If you're a Canadian property owner or property manager looking to improve the efficiency of your business, then you've probably looked into property management software.

With how many options there are out there, however, it can be difficult to identify the best property management software for your business's needs.

Which program will boost your property management process across the board, from rent tracking and online payments to maintenance requests and data security?

During your search for Canadian property management software, you likely came across Propra.

But how can Propra support a small business, mid-size business, or even large-scale property management company?

This post offers a review of Propra property management software, including its features, pricing, and even an alternative so that you can make an informed comparison and ultimate decision.

Feel free to use the navigation on the left to select a section you may be most interested in. With that said, however, let's get into it and take a look at Propra.

propra property management software canada

What Is Propra Property Management Software?

Created in 2021, Propra is a simple property management software built with the Canadian property management landscape in mind.

Propra offers many of the tools property managers would need to operate their entire business, from accounting tools to maintenance requests.

The idea is that, with Propra, you can manage all your properties from a single browser tab, rather than opening up a bunch of different tools and software for accounting, communication, maintenance, and more.

It's a great, modern solution for property managers who struggle to stay organized or generally stand to gain from having an all-in-one app to become more efficient.

Propra Features

In general, rental property management software, whether it's for residential or commercial properties, is made to fully and semi-automate many of the day-to-day tasks that go into managing real estate. This includes the following:

  • Automated accounting
  • Bookkeeping tools
  • Leasing tools
  • Communication
  • Maintenance request management
  • Tenant portal
  • Owner portal

Propra supports these features and more, making it a viable option for any type of property manager or property management company.

That said, it's impossible for a property management software to have every single feature possible. That would simply be way too clunky.

For that reason, it's important to evaluate what you and your business specifically need so that you can determine whether your chosen property management will support those requirements.

To help you with this decision, we'll review Propra's features in more detail and go over their pros and cons so that you can determine what the best property management software for you will be.

Accounting Tools

Let's start with the biggest pain point that all property managers can relate to: accounting.

While there are certainly dedicated accounting tools out there, it's much more advantageous to use a software that includes accounting tools specifically for property management. That way, you don't have to deal with any tedious or annoying workarounds.

Thankfully, Propra offers a Service Accounting System that consolidates property managers' accounting activities under a single browser tab.

With Propra, you can manage all of the following:

  • Chart of accounts
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Maintenance request billing
  • Rent roll
  • GST and HST tracking for commercial properties

The one downside is that Propra doesn't seem to have an automated form of rent tracking, and some of the aforementioned accounting features are actually still manual.

There's currently no way to collect and post rent payments, reconcile revenue, or pay your vendors without using something outside of the Propra platform.

The company seems to be creating a solution for this (Propra Payments), but it isn't out yet.


Leasing is one of the most important parts of property management and Propra does not yet have a way to autonomously work as a rent manager or perform other standard rent-tracking tasks that most property management software offers.

What Propra can do, however, is store your tenants' lease documents, track information about your properties' leases and repairs, and share records with residents. This is all done on a secure platform.

Propra can also handle digital inspections. One of Propra's unique features is the ability to perform and document inspections through a mobile app. Once inspections are complete, you can send your tenants an automatically generated report with full details so that you can both minimize any potential disputes.

Communication Tools

To help maintain your landlord-tenant relationships, Propra property management software also grants access automated channels of communication so that users can keep each other on the same page.

As a property manager, you can also get notified about the status of tasks like maintenance appointments through automated alerts and emails.

Maintenance Request Management

Propra offers great maintenance request management tools, particularly from the property manager and operator side of things.

Property managers can enjoy a web app, where they can easily create maintenance requests and coordinate with vendors. Vendors use a mobile app instead.

Again, property managers can also set notifications for the status of maintenance appointments.

There is one issue with Propra's maintenance request system, though. Usually with today's property management software, tenants can submit maintenance requests through a tenant portal.

In Propra's case, however, they need to send an email to the company. From there, Propra's automated system sends renters a template to fill in the details of their maintenance issue, including what the problem is and the best time for operators to come over.

Tenant Portal

Propra seems to have a resident portal, but based on the information available online, it appears to be pretty limited in functionality. As mentioned, residents cannot submit maintenance requests through a resident portal with Propra. Tenants can at least use it to view information about their leases, though.

Owner Portal

It's through that same resident portal that your property owners can also gain access to information about their properties and how they're being managed.

Through the portal, your investors can view maintenance requests associated with their property and submit their own. They can also share documents and see how much is owed for payouts from their property managers.

Propra Pricing

Unfortunately, Propra doesn't actually list the cost of its property management software online. Property managers need to book a demo to get more information on the program and its pricing.

Alternative to Propra: DoorLoop

doorloop property management software canada

Propra does offer a robust set of features, but if you're looking for something else that's more expansive and can accommodate a wider variety of portfolio types, then we recommend DoorLoop.

DoorLoop Features

DoorLoop is made by property managers and investors for property managers and investors, meaning that it's built from the ground up with your complete scope of needs in mind.

Its comprehensive suite of features includes the following:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Tenant screening
  • Rent collection
  • Tenant portal
  • Owner portal
  • Maintenance request management
  • Rental applications
  • eSignature
  • Secure file storage
  • Marketing tools

Many of these features are ones Propra offers as well, but they tend to have more functionality. Several of the features are things Propra doesn't advertise at all.

On top of that, these features are truly offered on one, single platform.

Since DoorLoop is a cloud-based property management software, that platform is available anywhere and anytime. Whether you're using a computer, tablet, cellphone, or other device, DoorLoop's website and mobile app have everything you need in one place.

DoorLoop is also known for offering top-notch service to its customers, including quick response times. So if you ever happen to have any issues, the support team will always have your back.

DoorLoop Pricing


Built for any property management business of any size, DoorLoop is very transparent about its pricing and offers multiple options depending on the needs of the person or business.

The program starts at a low price of $59 per month for your first 20 units. The price only increases for each additional batch of 20 units (or for more advanced software features), giving property managers lots of space to grow their business and have their property management software seamlessly and inexpensively grow with them.

Even with the most basic plan, you can get everything that you need to manage your properties, such as accounting, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, maintenance request management, tenant screening, a tenant portal, and eSignature.

On top of having transparent pricing, DoorLoop offers an entirely free demo so that you can see just how this best-in-class rent manager software can take your property management business to the next level.

Bottom Line

Whether you choose Propra, DoorLoop, or any other Canadian property management software, we hope this guide has served you well in your search.

If you feel ready and want to see what cutting-edge property management software can do for you, schedule a free demo with DoorLoop today!

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