In today's digital era, advanced property management tools like property management software is a boon for property owners, investors, and property managers looking to stay ahead of the industry.

DoorLoop and Propra are great options that can transform the day-to-day operations of your property management business.

From maintenance requests and rent payments to lease management and an owner portal, whether your real estate assets are commercial properties or small residential properties, property management software has your back.

But which one is the best property management software for you?

Which property management solution will fulfill the needs of your property portfolio and let your business grow with ease?

Which property management system suits your budget?

This guide is dedicated to comparing two of the best property management software solutions for Canadian businesses: DoorLoop and Propra.

Each property management solution does its job well, but which suits the needs for your particular business?

Let's take a look!

Property Management Software Features

Let's start by going over the different features property management software generally offers.

Especially when it comes to all-in-one property management solutions, this type of software has all the necessary tools you need to manage multiple properties.

For example:

  • Accounting functions
  • Property maintenance management
  • Automated rent collection
  • Tenant portal
  • Owner portal
  • Reporting
  • Marketing tools
  • Tenant screening
  • Communications

Whether you manage commercial or residential properties, these features are critical. We'll go over some of them below so you can make the most informed decision on the property management software for your business.

DoorLoop vs. Propra Features

In this section, we've singled out a set of features that we find to be among the most important for property management.

We'll cover whether the property management software offers these features and how it might stand out.


Every property manager knows that bookkeeping, accounting, financial reporting, and everything in between are the biggest time sinks and headaches of property management.

Fortunately, property management software is a powerful accounting solution that turns many of these tasks into automated processes so that you can save time and keep your records accurate.


doorloop canada property management software

As a cloud-based property management software, DoorLoop offers a complete suite of accounting features intended to replace any other type accounting solution. This includes rent collection, bank reconciliations, and a complete chart of accounts to easily keep track of everything and stay on top of your financial management.

Overall, it makes rent tracking a breeze for residential and commercial properties, student housing, and other types of real estate.


propra canada property management software

Like DoorLoop, Propra's property management software is also intended to be an all-in-one accounting solution. It lets you manage your chart of accounts, maintenance request billing, accounts payable and receivable, and more. For commercial properties in particular, you can also track GST and HST requirements.

Tenant Portal

Tenant portals are a staple in rental property management software, and your residents will be grateful to have them. These portals let you streamline rent collection and tenant communications so that you and your renters are always on the same page.


DoorLoop's tenant portal lets you do it all, including the ability to submit maintenance requests, view payment history, and communicate. Since the program is a cloud-based property management software, you can do this all in one platform.


Propra's property management software has a resident portal, where you can view your lease. Unfortunately, the company's website does not list much more information on what you can do with this portal. Additionally, to submit maintenance requests, rather than using a tenant portal on the property management software, residents should submit an email to Propra.


Communication tools are another unique but integral feature that property management software offers. With these tools, you can easily talk to not only tenants but also property owners, vendors, and more about absolutely anything.

Whether you need to discuss online rental applications, rent collection, maintenance management, property portfolios, vacant units, financial reports, or other relevant data for your rental properties, rental property management software has you covered.


DoorLoop lets you communicate directly with your residents about maintenance orders through email and SMS text messaging.

You can also discuss matters about your rental properties with your investors so that you can easily maintain transparency in your property management business relationship.

Because there are multiple forms of communication available all in one platform, keeping in touch with any parties related to a rental property is made easy with DoorLoop.


Propra boasts good communication tools. The company promises to enhance resident satisfaction with automated channels for communication with tenants and the ability to send automatically generated inspection reports.


Maintenance is essential in property management, and the ability to handle maintenance requests seamlessly is necessary for any property management system.

Software solutions let you handle maintenance management in one convenient place, including accepting requests from tenants, assigning them to vendors, and sometimes even more, depending on the software.


DoorLoop lets tenants easily submit maintenance requests from the app through their tenant portal. From there, you can edit those work orders, assign them to vendors, get status updates, and communicate with residents and contractors about the request until the job is done.

Overall, DoorLoop makes managing maintenance requests easier than ever.


Using Propra's property management software, any property manager can schedule and manage maintenance requests. There's also a mobile app that operators can use to stay in the loop and access special notes, images, and resident contact information.

To submit maintenance requests, however, tenants need to send Propra an email. From there, they're prompted by the company's automated smart templates to include details for their request, such as the best time for vendors to come to their home.

Owner Portal

Since you're managing real estate assets for investors, it's important to keep them in the loop about all aspects of lease management, cash flow, financial management, and more. Property management software with owner portals make this aspect of business management easy by streamlining communication with owners.


DoorLoop lets you instantly generate professional reports and owner statements that you can share with property owners right from the app. They can access a variety of other important reports as well. You can also print checks.


Propra's property management software has a resident portal that property owners can access to get 24/7 visibility into what's happening at their managed properties. Investors can view information about their investment properties, including associated maintenance requests. They can also add their own requests, share documents, and see how much is owed to them for payouts from their property managers.


When it comes down to choosing which property management software to use, as a property manager, you need to consider cost.

Which software gives property managers the best features for the most affordable pricing?

We'll take a look at the pricing models of both DoorLoop and Propra below.



DoorLoop starts at just $59 per month for up to 20 units, making it an extremely affordable option. It'll also grow with your property portfolio, regardless of which types of properties you manage.

If you want to take advantage of DoorLoop's owner portal and other advanced features like a custom website or API access, you can upgrade to its Pro or Premium plans. These plans have a higher cost but are still an excellent deal.


Unfortunately, the cost of Propra's property management software is not readily available online. However, property managers can book a demo with the company to learn more about their program.

What Is the Best Property Management Software for You?

Both DoorLoop and Propra are powerful property management software with excellent features that can make the job of any property manager in Canada much easier and more efficient.

Keep the aforementioned evaluations in mind when selecting which one to use at your property management company.

Beyond those, however, also consider the following:

  • Which software is the easiest to use?
  • Which property management software company has the most responsive customer service?
  • Which property management software will grow alongside your property portfolio?
  • Which property management software is the most affordable and cost effective?
  • Which software takes full advantage of its cloud-based property management features?
  • Which property management software lets you see its features for free before committing?

DoorLoop ticks all of these boxes and more, making it a great solution for property managers.

Whether you management residential properties, commercial properties, student housing properties, or anything else with a door, DoorLoop's cloud-based property management software makes it all easy at an affordable price.

DoorLoop is also known for its excellent customer support and response times, making it a robust contender for your next property management system.

See how DoorLoop can help your property management company by scheduling a free demo today!

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