North Dakota is one of the country's most desirable states to live in, offering a high quality of life, great employment, a strong economy, excellent education, and plenty of space.

If you can find property available, it is a fabulous investment- but one that you need to protect.

With all the benefits North Dakota offers its residents, it also brings some extreme weather conditions that can put property owners on high alert. Heavy snow, violent hail storms, and scorching dry heat can also pose threats to people and their properties.

To shield themselves from financial disaster after a natural disaster, they need to secure a homeowners insurance policy they can rely on.

There are many providers of homeowners insurance in North Dakota, and picking the best one can be a tall order. To make it easier, we have compiled this guide and list of our top five recommendations.

It covers the ins and outs of choosing the right North Dakota home insurance company, what essential coverage you need in the Peace Garden State, and what makes our five selections worth your consideration.

Introduction to Homeowners Insurance in North Dakota

Homeowners insurance is the safety net for property owners that protects their personal finances if they face challenges with their homes.

From faulty HVAC systems to catastrophic structural damage, homeowners that don't want to foot the bill for rebuilding and replacing should invest in a policy that covers their needs.

This type of insurance exists to support people when their homes or the things inside them are damaged. Each policy is different, but at the very least, they are the first defense when things go wrong and unexpected challenges arise.

What Is the Average Cost of North Dakota Homeowners Insurance?

The average monthly premium for homeowners insurance in North Dakota is a little higher that the national average at around $172 (or a little over $2000 when you pay annually). Of course, there are many contributing factors that can influence your premiums.

Some of the factors that determine the cost of your home insurance coverage are:

  • The size and value of your property
  • Where in North Dakota it is located
  • How old the property is
  • When you bought it
  • What your policy includes
  • How high your coverage limits are
  • Anything that qualifies you for discounted rates

How is Homeowners Insurance Different from Landlord Insurance?

The type of homeowners insurance required for your property may be different if you rent it to someone else. In these cases, landlord insurance offers extra coverage for the additional risks and responsibilities of renting out your property.

This includes rental income insurance and extended liability, but it usually won't cover any personal property belonging to your tenant.

Assessing the Best Home Insurance Companies: Things to Consider

When you begin the search for a North Dakota homeowners insurance policy, there are a few important things to look out for.

Some are general requirements no matter where you live, and there are also some unique policy needs when you live in North Dakota.

North Dakota Specifics

Let's begin with the things to look for with home insurance in North Dakota.

Flood Insurance

There are thousands of miles of rivers and streams in North Dakota that can overflow and cause flooding- especially when the snow melts after a heavy fall. It is considered an at-risk area by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

If your property is near the Red River Valley, this concern is particularly relevant.

Tens of thousands of people have been forced to evacuate their homes following a single event, and there have been billions of dollars of damage caused by flooding over the past two decades. Having adequate coverage for flood damage is essential.

Many policies do not include flood insurance as standard, but you can find several companies that do- or that have partnerships with the National Flood Insurance Program and can help secure your coverage.

If you choose a company that does not offer flood coverage, make sure you take out a separate flood insurance policy.

Hail Storm Damage Cover

Hail can cause significant damage to properties. If you live in the southwestern part of the state, you need to be prepared.

North Dakota has the fifth-highest hail damage rate per capita in the country, with a single storm causing more than $50 million in property damage.

Some policies will include generous coverage for rebuilding or repairing homes damaged during hail storms, but it is important to check the policy to make sure it is included.

HVAC and Heating System Insurance

The most prominent extreme weather risks in North Dakota sit at opposite ends of the scale. Heavy winter storms and snowfall pose a risk for part of the year, and extreme heat and drought cause problems in another part.

When the weather gets extreme, it is vital to have functional air conditioning and heating in your home to protect the people living there.

Many insurance policies have specific coverage options for HVAC and water heating- and some even cover upgrades and brand-new replacements.

General Considerations

Here are some of the other things to consider when searching for a North Dakota homeowners insurance provider.

  • The company's financial strength and reliability
  • Policy costs and value for money compared to other companies
  • What the policy includes as standard, and what can be added
  • Customer service scores and satisfaction ratings
  • Available discounts, deals, and rewards

The Five Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in North Dakota

Based on all the factors listed above, these are the five best insurance companies for North Dakota homeowners looking for reliable coverage and investment protection.

1: State Farm

State Farm

State Farm is one of the USA's best-known and highest-rated insurance companies. It is our top pick for several reasons, including generous policies, affordable premiums, and excellent customer satisfaction ratings.

Coverage and Features

The varied selection of add-ons for North Dakota property owners offer excellent protection in case of several extreme weather events.

  • Insurance for sewer and drain damage
  • Flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program
  • Brand-new HVAC system replacements and upgrades
  • Energy-efficient home and water heating upgrade coverage options
  • Breakdown cover for all major utilities (including furnaces and air conditioning units)
  • Robust and comprehensive water damage insurance
  • Business insurance for remote workers bases at home
  • Excellent dwelling coverage
  • Liability coverage for in-home carers
  • Extended replacement cost coverage to 20% over the policy limit


State Farm doesn't have as many discounts available, but there are still a few deals and bundles that can help homeowners save over $1000 on their annual premiums. Here are some of the possibilities.

  • Bundle your home insurance and auto insurance through State Farm for discounted rates on both.
  • You could qualify for a lower rate if your home has a security monitoring system, such as a smoke detector or burglar alarm.
  • Premiums are reduced if you go for several years without making any claims.
  • Some homeowners can earn policy discounts if they upgrade their home's most important utilities.
  • Impact-resistant roof materials may mean paying less for North Dakota homeowners insurance.
  • Making wind mitigation efforts could also earn you a lower premium cost.

