Have you been searching for property management software and are considering choosing RentRedi?

This is a very important decision because the right software can make a huge difference in your property management company. So, before making this decision, property managers should ask themselves a couple of questions.

Some of these questions include:

  • What kind of features are offered by the software?
  • How much would I be paying?
  • Is it easy is it to learn?
  • How does it compare to its competitors?

Answering these questions will definitely allow you to decide whether or not the software you are looking into is the best for your property management business.

So, if you are considering making RentRedi your main property management solution, continue reading this guide to find out if it is really the best choice for you, or if there are other choices better suited for your needs.

What is RentRedi Property Management Software?

RentRedi Property Management Software

RentRedi is a complete professional management service that can provide robust features to any rental property business, whether it be residential or commercial properties.

One of the key aspects of this software is that it enables landlords to efficiently communicate with current and prospective tenants about their rent.

With this service, you can seamlessly communicate with your tenants about anything, like if they need to pay rent or get maintenance done. They can also do a whole lot of other things within the software, all of which will be covered below.

Apart from those services for the tenant, RentRedi also has many other features that can help property managers keep track of all aspects of their properties.

These kinds of features like rent collection and great customer support are just some of the things that can completely change the way that your business operates.

Interested in learning more about how these features can make your business more efficient?

Below, we have outlined exactly how some of RentRedi's most notable features function and how they can benefit you. So, if you want to learn more, just continue reading and all of your answers will be answered.

RentRedi Features

The first thing that someone asks themselves when looking for a rental property management software is:

What features am I investing in?

Since the right combination of features can completely change a business, it is only natural that this would be an important inquiry. For this reason, it is essential to look into the features that any software provides.

In the case of RentRedi, there are tons of features that are part of the software that will definitely interest you. Many of the features also benefit the tenant, fostering a healthy relationship between the renter and the owner.

Some of RentRedi's most notable property management tools include:

  • Complete Tenant Portal
  • Managing Maintenance Requests
  • Marketing Tools
  • Dedicated Customer Support Team

So, if you want to learn more about these features and how they can help you and your business succeed, you are in the right place. Continue reading to discover all about these features and how you can make them work for you today.

RentRedi Features

Complete Tenant Portal

One of the most notable features that come with a RentRedi subscription is a complete tenant portal. With this portal, the landlord and the tenant can do a plethora of different things.

Some of the most important things that can be done using RentRedi's tenant portal include mobile rent payments, various tenant payment options, and all the functionality that the tenant needs to manage their payments.

The tenant can even set up automatic payments to make sure their rent is never overdue. The best part is that all of this can be done from RentRedi's mobile app that is user-friendly and easily accessible.

Apart from that, this portal is split into a tenant app and a landlord app. The tenant app contains the features that were previously discussed, but the landlord app has many different ones. Some of the features included in the landlord side of the app include a user-friendly application process, the ability to screen tenants, and a notification template that alerts renters when their rent is due.

From this app, you can also track all the payments that have been done or any payments expected for any property.

This feature provides the trust and reliability owners require from property management software while getting rid of the human interaction aspect.

Managing Maintenance Requests

Another very useful aspect of the RentRedi rental property software is the maintenance request manager. This simple landlord tool allows users to manage maintenance requests that have been submitted by the property owners or tenants.

The way that this works is that tenants submit maintenance requests to the RentRedi platform, where they are delivered to the property manager. From there, the entire maintenance process is tracked and updated from within the software, making it easier for you to provide property management services.

Throughout the process of maintenance, the tenant receives status updates so that the property manager ensures quick and accurate service. Even better, you can do maintenance on a few rentals at a time.

Marketing Tools

The next feature that is offered by RentRedi that will surely boost the tenancy rate of your business is marketing tools.

What these marketing tools do is quickly list your properties to multiple advertising outlets, generating more traffic to properties.

This rental syndication occurs automatically for sites like and You can also share links to the listing on sites like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and a few more outlets where prospective tenants can see it.

Apart from listing your rentals to other sites, RentRedi also gives the user the ability to create their own incredibly responsive marketing webpage. On this webpage, the user can list their vacant properties with the information that they want.

The best part is that this marketing page works for unlimited properties, so you can list as many properties as you want.

Dedicated Customer Support Team

One of the most difficult parts of property management software is that users can have trouble figuring it out at times.

This is why RentRedi tries to have the best customer service team on standby at all times to make sure that the user is having the best experience possible.

This customer service team helps with every aspect of the software, from tenants downloading the app, to learning how to generate reports, to learning how to list properties. One of the ways that it achieves this is by providing online chat support to its users.

Unfortunately, a review on March 06, 2022 on says "Horrible Customer Service. 17 days after registering with Rentredi my tenants still cannot make payment on app. Underwritting Dept has yet to return a phone call or reply to online messages."

Another reviewer on January 25, 2021 mentioned "You will GET WHAT YOU PAY for. Support was horrible.

They are not well trained, they do NOT call you back. I personally left 3 messages and never got the first phone call back. It has been over a month. They only want to refer you to self-help articles. I also did not like that they FORCED you to sign up for their merchant account services. They get paid for this so that is why they FORCE you to do it."

Now that we know all about RentRedi's most useful features, it's time to dive into the important part - the pricing.

RentRedi Pricing

RentRedi Pricing

For most property management software, the pricing is very confusing and can confuse potential buyers. Luckily for you, RentRedi has a very straightforward pricing model.

To begin, they only offer one plan that comes with all of the features mentioned above. This is uncommon as many software companies choose to exclude some features from cheaper plans. The price of the plan is based on whether you want to pay monthly, annually, or every six months.

If you want to pay monthly, the price is $19.95 per month. For an annual subscription, the price is only $9 per month. And finally, if you want to pay every six months, the price is $15 per month.

Keep in mind, those prices do not include accounting. That comes as an add-on starting at $15/month extra for up to 3 units. There is also no automated QuickBooks Online sync, but they do have an option to export your tenant payments and import them manually into QBO.

If RentRedi's features or its pricing doesn't seem to check all the boxes for the best property management software, let's look at the software that may just do that.

RentRedi Alternative


DoorLoop features

If you have decided to continue your search for property management software, look no further.

DoorLoop is an all-in-one property management solution that provides all the features necessary to make any rental business succeed.

DoorLoop offers all the tools that rental property owners and managers need to run every aspect of their property management company. Some of these features include:

  • A Complete Accounting Suite: manage all of your rental property financials and accounting needs from one convenient platform and integrate dozens of other software as well including QuickBooks Online.
  • Leasing and Marketing Tools: List all of your properties on various listing websites to quickly fill in any available units and ease the tenant screening process.
  • Tenant Portal: Communicate seamlessly with your tenants using DoorLoop's full tenant portal. Also equipped with automatic payments and rent reminders.
  • Maintenance Management: Manage all maintenance requests from your properties straight from the platform. Even track and update the process on the services being done.
  • Stellar Customer Support: Have dedicated customer support on standby to assist with any issues you may have at any time.

Do these features sound like something you would be interested in?

If they do, continue reading to find out about DoorLoop's spectacular pricing model and how you can save money today.

DoorLoop Pricing

DoorLoop Pricing

Do you want to invest in this software but are on a tight budget? No worries!

You can get started today for only $59 a month!

This means that you will be getting access to all of these amazing features at an amazing price.

Get started today with a free demo and discover what DoorLoop has to offer.

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