New Hampshire is ranked as one of the best states to live in thanks to its proximity to major cities, low tax and crime rates, affordable housing, and stunning surroundings. The White Mountain State has many appeals, and the people who own properties there should want to protect their investments.

As the climate continues to change, there are more risks present than ever before. New Hampshire homes may be at risk of flash flooding and even wildfire, so it is vital to have a safety net in case disaster strikes.

Homeowners insurance is the best way to do that and is usually required if you have a mortgage. It covers you if your home should suffer major damage, but it also protects you from general risks that apply to every home, everywhere.

New Hampshire homeowners have plenty of insurance options, and we have picked five of the best based on their features, prices, and coverage. Here is a selection of the top New Hampshire homeowners insurance companies and a few things to consider when picking a policy.

What Is Home Insurance Coverage?

In short, homeowners insurance is financial coverage from unexpected damage or theft. It is the first defense from costly repairs and other challenges you may face with your property.

How Much Does New Hampshire Home Insurance Cost?

The price of homeowners insurance in New Hampshire varies depending on several factors, including:

  • How big your property is
  • Where it is located
  • The total estimated value of your home and personal belongings
  • Your coverage limits
  • Extra endorsements in your policy
  • The extent of your liability coverage
  • What insurance company you choose

In general, a homeowners insurance policy in New Hampshire costs less than the national average, coming in at less than $1000 per year. This is partly due to the low crime rates, high-quality construction, and limited weather risks- although policies may begin to increase in cost if climate change continues to create flood and fire warnings in the area.

Understanding Homeowners Insurance vs. Landlord Insurance

Depending on what you do with your property, the type of insurance you need can change. Most people will find all the coverage they need with homeowners insurance, but if you rent your property to someone else, it may not be enough.

Homeowners insurance generally covers your home's structure (additional structures coverage is also usually included) and your personal property inside the home. It does not usually extend to cover liability for tenants or provide protection from loss of rental income.

If someone else lives on your property as a tenant, you most likely require landlord insurance to enhance your protection to cover the additional risks.

Bear in mind that landlord insurance does not usually cover the tenant's personal belongings- only the property itself and the things inside it that belong to the owner (appliances, fixtures, furniture, etc.).

How Can New Hampshire Homeowners Find the Best Insurance Policy?

Protecting your home or investment properties is not something to take lightly. When assessing the best home insurance company, it is vital to look for a policy that meets your requirements and ticks all the boxes.

What Are the Unique Requirements for Homeowners Insurance in New Hampshire?

Although New Hampshire is not one of the most at-risk areas for theft and catastrophic damage, there are still a few things worth having coverage for.

Flood Insurance

New Hampshire homes could be at risk of flood damage. Heavy rains have caused flash flooding across the state before. The impacts on people's properties are often severe.

The National Flood Insurance Program provides enhanced coverage options for homes impacted by flooding- including water damage repair, mold removal, and replacement cost coverage for properties that need fully or partially rebuilt.

Some policies include flood insurance with the NFIP, but many do not. Inquire about the coverage options for flooding and how to get the protection you need.

Fire Insurance

Climate change has increased the risk of wildfires in many parts of the US, including New Hampshire. Having adequate protection in case of fires is recommended for New Hampshire homeowners.

Earthquake Insurance

Although not one of the most in-danger areas, New Hampshire has been prone to earthquakes and sits middle-of-the-road on the risk scale. Earthquakes can cause catastrophic home and property damage, and without adequate insurance, rebuilding can be a financial impossibility.

Property investors in New Hampshire must have good-quality earthquake cover in case disaster strikes.

Assessing Your Needs Overall

Here are some things to look for in your homeowners insurance coverage.

  • Personal property replacement cost: Determine how much cover is provided for rebuilding or replacing damaged property. Some policies are capped, while others offer extensions that cover 100% of the costs.
  • Financial stability: You need to be sure that the insurance company you pick is financially strong and reliable. Ratings are available for most leading providers through AM Best.
  • Consider the costs and coverage options: Cheap home insurance is always appealing, but only if it provides enough coverage. Compare prices and what you get for your money to find a policy that is good value. The cheapest company may not be the best.
  • Discounts: Look into the possible discounts offered by the different homeowners insurance companies to see what you may qualify for. Reductions and bundle deals can save you money if you go to the right place.
  • Research what others say: Customer satisfaction ratings can tell you a lot about an insurance company.

