When it comes to managing rental properties, one of the most important parts of the business is keeping them occupied.

Think about it. Landlords make money off of the rent that tenants pay for the rental property. So, if there is no tenant to pay rent, how does the landlord make money?

The short and simple answer is: they don't. They actually begin to lose money.

For this reason, it is more than important to make sure that your rental properties are always occupied. And the best way to do this is to utilize rental listing syndication sites.

Not sure about using rental listing sites?

That's perfectly fine! In the guide below, we will be going over what exactly a rental listing syndication site is and how one can be useful for your business.

So, to get started, let's go over exactly what a rental listing syndication site is.

What is a Rental Listing Site?

A rental listing site is a website where landlords and property managers can market their vacant or soon-to-be vacant properties to fill them as soon as possible.

The term rental listing syndication site simply means that it is a website that advertises your rental properties to a general population.

When constructing a listing, landlords will typically include property details like:

  • The address
  • The square footage
  • Any amenities that come included
  • Photos of the apartment

All of these along with other key details come together to form a perfect rental listing.

Once you have the perfect listing prepared, it's time to syndicate it to some rental listing sites.

Luckily for you, we have gathered the top 10 best rental listing sites and have listed them right below to help you find the best rental listing site for you.

Top 10 Best Rental Listing Sites



First up on our list is the very popular, and powerful, Zillow.  The Zillow rental manager is one of the most well-known rental listing syndication sites out there, and for good reason.

There are many reasons that Zillow is hailed as one of the best rental listing websites out there. For one, they boast about 34 million visitors every month. This means that there is potential for millions of potential tenants to view your property once you list it on Zillow. Apart from that, another great benefit is that when you list a property on Zillow, it is also automatically listed to two other popular listing sites, Hotpads and Trulia.

However, Zillow does not only allow landlords to list their rental properties. Through Zillow, landlords can also collect online applications, conduct tenant screening, and even collect rent.

And it doesn't stop there. For property managers with less than 50 units, Zillow is completely free to use. This means that you can create up to 50 rental listings without paying anything. And, just like many rental listing sites, Zillow guides you through every step of the listing process and produces an attractive, attention-seeking post.

As another very popular and widely used option, comes second on our list. With over 30 million users visiting this site every month, your listing is sure to attract the attention of quite a few prospective tenants.

Using, landlords and property managers can quickly and easily promote their rental properties. While a listing only takes a few minutes to go live, guides you through every step and makes sure that the listing is as good as possible.

Apart from assisting you with the listing process, also offers various other tools to assist property managers. Some of the things that can be done straight from the platform include background checks, credit screenings, and rent collection.

Also, like some other rental listing sites, once property owners create one of their property listings, it is automatically syndicated to the network of rental websites. This network consists of,,,  and

One of the best parts about is that there is a much higher chance to land a qualified and serious tenant. This is because, when a prospective tenant applies through the app, the applicant needs to pay $24.99 for their first 10 applications. This means that there is a much higher chance that the applications you receive are from people who have serious inquiries about your property.



Next up on our list of the best rental sites is Rentberry. Specializing in getting your listings out into the world, Rentberry syndicates your property listings to a plethora of well-known applications.

Once a landlord submits a listing to Rentberry, that same listing is distributed to various websites to reach millions of potential renters. Some of the websites where the listing will be advertised include, Zumper, Doorsteps, and Oodle.

Another useful aspect of Rentberry is that it allows you to do a ton of things straight from the website. Some of the things that you can do from the platform include sifting through rent offers, accepting or denying rental applications, and communicating with potential renters.

Rentberry also makes it very easy for landlords to determine whether or not an applicant is qualified by offering prospects evaluation. This report includes things like identity confirmation, employment history, proof of income, and references.


Rentec Direct

One of the more powerful rental listing syndication sites that helps its users increase the amount of traffic to their listings is RentecDirect. RentecDirect offers syndication to a huge network of some of the most popular listing websites out there.

Some of the most popular sites include, Zillow, Oodle,, and Trulia. This means that you only have to make one post and it is going to be spread to all of these websites, and even more.



Avail is another one of the more well-known rental listing syndication sites. Although it is mainly a listing syndication site, Avail also offers a ton of other functions that can be very useful for landlords.

Some of Avail’s most popular partners are Zillow, Trulia,, and many more. Whenever a prospective tenant expresses interest in one of your properties from any of these sites, you are automatically notified from the Avail platform.

Also, listings are made extremely easy with Avail as it automatically generates a description for your property after answering some simple questions. After that, landlords can also conduct online tenant screening, credit checks, leases, and online rent collection.



Another very capable rental listing site is TenantCloud. Although they are mostly known for their property management capabilities, TenantCloud also provides a ton of rental listing and syndication features as well.

Similar to the other rental listing sites, some of the places where TenantCloud features your property include Rentler, Oodle,, Zillow, Trulia, and Hotpads. The best part is that, if you pay for the entire service, TenantCloud will supply you with tenant leads. This means that you will have interested tenants even before your listing goes live.



As the second property management software on this list, Buildium is a very powerful choice for syndicating your rental listings to other websites. With Buildium, users can quickly create detailed and effective descriptions for their properties, including tons of property-specific information and media.

After creating the listing, it gets distributed to a wide arrangement of listing sites, including, Apartment List, the entire Zillow rental manager network, Zumper, and even Craigslist. Then, Buildium makes it very easy to manage all of your listings and see exactly how each one is performing by allowing you to organize inquiries and applicants.



NowRenting is one of the more impactful rental listing syndication sites, boasting a ton of websites where they post your rental listings. This tool allows landlords to save hours of their time by allowing them to market their properties to millions of people, instantly.

Of the long list of websites where NowRenting syndicates your listings, some include Trulia, MyNewPlace, MSN, CampusCribz, Listanza, HotPads, and AOL Real Estate. With this tool, users can also link information about their business, allowing them to grow their brand awareness as well.



TurboTenant has made a name for itself in the real estate industry, offering tons of tools for landlords and property managers. They also give users the ability to effectively market their vacant properties on tons of websites.

From the list of more than 20 partner websites, some of the more notable names include, Zillow,,, and Apartment List. However, there are tons more, meaning that your property listing will get an incredible amount of attention across all domains.


DoorLoop features

And finally, saving the best for last, is DoorLoop. DoorLoop is an all-in-one property management software that provides tons of functionality to its users apart from listing properties.

Coming soon, users will have the ability to syndicate their rental listings to sites like Zillow, Trulia, HotPads, and the network of websites. This means that you can quickly make a single rental listing on DoorLoop and have it syndicated to millions of potential tenants. This way, you can make sure your properties are never unoccupied and you aren't losing any money.

Apart from conveniently listing your properties to tons of websites, DoorLoop also can also:

  • Streamline your maintenance management with a complete system for accepting maintenance requests, issuing orders to vendors, and communicating with tenants
  • Simplify the leasing process with eLeasing tools, tenant screening, and more
  • Keep all your property accounting in one place (not two, three, or four) with tools like automatic rent payments, bank reconciliations, a complete chart of accounts, and a QuickBooks Online integration that’s incredibly simple to set up
  • Automate your marketing with automatic listings, a clean IDX-based website, and more
  • And so much more

If you want the basic features, DoorLoop's features start out at $59 per month for up to 20 units. However, the real savings come when you choose the Pro or Premium plans.

So, if you’re looking for a property management tool that can streamline, optimize, and even automate many of your property management processes, try DoorLoop.

Schedule a free demo today to see what DoorLoop is all about.

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