Looking to start your own syndication or fund? Learn how Irving Weisselberger found his first investors and properties, built a thriving business, and how you can do the same.


  1. How to find investment properties
  2. What criteria to use when analyzing deals
  3. How to raise money from investors and banks
  4. Creating your fee & promote structure
  5. Scaling the business to numerous deals

Episode Transcript

Irving is a third generation real estate investor and developer. He's originally from Caracas, Venezuela, and he holds bachelor's degrees in accounting and finance from the University of Central Florida, and a Master's of Science and Accounting from the Wayne Huizenga School of Business here in South Florida. And in 2013, Irving co-founded Dragonfly Investments, a real estate company that acquires commercial, residential, and industrial assets. They're actually now getting into affordable and workforce housing as well, and they have acquired over 200 residential and multi-family properties, and over 5 million square feet of retail and 250,000 square feet of industrial.
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