Five Best Home Insurance Companies in New Hampshire Homeowners

1: Amica


Our top pick for New Hampshire home insurance is Amica- a nationwide insurance company that covers all the essentials and much more. It is particularly good for property investors in this state because of the varied support for storm prep and connections with national programs for flood and earthquake insurance.

Coverage and Features

You can choose from several standard homeowners insurance plans with Amica depending on how much coverage you need and want. The Platinum Choice policy provides excellent cover for valuables and major damage.

There are also plenty of extra features available that are perfect for New Hampshire homeowners and property investors.

  • Help set up flood protection with the National Flood Insurance Program
  • Partnership with earthquake insurance specialists
  • Storm preparation advice and support
  • Home business liability coverage
  • Enhanced protection for laptops, computers, and smart devices
  • Extra 30% dwelling coverage above your standard policy limit
  • Brand new replacement items for damaged property
  • Identity theft protection and fraud expense coverage
  • Drain and pump insurance (including damage expenses due to water backup)


New Hampshire homeowners may be eligible for the following discounts and deals at Amica to help them save money on their premiums.

  • There are cost rewards for going paperless.
  • You could qualify for lower rates if you install certain safety and security features in your home.
  • New or newly remodeled homes usually cost less to insure through Amica.
  • The no-claims bonus kicks in after three years.
  • Many Amica customers receive loyalty discounts after renewing for more than two years.
  • Enrolling for autopayments could lead to lower rates.
  • Bundling Amica homeowners insurance with other packages can save money overall.

2: State Farm

State Farm

State Farm is arguably the largest insurance company in America. Its A++ AM Best Rating and comprehensive home insurance coverage options contribute to making it our second top pick for New Hampshire.

Coverage and Features

There are many reasons to choose State Farm for homeowners insurance in New Hampshire. In general, it is a powerful and financially strong company that has a home insurance policy for everyone- with plenty of extras for enhanced protection.

These are some standout features available through State Farm when you take out a homeowners insurance policy in New Hampshire.

  • Sewer and drain coverage for damage and water backup
  • Flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program
  • Earthquake coverage available as an extra endorsement
  • HVAC system upgrades and replacements
  • Water damage coverage from floods and leaks (including mold removal)
  • Incidental business insurance for those who work from their home
  • Enhanced dwelling insurance (foundation cover included)
  • Excellent liability coverage for residents, family members, guests, and in-home carers
  • Generous cost replacement cover that extends up to 20% over your policy limit
  • Living expenses when your home is uninhabitable

State Farm customers can contact a local agent for personalized assistance with policies and claims. There is also an app for quick and easy access to your information and ongoing communications.


You can potentially save a huge amount of money annually by taking advantage of the discounts offered by State Farm. There is not as big a selection of deals available, but the ones there are can make a difference.

  • Bundling discounts for multi-policy holders lets you save money on your home and auto insurance.
  • Discounted rates may apply in homes with security features such as monitoring systems, smoke detectors, and burglar alarms.
  • State Farm rewards customers who make no claims after several years with reduced premiums.
  • You could be eligible for a discount if you upgrade your property's utilities with new equipment and systems.
  • Homes with impact-resistant roofs installed could qualify for discounted policy rates.

3: Allstate


Next on our list for New Hampshire homeowners and property investors is Allstate. As another of the USA's largest insurance providers, Allstate is known for its robust coverage and generous limits. It is one of the most expensive insurers in New Hampshire, with costs a little above the state average, but it is still excellent value for money.

Coverage and Features

Allstate covers all the basics of homeowners insurance with a few extra bonuses. It is a great choice for New Hampshire homeowners who want to spend a little more to expand their coverage for better protection and enhanced peace of mind.

Here is a list of endorsements you can include in your New Hampshire Allstate homeowners insurance policy.

