There are countless apps landlords can use to help them manage their property business.

The real questions:

Which of those apps are worth their salt?

Which apps will make a real difference in how you manage day-to-day tasks for your business?

Which apps can help streamline your property and tenant management efforts so you can do more with less hassle?

When you look at it that way, there is a lot of fluff out there that, although not necessarily bad, is just not all that useful.

The truth is, you can’t run your business by constantly flipping between a dozen different apps for various functions. A few useful tools are fine, but after that, you’re just bogged down in tech, and you’ve missed the point.

To help you cut through the clutter and find the apps that can genuinely help you streamline your property management effort and make your business run more effectively, we crafted the ultimate list of property management apps.

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  • Maintenance management tools to help issue and communicate about work orders entirely from the software

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DoorLoop features

Now let's get into the ultimate list of property management apps.

The 11 Best Apps for Landlords and Property Managers

Below are 11 of the best apps for landlords and property managers.

Some help in a small way, like making inspections easier, while others offer the all-in-one package.

To help navigate, we’ve separated the apps into four categories:

  • Listing and renting properties
  • Prepping units and properties
  • Rent tracking apps (where tenants pay with automatic rent collection features)
  • All-in-one property management apps

Let’s get started.

Apps for Identifying New Property Investments

Here are two apps for landlords to identify a new property investment.

Property Evaluator

Property evaluator

The perfect tool if you’re looking for a mobile app that can help you identify and analyze potential real estate investments.

Property Tracker

Property tracker home

A great tool for helping identify and track real estate investment opportunities.

Track numerous data points such as ROI, expenses, income, and more.

Apps for Listing and Renting Properties

Here are three apps for landlords and property managers that will help make listing and renting properties easier.



The first app on our list, ShowingHero, is designed to automate the showing process for your units and properties.

If you’ve found setting up showings to be a pain or simply time-consuming, this is a tool that could save you both time and stress.

The app is essentially a communications management tool with valuable features that let you do the following:

  • Streamline all call and email communications
  • Manage appointments from within the app
  • Screen leads
  • Easily follow up with applicants

Every day that goes by without a unit being filled is costing you money. If that’s a problem you’re facing, or you find the process of managing showings to be a pain, ShowingHero could be worth trying out.



Similar to ShowingHero, Rentberry helps streamline the process of bringing in new tenants.

However, while ShowingHero focuses on managing showings, Rentberry focuses more on managing applications and applicant communications.

If you feel you have the showing aspect down (or simply want a tool for managing applications), this might be the better fit.

This software offers many features for landlords and property managers:

  • Tenant screening
  • Tour scheduling
  • Ability to have prospective tenants sign and complete applications from within the app

Ask a Lawyer

Ask a Lawyer

We’re cheating a bit on this one, as it’s not technically an app. However, it has a great mobile site with an easy-to-use chat function that’s smooth on mobile (and an invaluable tool).

As a landlord or property manager, you know there are books full of laws and regulations attached to selling, renting, and managing your properties.

Managing all of this is generally pretty straightforward, particularly if you have an attorney who handles everything.

However, there are times when you might not want to pay $100 to talk to your attorney for five minutes, and you need some quick advice.

That’s why Ask a Lawyer made this list. Ask a Lawyer is one of the only apps for landlords and property managers that allows you to get inexpensive legal advice fast with no strings attached.

The service makes its money from memberships. However, the trial fee is just $5 to get an answer from an actual practicing attorney, which you can then cancel immediately.


Rentometer is a good option that offers limited information but is very useful for estimating how to set your rent prices.

It's free to use, and you can pay for additional information as well.

Rentometer home

Apps for Prepping Units and Properties

Moving on to our next section, these are tools that are useful for prepping units for showings to maximize the number of applications you receive and save you time.

Tap Inspect

Tap Inspect

Tap Inspect is an invaluable tool, and not just because it saves you time.

If you find you’re not great at documenting and storing inspection records, Tap Inspect can make the whole process around getting inspections done easier.

Plus, it makes sure you have clear and thorough inspection records in one particular location. That makes retrieving them easier and covers you, just in case.

The app is simple, but it does its job well. You can try it for free and see if it’s useful for you before paying for a regular membership.

Room Planner App

Room Planner App

Considering how vital interior design is to influencing prospective tenants and buyers when they visit your property, this one offers a ton of value.

Room Planner is one of the more unique apps for landlords and property managers. It boasts a snazzy 3D floor plan app that works on virtually every smart device imaginable, whether iOS or Android.

With Room Planner, you can create realistic-looking floorplans that can ultimately impress your prospective tenants and buyers, whether it’s a spacious two-floor house or a small studio apartment.

The app has a pretty smooth UI, and there are hundreds of different elements to choose from to design your floorplan.

You may not be able to choose the exact furniture item you have to place inside your unit. However, there are enough choices that you can generally fill the room with the exact style you’re going for to get a good idea of how the room can and should look with similar items.

Apps for Tracking Rent

Once you have your tenant, it’s time to make sure you’re tracking rent payments effectively. That’s where these following apps come in.

Here are some great apps for making tracking rent simple and straightforward.