2: Chubb


Chubb is arguably one of the most comprehensive homeowners insurance companies in the country.

The policies are designed to offer maximum coverage and protection for high-end homes and property investors who don't mind paying a little more for excellent coverage and service that exceeds expectations.

Coverage and Features

If you want home insurance that goes above and beyond, Chubb is a worthy contender. In return for the slightly higher costs, you get complete protection with extremely generous limits and peace of mind that your property investment is safe no matter what happens.

Here is a selection of great features Chubb offers through its homeowners insurance policies and extra endorsements.

  • Storm, flood, and fire risk assessments
  • High-limit property insurance that replaces stolen damaged items with brand-new alternatives.
  • Unlimited rebuild coverage to restore your property to its original condition after significant damage
  • Dedicated home monitoring service in flood and fire-prone areas
  • Tree and debris removal after storms
  • Option of a cash settlement up to the policy's value if you choose not to rebuild or replace
  • Risk consultation services
  • Comprehensive liability coverage
  • Flood insurance included in the policy

Chubb is hard to beat on service level and in-depth coverage. If you have a valuable property or simply want the best protection out there, this could be the company for you.


There are only a few discounts and deals available through Chubb, but they can be quite generous if you meet the eligibility requirements.

  • Lower rates may apply to new or recently renovated properties.
  • Installing monitored security systems and other safety features such as alarms, smoke and fire detectors, and heat monitors could earn you an insurance discount with Chubb.
  • Having fire-protective materials and systems (including sprinklers) in your North Dakota home may also reduce the cost of your premium.
  • You can combine your home insurance with your car insurance to save money overall.
  • Rates are 10% lower once you have three years of clean claims history.
  • If your property has a backup power generators, it could qualify for lower insurance costs.

3: American Family

American Family

American Family is a relatively small company compared to some of the national programs on our list, but it holds it own as one of the best for homeowners insurance in North Dakota, thanks to its generous discount packages and versatile coverage options.

Coverage and Features

As well as all the basics, American family also offers a great range of add-ons and extras to upgrade your coverage. Here are some of the best for North Dakota property owners.

  • Temporary rental coverage up to 62 days
  • Hidden water damage insurance up to $25,000.
  • Senior living facilities covered by the policy
  • Repairs to sewer pipes, water lines, and other public utilities
  • Breakdown cover for large appliances, electrical systems, air conditioning, and heating units
  • New siding repairs up to $20,000 to make the whole property match
  • Incidental business insurance for people working from home


The discounts American Family offers help to make it one of the most cost-effective choices for protecting your property investment.

  • Homes built within 15 years (or with updated plumbing, heating, or electrical systems) could be eligible for lower insurance costs.
  • Bundling discounts apply when you buy other insurance packages through American Family.
  • Cheaper rates are awarded to new clients between 18 and 30 years of if their parent is an American Family customer.
  • Going paperless, signing up for autopay, or paying your premium in full can earn you a discount.
  • Smart safety features generally reduce the costs.
  • You may receive discounted rates if you bought your property less than three years ago.

4: Country Financial

Country Financial

Country Financial offers three core insurance plans to homeowners in 19 states- including North Dakota. There are plenty of additional endorsement options you can add to gain more inclusive coverage on top of the already generous insurance packages.

Coverage and Features

The three policies provided Country Financial offers are Standard, Premier, and Combination.

The Standard plan is a budget-friendly choice for basic coverage, while the Premier plan adds more comprehensive weather damage coverage and a few other extras. Country Financial's Combination plan provides simple cover for your home's structure and your personal property.

Some of the possible coverage options include:

  • Flood coverage with the National Flood Insurance Program
  • Optional replacement cost coverage to the original value without depreciation
  • 20% replacement cost over the policy limit (option to extend further add an additional cost)
  • Medical payments and personal injury liability coverage
  • Water backup insurance
  • High-limit property insurance


Country Financial lowers its cost for many clients. Here is some of the qualifying criteria.

  • Rewards are given for autopay enrolment or paying your annual premium in full.
  • Newer homes or homes with new roofs or electrical systems often qualify for lower rates.
  • You can earn discounts by making wind mitigation efforts on your North Dakota property.
  • Fire safety and prevention devices may also reduce costs.
  • Your rates go down after being a Country Financial client for a while- even more so if you have a clear claims history.
  • Bundle home and car insurance through Country Financial to save money.

5: Farmers

Farmers provides a generous standard homeowners insurance policy with great discounts and plenty of optional coverages to make protecting your North Dakota property investment easy.

Coverage and Features

You can choose from three tiers standard, enhanced, and premier. Here are some notable features and coverage options you can include in your policy.

  • Eco-rebuild bonus ($25,000 extra if you rebuild using green materials)
  • Equipment breakdown insurance
  • Guaranteed replacement cost coverage for 100% of the rebuild expenses
  • Additional living expense coverage
  • Pump failure and water backup insurance
  • Injury liability and medical payments
  • Service line insurance


There are a few different ways to save money when insuring your property with Farmers.

  • Premiums reduce after three claim-free years and are secured after five.
  • Non-smoking homes cost less to insure.
  • Combine Farmers home and auto insurance for lower rates.
  • Homes 14 years old or newer cost less with Farmers.
  • Some professions qualify for reduced premiums.
  • Save by paying in full or through automatic payments.
  • You could pay less if you qualify for green certificates from EPA, Energy Star, or LEED.
  • Rates may be discounted for properties with fortified windows, foundations, roofs, or walls.

Other Home Insurance Companies of Note


Liberty Mutual



There are several excellent homeowners insurance providers in North Dakota. Just make sure you get the coverage you need at a cost that feels reasonable.

You can learn more via the North Dakota Insurance Department for regulated consumer advice and support.

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