As a landlord or property manager, there is a lot to organize and keep track of- especially when it comes to successfully filling vacancies and managing current tenants.

Finding property management software that makes the ins and outs of these tasks easier and more efficient is the key to a happy work-life balance and a well-run business- but what one to pick?

There are many possibilities to suit every style, requirement, and budget. Hunt is one popular property management tool that comes highly recommended on review sites- and we have brought together the must-know details to help you decide if it could be the best fit.

In the following review, landlords looking for the best property management software can learn more about Hunt's features, benefits, drawbacks, and costs- and compare it with our three top alternatives for good measure.

What Is Hunt Property Management Software?


Hunt is a free property management software program designed for simple but effective day-to-day running of things in the rental business.

It is aimed at property managers at small to mid-sized businesses on a budget- providing a low-cost way to gain better control of simple but important tasks.

Hunt Property Management Software Features

Let's take a closer look at the standout features of the Hunt property management platform to help determine exactly who it can benefit and how.

Tenant Screening

One of the best tools provided by Hunt is the robust tenant screening program. It covers everything- including requests for credit reports, background checks, eviction history, and other financial data.

It is user-friendly for landlords and tenants- so you can screen tenants easily and effectively without too much hassle for you or them.

There is a small charge for tenants to create their screening report- but they only need to pay once per 50 applications- so it shouldn't be much of an issue.

Online Rent Payments

People love quick and easy online payments- so this feature is great for everyone. You can collect rent and manage payments on the go- and your tenants can pay from anywhere using their cards or bank accounts.

Property Advertisements

You can list as many properties as you want through the Hunt website- complete with pictures, descriptions, and even video tours.

The site also connects with many other rental business marketplaces and companies, so you can reach more prospective tenants and fill your vacancies faster.

Please bear in mind that access to the partnered listing sites comes with an extra charge (more details below).

Rental Application Management

Keep track of the online rental applications made for your properties in one, easy-to-use platform. You can set up notifications when a new application is submitted, manage communications with potential tenants, and process the applications that are accepted.

Custom Applicant Forms

To make the process of filling vacancies even more efficient, the platform provides templates for lease agreements, applications, and other important forms.

You can arrange for them up to send automatically to people interested in your property and to those you decide to take on as tenants.

Hunt Property Management Software Pricing

At its core, Hunt is a free property management software platform. There is no charge for setting up an account or implementing it in your business- and you can use most of the features without paying any fees.

Like most free systems, not everything is available- and you do have to pay for the privilege of accessing some helpful tools.

The most notable paid service is access to the listing syndicate.

Although you can advertise and promote your property through Hunt at no extra cost, there is a $59 monthly charge per listed property if you want to share it with the platform's vast network.

You pay one month at a time to be able to list for 30 days. If it sells, you pay nothing further; if it doesn't, you can renew it for another 30 days at the same price.

It is also worth noting that tenants need to pay $45 for screening reports (if you request them as part of the application process). Although it is not a cost to you, it could impact the number of applications you get.

Is There a Free Trial Available for Hunt Property Management Software?

There is no free trial because the software itself does not actually cost anything. You can access the platform free of charge- then pay for the additional features and services if you want to.

Hunt Property Management Software Pros and Cons

We have shared an overview of the core features that make Hunt tick- but now let's talk about the best bits and potential downsides.

PRO: It Is a Free Property Management Software Program

No budget? No problem- Hunt is almost completely free to use.

If you just need the payment and screening systems and are happy to only advertise through Hunt, you can use the platform effectively without paying a penny.

There are, of course, some paid features that provide greater benefits to users, but they are not necessary if you don't want them. Hunt is pretty high on the list of best options as far as free property management software goes.

PRO: Hunt Is Partnered with 50 Online Marketplaces

One of the best features Hunt provides is access to an impressive network of rental marketplaces and listing websites.

These partnerships help landlords get their vacant properties out there for as many people as possible to see- helping to fill them faster with higher-quality tenants.

PRO: You Can Collect Online Rent Payments at No Charge

It makes a huge difference when tenants can pay rent online using cards or bank accounts- rather than spending time trying to collect and deposit cash or chance down personal transfers. Having online rent payments is also more secure, trackable, and manageable.

The system also sends notifications when payments are due and when you receive a payment- and reports can easily be exported in various formats for tax purposes and general accounting.

CON: Some Essential Features are Missing

Hunt has acknowledged the fact that its feature set is far from comprehensive- and the company claims to be doing something about it by introducing new tools that users have asked for. As it stands, however, they are not there.

Some of the most noticeable absences include maintenance requests, late fee billing, message boards, several automation features, and the possibility to upload documents.

The platform reportedly intends to add maintenance requests and automated late fee billing soon.