Rentmoji is a rent-tracking mobile app with a pretty clean and straightforward design.

There are things the app doesn’t do, but if you’re looking for a simple solution that gets the job done, this will help you track your rent payments efficiently.

Plus, the app offers many integrations that make it easy to use with other tools to do certain things you can’t do with the app.

The app includes many features, such as the following:

  • Automatic rent payments
  • Tenant communication from the app
  • Lots of integrations

One of the only negative aspects of Rentmoji is that it's on the steeper side when it comes to price. You’ll have to contact Rentmoji’s sales team to get set up and learn more about pricing.



Landlordy is an iOS and Android app that allows you to manage rent payments.

The app is unique in that it offers a free version. However, you’re pretty limited in terms of features.

With the paid version, you can manage rent payments and get access to basic accounting features and reminders.

The free version applies to accounts with one property and tenant lease. The most basic plan starts at $14.99 per month and offers additional features, such as data backup.

Landlord Studio

Landlord Studio

Landlord Studio is an iOS and Android app and rental management software that offers a few more features than Landlordy. However, it comes with a more complex pricing structure.

While Landlordy has a bit of a clunky UI, Landlord Studio is more intuitive and easier to use.

Landlord Studio includes these features:

  • Expense tracking
  • Tenant screening
  • Account reports

Keep in mind that while it offers more features than Landlordy, Landlord Studio's feature set is thin compared to more complete property management apps for landlords (like those in the next section).

All-in-One Property Management Apps

More robust than simple rent-tracking apps, all-in-one property management landlord apps offer the whole package.

They often provide features that allow you to streamline and, in some cases, even automate many of the tasks involved in managing your properties.

If any of these apply to you, then all-in-one solutions are for you:

  • You manage a large number of properties
  • You're tired of wasting your time with minor administrative tasks like collecting rent
  • You need more time to focus on what matters (i.e., building your portfolio)


doorloop app for landlords

Our very own DoorLoop is a rental property management software with cloud version and smartphone app, making it easy to access from both your desktop and mobile device.

Compared to the rent-tracking app options mentioned above, DoorLoop offers a complete list of features, helping you upscale your property management services.

DoorLoop's features include the following:

  • Complete set of accounting features, including payment management, multiple online payments and online rent payments (e.g., credit card and ACH), expense tracking, and a full chart of accounts
  • Convenient tenant portal, where you can automatically collect rent payments and even communicate directly with tenants from in the app
  • Order management system for maintenance requests that allows you to assign and track jobs, edit work orders, and more from directly within the app
  • Many more valuable features for residential, commercial property managers, and any portfolio!

Typically, complete feature sets like this can come at a greater cost.

However, DoorLoop's prices start as low as $49/month (billed annually) for your first 20 units.

Rentec Direct

Rentec Direct

Rentec Direct is an all-in-one property management solution that offers features like a cloud/desktop version,mobile app, lease tracking, and tenant portal.

Rentec Direct’s pricing is somewhat unique, as you can choose which features you’d like to pay for. However, that can be both a benefit and a con, depending on what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for something simpler, Rentec Direct will function more similarly to the basic rent-tracking apps in the previous section with a few extra features. However, it's considerably more expensive.

If you choose to opt for those additional features, such as the Basic Screening Package, they’ll cost you extra (starting at $10 additional per month) on top of the monthly fee.

Property Matrix

Property Matrix

Property Matrix is our last all-in-one tool, and it offers a great feature set and an intuitive UI that’s easy to navigate.

If you’re looking for more customization and accounting options, including customizable reports and in-app document signing, this may be a good fit.

However, keep in mind that this is a full enterprise software; its basic plan starts at $450 per month.

The basic plan covers up to 250 units, with additional units being $1.75 per unit per month.

What Is the Best App for Landlords?

If you’ve read through the above list, at this point, you might be wondering which of these is best for your property business.

Ultimately, we’d suggest trying out many of the apps on this list to find which are helpful to you. Many have unique features that could either be super useful or not so much.

In terms of good property management software, though, we suggest that every landlord and property manager use one to automate their process and give them more time for high-value tasks.

Things like putting up listings, screening tenants, and processing rent payments are all things that bog you down. You shouldn’t have to handle them—and with a good property management tool, you won't.

We think DoorLoop is the best property management tool on the market; it has the same features as the big competitors and then some. With DoorLoop, you can focus more on what really matters: building your portfolio and driving your business forward.

Supercharge Your Portfolio with DoorLoop’s All-in-One Property Management Platform

As new apps are developed and devices continue to become more powerful, landlords and property managers will be able to do more than ever.

Many of the processes involved in managing properties can be automated, or at the very least streamlined, to save you time and money.

And if you’re looking for a complete, all-in-one solution for your property management needs, check out DoorLoop.

The app has everything you need all in one package:

  • A complete suite of accounting tools that help you manage your entire property business
  • Tenant portal with in-app communication and online rent payment capability
  • Automated features like auto listings, tenant screenings, and background checks to save you time
  • High-quality tenant screening and automated late fees help increase tenant quality and cash flow
  • And much more
DoorLoop features

Schedule a free demo with DoorLoop today, so you can get started right away and begin leveling up your property management operations.

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