Managing a Rental Property: Intro

Want a step-by-step process for managing your rental units?

In section 4, we’ll dive into exactly that. 

Not just collecting rent but every aspect of managing your rental properties from A-to-Z. 


  • How to collect rent
  • Managing security deposits
  • A full property management accounting crash course
  • Everything you need to know to manage your property maintenance effectively
  • Tips for great tenant communication
  • Handling your property-related taxes
  • And even a complete post-lease checklist to complete the cycle from tenant-to-tenant

Managing a rental property is arguably the largest and most complex part of rental property investing.

The good news is much of it can be systematized and some can even be semi-automated.

Once you’re done reading this section, make sure to check out Section 5 where we cover advanced tips for managing your rental properties more effectively.

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