirements for tenant screening to help ensure the types of renters they want are able to apply for their properties.

It allows property managers to run background checks, credit checks, and eviction history searches- as well as request relevant financial documents and provide questions for prospective tenants to answer.

  • Property listing and marketing

It is easy to advertise your rental properties with DoorLoop- helping you find promising leads through a syndicated listing system that partners with popular marketplaces such as Zillow. With the network connected with Doorloop, your properties gain maximum exposure.

  • Mobile features

Manage your communications and rental portfolio when and where it suits you using the mobile app. It lets you stay connected with tenants on the go, collaborate easily with team members and vendors- and contact the DoorLoop support team 24 hours a day using various customer service channels.


DoorLoop is excellent value for money- providing an extensive list of helpful features at an affordable price. The subscription plans are versatile- with three possible options to choose from depending on your budget and business needs.

The first option (the starter pack) costs just $49 per month. It covers all the essentials for small to mid-size property management companies, and is a great low-cost alternative to INFO-Tracker.

Next is the Pro version- which adds some extra customization, more customer support, additional payment options, and a dedicated owner portal. It is still an excellent price, at just $99 per month.

Finally, you have the Premium package- the full suite of every DoorLoop feature with unlimited users, data storage, and free e-signatures. The cost is $149 per month- significantly less than similarly advanced property management platforms.

2: Landlord Studio

Landlord Studio

An excellent INFO-Tracker alternative for small-scale or freelance property management companies is Landlord Studio. It is perfect for those who only manage a few units- or for people who have a spare apartment they want to rent out.

That's not to say it doesn't suit bigger operations- the features are useful for all property managers.


  • Expense and Invoice Management

Track invoices, monitor cash flow, and scan and store receipts.

  • Tax Preparation and Reporting

The reporting features are simple but effective- and you can integrate with Xero if you opt for the Pro version. Collaborate with accounting services and export tax data.

  • Apartment Listings

Build appealing listing advertisements to promote your properties. It is not the most advanced or well-connected system, but you can save your listings to share elsewhere if you want to.

  • Tenant Screening

Make sure the right people end up in your rental properties with application management tools. Whether you have one or 1001 units, it is essential that you rent it to someone who meets your criteria- and Landlord Studio helps you do that.

  • Property Maintenance

Landlord Studio provided a basic but effective property maintenance management solution that is easy to use. It has a simple layout to follow requests from tenants- including dates, times, and photos. From there, you can update records and keep track of workflow schedules.


Because it is aimed at small business owners and independent landlords, the prices are kept extra low to make it more affordable. You can actually access almost all of the Landlord Studio features free of charge- as long as you are a single user and have a maximum of three properties.

The free version does have some limitations- including restricted data storage, fewer reporting options, and no automated bank feeds.

If you have three or more properties and want access to everything Landlord Studio has to offer (including premium data storage and unlimited users) it still won't break the bank. The monthly cost (if billed annually) starts at $9 for three properties and cost an extra $1 per additional unit. It is 20% more expensive if you choose to be billed monthly.

3: Hemlane


Hemlane is an excellent platform for efficient property management and filling rentals. It can get a little pricey if you spring for the more inclusive subscription options- but it is worth it if you want a program that offers exceptional customer service and a wide range of features.

In the case of independent business owners who just need a simple program at a low cost, Hemlane is hit or miss. It is a hit because it offers a low-cost basic package scaled for small business- but a miss because so many excellent features are not included and require you to pay more money for the privilege of using them.


  • Tenant Application Tracking and Screening

You can screen your rental applicants for their credit history, past evictions, and criminal records- and keep track of applications as you move through the process. It is much easier to find the right fits for your rental properties when using Hemlane.

  • Lease Management

Build and manage lease agreements, get documents signed, and store them in your records. There is also access to lease templates- which can be customized through the platform. Tenants can read them and electronically sign through the platform- and amendments can be made in the same way.

When you need to view a lease, you can access it easily in your stored records. It can be exported in several formats for your convenience.

  • Online Rental Payments and Other Financial Tools

Managing finances is a bit easier with Hemlane- and it is easy for anyone to navigate.

Tenants can pay their rent through the platform online using a debit or credit card, and you can send reminders to those who are due or overdue. There are also some features for automated billing and notifications for late fees.

Other financial performance tools include tax reporting, expense tracking, and cash flow monitoring.

  • Repair Coordination

Access 24/7 support to remain in complete control of operations at all times. It includes round-the-clock connections to live chat agents who can investigate and repair system errors and answer questions without delay. This is only available on the higher-priced subscription tiers- it does not come as a part of the basic plan


Hemlane offers three packages- all at different (but all affordable) price points and varying features.

The basic plan is essentially just the software and all the core tools for property management companies- and it costs $28 per month plus $2 per unit.

Next is the essential plan- which includes the additional service of 24/7 coordination and support and state-specific lease agreements. It has the same base fee of $28 per month but costs $12 per unit rather than $2.

At the top of the pile is the complete plan. Everything is covered- plus access to a local leasing agent and a network of service professionals. Again, the base fee is $28- but the additional fees per unit jump up to $32.


INFO-Tracker is a robust operational and financial performance tool that makes a big difference for property management companies. By automating core processes and providing a prompt response to customer queries, it makes things faster, easier, and more efficient in the rental business.

Premium reports and accounting tools are the highlights- but the day-to-day operational support is also great. The main thing holding it back is the lack of mobile access.

DoorLoop is a fantastic property management solution for on-the-go, comprehensive services for landlords and their tenants.

Schedule a free demo to see what it can do for you!

David is the co-founder & CMO of DoorLoop, a best-selling author, legal CLE speaker, and real estate investor. When he's not hanging with his three children, he's writing articles here!