  • Yard and garden coverage (including fallen tree removal and landscaping restoration)
  • Broken items replaced with brand-new equivalents regardless of wear
  • Cash to the depreciated value or damaged property if you choose not to replace it
  • Short-term rental insurance for owners who let for no more than 62 days per year (Allstate HostAdvantage Insurance)
  • Electronic file and digital data recovery
  • Replacement cost coverage for expenses above your policy limit
  • Pipes, sewer lines, and electricity line coverage
  • Ordinance coverage
  • Incidental business insurance
  • Water backup and pump failure coverage
  • Green improvements reimbursement (extra money back for repairing damage with eco-friendly materials)

Manage your Allstate insurance policies, payments, and claims through the app or website, or contact a local agent for assistance.


  • Bundling your home and car insurance through Allstate could earn you a discount of up to 25%.
  • Using autopay or paying your premium in full could mean cheaper rates. Allstate clients may also receive rewards for having a history of consistently paying on time.
  • Renewing your policy at least a week early may mean discounted rates for the following year.
  • Lower rates are often available to new buyers and owners of newly built properties.
  • Home safety features, such as fire protection, anti-theft devices, and home monitoring systems could help you qualify for lower premiums.
  • As much as 20% could be taken off your rate as a new Allstate client if you join without any recent claims history from your previous provider.
  • $100 comes off your deductibles every year that you don't make a claim (capped at $500).

4: Nationwide


Nationwide offers excellent customer service and even better coverage. The brand is stable, well-known, and respected as a leading US insurance agent. New Hampshire homeowners can save money using the many discounts available on the already great value policies and customize their plans with all the extras and add-ons they could need.

Coverage and Features

As a leading provider, Nationwide offers robust policies that cover all the essentials, including dwelling rebuild coverage, property damage and theft, and personal liability insurance. There are also plenty of additional options for coverage with generous limits.

  • Enhanced roof replacement using better materials
  • Water backup and pump failure coverage
  • Insurance for service lines such as plumbing and sewers
  • Personal belongings replaced with brand new items
  • Earthquake coverage support
  • Medical expenses
  • Flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program

Local Nationwide agents are available to support clients with questions and claims, and there is an app you can use instead.


Nationwide advertises many discounts, deals, and bundles online that Kentucky homeowners can benefit from.

  • Nationwide offers cheaper rates for homes bought within one year of taking out the policy.
  • Properties with new roofs or roofs built from specific materials often qualify for discounted insurance rates with Nationwide.
  • Installing smart home technologies and certain security features including smoke detectors and alarm systems can reduce your premiums.
  • Gated community properties generally receive discounts on Nationwide insurance policies.
  • Staying claim-free for multiple years can lead to lower annual rates.
  • Save on your premiums when you insure your home and car together.
  • Credit may be awarded for updating your property's heating, plumbing, or cooling systems.

5: Chubb


Chubb is a premier insurance company designed for high-value properties. It is a little more expensive than some options, but the cost is reflected in the exceptionally comprehensive and generous policies.

It ticks all the boxes for New Hampshire homeowners with high-end properties- including a few extras that are rarely found in most insurance packages.

Coverage and Features

One of the things that stands out at Chubb is the extension option that covers your home's restoration to its original quality regardless of costs or limits. It is also one of the only insurance providers that gives clients the option of a cash settlement if their home is destroyed.

  • Earthquake coverage and storm support
  • Home monitoring service for high-risk areas or during weather warning
  • Tree removal
  • Electrical reparation insurance
  • Optional cash settlements for destroyed property
  • Risk consultation services
  • Water backup cover
  • Lock repair and replacement
  • High-limit liability coverage
  • Counselling for clients after major incidents

Chubb goes above and beyond to provide its customers with the best of the best. If you are happy to pay a little more, it is hard to beat.


There is limited information available about the discounts offered by Chubb, but they seem to revolve predominantly around safety features. Here are some of the discounts advertised.

  • Lower rates for new or newly refurbished homes
  • Discounts for homeowners with monitored security systems
  • Reduced costs if your home has an automatic sprinkler system or other fire-resistant features
  • Bundling discount available when you take out multiple policies
  • Discounts for homes located in gated communities

Other Insurers Worth Considering

  • USAA
  • Travelers
  • The Hanover
  • Vermont Mutual
  • Liberty Mutual


You can find plenty of excellent homeowners insurance policies at affordable prices in New Hampshire. Just be sure to pick one with enough coverage to protect your investment from every risk.

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