Miami, FL - November 22, 2022 DoorLoop, the highest-rated property management software online, today announced a new feature to its already expansive arsenal: Custom Websites for users. Landlords and property managers will now be able to design premium, custom websites to showcase available listings and manage the entire rental process all on their own site – and at a discounted price. 

“Custom websites will truly be game-changing for landlords and property managers,” says CEO and co-founder Ori Tamuz. “Users will have one central location where they can share all available listings with the world - no realtors, advertising, or design agencies needed. DoorLoop's new offering provides access to beautiful, modern, and powerful websites that are unique to each business and helps alleviate the burden of property management in an extremely cost effective way.” 

DoorLoop’s custom websites feature allows users to choose between 10 beautifully designed templates, customizing the text and images on five different web pages: Home, About Us, Properties, FAQs, and Contact. The feature provides a comprehensive package to users with all of the must-haves for creating and hosting a legitimate website:

  • Domain name
  • SSL security certificate
  • Website hosting
  • Customizable website template 

Once the site has been built, landlords and property managers can post available listings for tenants to easily apply online, then complete background checks and manage the rental process – including rent payments and maintenance requests – all from their personal URL. The site also integrates into the DoorLoop platform, linking visitors to their tenant portals and showcasing vacant units at a glance.

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“As always, DoorLoop’s decision to develop and release this feature was guided by our users’ feedback. Our top priority is delivering the best product possible to meet customer needs,” says DoorLoop’s director of custom websites, AJ Oberlender. “The custom websites can be fully built within five business days, and all it takes is submitting a five-minute form. Our team has worked tirelessly to bring a website feature unlike any other in property management software, and they’ve done exactly that.”

Access to custom websites only costs $99/month with a one-time setup fee of $199, or a flat rate of $999/year with no setup fees.

“With our SEO best practices, we’re offering users a chance to have an online presence for the first time,” continued Tamuz. “It’s a very small price to pay for something that will bring them business for years to come.”

DoorLoop’s custom websites are fully mobile friendly. To learn more, click here

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