Miami, Florida – May 2, 2023 – DoorLoop, the all-in-one property management software automating everything from listing units to accounting, today announced the winners of its inaugural Property Management Website Awards, celebrating property management companies for excelling in user experience (UX), providing valuable industry content, and achieving optimal search-engine results.

According to Uptech, 58% of real estate companies already have a digital strategy in place, while 41% actively use technology in redefining their processes. As a leader in the proptech space, DoorLoop understands that an organization’s website acts as a digital storefront, oftentimes existing as a property manager or landlord’s primary method for finding and attracting potential tenants. Having not only a well-built website, but one that provides key resources and content to users, has officially become table stakes for property managers looking to effectively grow their portfolios. 

“DoorLoop is incredibly passionate about ease of use, both through our own website and suite of tools and the custom websites we build for our users,” said David Bitton, CMO and co-founder of DoorLoop. “As proptech becomes increasingly necessary for property managers and landlords to thrive in today’s real estate landscape, we understand the importance of building a fast, search engine-optimized, and easy-to-navigate website from scratch. We are pleased to recognize the companies in our space who have done a masterful job of it.” 

Winners were selected based on the following criteria: 

  • Resources: The content a company provides on their website can have major impacts on the overall UX. Winning companies provide visitors with valuable information, establishing the organization as a credible and authoritative source in their respective market or niche. Informative blogs, webinars, and other assets were also considered in the issuing of this award.
  • User Experience: UX directly impacts how users interact with and perceive a business or organization. Winning companies provide positive experiences that lead to increased engagement, conversion rates, and customer satisfaction, rather than frustration, confusion, or lost business.
  • Functionality: A property management website's functionality is critical for giving users the ability to effectively manage and communicate with tenants, landlords, and other stakeholders. Winning companies’ websites increased tenant satisfaction, improved landlord retention, and increased revenue for the company. 
  • Design: Winning companies were recognized for functionality, ease-of-use, and aesthetics.
  • SEO: Winning websites were those that ranked high in search results for relevant keywords.

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