CON: There Is No Live Chat Support

Even the most robust and reliable platforms can face issues- and even if they don't, it is important to be able to ask questions and get answers quickly. Unfortunately, this is one area where Hunt is lacking.

There is some support for customers- but not in a live chat format, or even over the phone. To get assistance, you need to send an email and wait to hear back- not the most efficient system if you have tenants and business demands to keep up with.

CON: It Costs Money to List Properties

Although you can list an unlimited number of properties, pictures, and descriptions on the Hunt site directly at no extra charge, it costs quite a lot to share those properties with the admittedly excellent marketing network Hunt is part of.

Considering the fact that most businesses using a free platform do so because of a limited budget, almost $60 per month per property could be unfeasible- especially if you have multiple rentals to fill.

Opting to pay this could make the platform quite unaffordable depending on your circumstances- but choosing not to could limit your potential tenant pool.

Top Three Competitors to Consider

1: DoorLoop

DoorLoop Home

At DoorLoop, we understand what it takes to qualify as the best property management software because we tick the boxes ourselves.

Our software offers a comprehensive range of helpful tools for leasing, accounting, communication, and general property management- including advanced CRM and many integrations.


  • Advanced accounting

Manage payments in and out, export reports, handle taxes efficiently, and monitor cash flow- all in one user-friendly platform. Doorloop also integrates with QuickBooks.

  • Tenant screening

Customize your requirements for the types of renters you want with Doorloop's excellent tenant screening program.

You can run background checks, ask for financial documents, check eviction histories, and ask tailored questions.

  • Property listing and marketing

Advertise your rental properties effectively and find solid leads through a listing system that makes sense.

Automatically send your listings to popular marketplaces such as Zillow and thanks to the expansive listing syndicate partnered with Doorloop.

  • Mobile communication and support

Manage your portfolio on the go using the mobile app- and stay connected with tenants, team members, and vendors through secure internal communication systems.

You can also speak with the Doorloop support team 24/7 through various channels.

These are just some of the highlights- the list goes on to cover everything property managers need to run their business smoothly.


Doorloop keeps the pricing simple- and affordable- with three monthly subscription options. The plans are as follows:

  • $49 per month for the basic starter pack
  • $99 per month for the pro pack
  • $149 per month for the premium pack

All plans are billed annually- with a 50% discount on the first two months. Even the starter pack offers a robust range of features and tools- enough for most rental companies and property managers.

The additional benefits of the higher price subscriptions are aimed at larger companies with more tenants and higher business demands.

There is also a free trial demo that anyone can schedule.

2: TenantCloud


Our second choice of alternative platform is TenantCloud. It has a similar free plan to Hunt, so it is one of the main competitors. It also provides payment and accounting systems alongside tenant management tools at no cost- but the extra tools are quite limited unless you pay.

That said, it is still very affordable and has a multi-functional, efficient system that benefits property managers in many ways.


  • Online rent payments
  • Tax and accounting assistance
  • Application processing
  • Property listing
  • CRM and lead tracking
  • E-signatures
  • Maintenance requests

Some of the extra features included in the more expensive plans are:

  • Individual owner portals
  • Message boards
  • Landlord forms and lease agreement builders
  • Team management tools
  • Additional customization


TenantCloud has some free features- but it is best to opt for one of the affordable annual subscriptions to get more from the software. When you pay annually instead of monthly, the prices are as follows.

  • $12 per month for the basic starter pack
  • $40 per month for the growth pack
  • Customized pricing for the comprehensive business pack for larger companies

The free plan offers access You can try all the packages for free through a 30-day trial.

3: Innago


Another top Hunt competitor in the free property management software space is Innago. It is arguably better than TenantCloud in some ways because more things are included without cost- but it depends on what you want.


  • Online rent payments and lease signing
  • Tenant screening
  • Renter's insurance
  • Expenses, reports, and basic accounting
  • Maintenance requests
  • Mobile app
  • Syndicated property listing

All of these features are available without cost to every subscriber.


Innago is almost 100% free- with no subscription cost or sign-up fees. The only charges are:

  • 2% of ACH payments (which you can pay yourself or pass to your tenants)
  • 2.99% charge to the tenant when they pay their rent online using a credit or debit card
  • $30-35 charge to the tenant for their criminal/credit reports and eviction history


Hunt is an excellent choice for a smaller rental company with a limited budget. The free access is pretty robust- although you do still need to pay something if you really want to get the most out of the platform.

It is also not the most well-rounded and complete property management tool at the moment- since several important features are not yet available.

Doorloop is the most versatile property management platform and a great alternative to Hunt for those who require a wider range of tools and features. It may not have as many freebies as Hunt, but it is still very affordable.

Schedule a free demo today, why wait? It only takes less than a minute to apply.

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