Are you dealing with residential and association properties?

Private owners and property managers are often focused on making it easier to handle rent tracking for their real estate. You might offer student housing or need a work-life balance and a better company culture.

The good news is property management software can help you do whatever you have to do and make it easier for you. Passion breeds success, and you want something that offers complete control.

Today, you'll learn about Property Boss and how you can manage residential properties and student housing with it.

What Is PropertyBoss Property Management Software?


PropertyBoss Solutions gives you property management tools for your company, and it doesn't matter whether you're managing multi-family, residential, student, military, or condo properties.

It's ideal for property managers because it's intuitive and powerful. The lease-based approach helps you follow the residents from lead to lease and includes added functionality.

You can integrate with communication tools, as well.

Overall, you can host Property Boss in the Cloud or with Microsoft Office if you have networked users. Plus, it's easy to select your industry-specific components to make property management a breeze.

Choose to join with QuickBooks or use the flexible general ledger for accounting. Deal with online payments and an excellent service philosophy that gives you complete control.

Whether you prefer mobile access or want to use it on your desktop, it's easy to maximize production with Property Boss.

PropertyBoss Features for Residential and Association Properties

It's important to understand the amazing features you'll get with PropertyBoss:

  • Accounting Integration - Property management is much easier with PropertyBoss Solutions. You can integrate with QuickBooks, but there are many other accounting packages available that you could use.
  • Comprehensive Reports - There are over 150 pre-defined reports, and you can customize the options available. Therefore, you could create and group them as needed, scheduling automated creation whenever necessary.
  • Customized Documents and Letters - The word processing system inside PropertyBoss helps you manage, create, and merge documents and letters. Plus, you can automatically generate tenant documents, leases, forms, and mailing labels.
  • Interactive RentRoll - Get control over saving, configuring, filtering, and sorting your RentRoll reports using specific data fields. The software performs functions from RentRoll, such as posting charges, accessing data, emailing, and printing.

Through other integrations, you can get mobile access and rent tracking, which will make property management that much easier.

PropertyBoss Pricing

PropertyBoss doesn't list the pricing or packages available. You must schedule your live demo to see the property management software products in action.

Does PropertyBoss Solutions Offer a Free Trial?

Though we're unsure, it doesn't seem like PropertyBoss offers a free trial.

PropertyBoss Pricing: An Overview

It's difficult to know if this web-based solution is right for your property management needs because there's no pricing information on the website. Overall, this is ideal for larger portfolios of real estate.

PropertyBoss Review: Pros and Cons

Before imagining yourself performing credit checks and managing your real estate investments, it's crucial to understand the pros and cons of this web-based software.

Pro: Great Customer Service

Whether you've opened new doors for business or have been around for a while, you are likely to need help setting things up. Working smarter is always the best solution, and PropertyBoss offers excellent customer support.

Pro: Easy to Use

Once you've got things set up on this web-based system, you can easily manage larger portfolios of real estate. Most people claim that PropertyBoss is easy to use, so you won't have to worry about getting up and running.

Con: Hard to Set Up

Those who recently switched from other solutions to PropertyBoss claim that it's difficult to set up the QuickBooks integration. If you use accrual-based company files, it might be even harder.

Con: No Updates

Some users claim that they've been with PropertyBoss for seven years or longer. Though it worked well for them initially, there haven't been many updates, so the software isn't current.

Con: Difficult to Communicate with Tenants

One of the biggest reasons to use property management platforms is to communicate efficiently with tenants. However, there's no texting tool available. While email is included, it might not work, according to a few reviews from real users. Companies that often have to send messages, such as rent payment receipts, may find it difficult to use.

3 Competitors to Consider

Our PropertyBoss review wouldn't be complete without listing a few competitors you may consider. Owning and renting real estate is tricky, and it's crucial that you give your business every opportunity to grow and expand. You can't do that without property management software.

Whether you like pricing transparency or wish to communicate effectively with your tenants, it's time to learn what other alternatives are available to consider.

1. DoorLoop

DoorLoop homepage

The first alternative to PropertyBoss is DoorLoop. It gives you the core services you require, and the all-in-one management tool will do so much for your business.

DoorLoop Features

Here are the features to consider from DoorLoop:

  • Accounting Tools - If you use QuickBooks, you'll love that it's easy to integrate with DoorLoop. Though PropertyBoss also offers this solution, it's much harder to do, so you'll be spending days or weeks inputting all the information necessary.
  • Tenant Portal and Online Payments - It doesn't seem like PropertyBoss offers online payments or a tenant portal. In fact, you may have to integrate to get those features. However, DoorLoop offers them within the full-service CRM. Easily talk to tenants, collect rent, and send receipts without a fuss.
  • Dedicated Owner Portal - As the property owner or manager, it's up to you to print reports and ensure things are running smoothly. You'll have your own portal to handle issues, whereas PropertyBoss doesn't.
  • Custom Website - PropertyBoss falters in this department because it doesn't help you create a website to manage vacancies and find tenants quickly. However, DoorLoop does, and you can eSign your lease agreements and collect applications from the website directly!

DoorLoop Pricing

If you're interested in DoorLoop because of its features, you'll be even more impressed that it won't cost a lot of money to start. PropertyBoss doesn't mention pricing, which can be annoying when comparing options. However, DoorLoop is only $49/month for up to 20 properties. Please schedule your free demo now to experience what it offers.

2. Hemlane

Hemlame is a decent contender because the software contains unique features. For example, you get an agent match tool to find local agents to fill vacancies easily. Some property managers won't need them, so the high price won't be worth your time.

Hemlane Features

  • Tenant screening
  • Maintenance management
  • Online rental payments
  • Unique tools

Hemlane Pricing

The pricing model is different for Hemlane. There's a base monthly price and per-unit charges, as well. The Basic plan is $30 and $2 per unit/month. Then, you have Complete, which is $60/month and $32 per unit/month.

3. TenantCloud


TenantCloud has a fully free version and plans that accommodate 75 units. However, there are fewer features, and you might find it won't meet your needs.

TenantCloud Features

  • Vendor payments
  • Work order management
  • Basic accounting

TenantCloud Pricing

If the free plan won't work for you, there's a Starter option at $15/month for 150 units. To get all the features, you must pay $50/month for 500 units.

Try DoorLoop

DoorLoop features

If you need a comprehensive property management tool with plenty of features and a decent price, DoorLoop is the better choice.

Not only is DoorLoop completely transparent with its pricing, but it's transparent with everything else! Schedule your free demo to test it out!

David is the co-founder & CMO of DoorLoop, a best-selling author, legal CLE speaker, and real estate investor. When he's not hanging with his three children, he's writing articles here!