Entrata is a property management software known especially for its ease-of-use and convenience for property managers and owners. 

Entrata review

Users report having an easy time navigating the software and finding things within it (something that can’t be said for all property management tools available). 

In addition to this, Entrata also offers a decent set of features, giving a good balance of pros. 

But what are the cons? And is it really the best option for you?

Let’s open things up in this Entrata property management software review and see what we can find. The goal by the end of this review is to help find out if Entrata’s property management software is best for your portfolio or if there might be a better alternative.

Entrata features

Entrata offers a strong list of features with a good balance toward just about everything you’d need as a property manager.

Entrata software features

Features include: 

  • Accounting features such as bank reconciliation and rent collection
  • CRM for tenant and lead management
  • Lead tracking
  • Maintenance management
  • Invoicing
  • Tenant portal
  • Reporting 
  • Customer websites

Entrata separates each of its services into separate “products” which can be a bit confusing, though if you’re looking for a more high-end tailored solution it may be preferable. 

Entrata pricing

Entrata does not list its pricing publicly online.

As a result, the only way to find out pricing information is to manually contact their sales team online and wait for a response to get more information.

Why don’t they list their pricing publicly?

Typically, enterprise-level software tools will hide their pricing so they can negotiate on a case-by-case basis. Typically, the result is that they charge more (often way more) than other solutions– even if those solutions offer comparable features. 

However, be warned that that means you never know if you’re getting a good or bad deal.

That is, unless you compare the offer you get to other property management software. 

Pros and cons

Now, let’s look at some of the overarching pros and cons of Entrata’s property management software. 

Due to its lack of transparency, it’s hard finding out everything about the software online.

Fortunately real users paint a much clearer picture of what to expect–including the pros and the cons– of using Entrata.

So, first let’s look at some pros and cons.

Then, after, we’ll look at some real user comments to get a more complete view of Entrata. 

Pro: Solid set of features

If there’s one thing you won’t be left wanting for with Entrata, it’s features.

Pricing might be a sore spot and customer reviews could be better, and you may in fact have to pay more for some of those premium features, but you can rest assured that they’ll have it. 

What it might cost you is another subject. 

Pro: Good usability

Entrata’s software is known for being easy to navigate and find things, giving it a high usability score.

That’s especially impressive given its large number of features.

Unfortunately, when users do run into issues it’s not such a seamless experience with customer service.

However, issues aside, navigating the software on a day-to-day basis is relatively frictionless according to users. 

Con: Enterprise pricing with a lack of transparency

By ‘enterprise pricing’ we generally mean high price. 

However, because Entrata doesn’t list their pricing online, and the only information you can find is from individual customers, there’s no way to confirm this.

The lack of transparency is bad enough, but that leads to questions of whether you’re actually getting a fair deal or not. 

Con: Unreliable customer support

One of the biggest complaints of using Entrata’s property management software is its slow and often inadequate customer support. 

Users report not only having a hard time getting through to support but also getting any kind of action taken from support once they get through to them.

This can make it extremely frustrating to use a piece of software, particularly when you run into an issue with a feature you absolutely need or depend on. 

Entrata reviews

Let’s continue diving further into exploring the strengths and weaknesses of Entrata by looking at real, verified user reviews.

Keep in mind that all quotes below are taken directly from major review sites such as Capterra and and were posted by verified Entrata users. 

Let’s start with some positives, like this review from Entrata user Maddie who says the dashboard is a particular high note:

“The dashboard makes it super convenient to see everything that needs to be done and any tasks that are outstanding.”

User Rebecca says: “I love the ease of use. I love that it incorporates many aspects of property management from resident interface to marketing to accounting to asset management.”

However, she also notes having issues with customer service: “Support is difficult to get as you have to constantly reiterate issues.” 

While another anonymous user says: “It is very glitchy. I've sent emails multiple times and it freezes while sending and the entire message has to be retyped and sent again. Their customer service isn't always the most responsive or able to fix your issues.”

Entrata vs. DoorLoop

Now that you’ve had the chance to see what Entrata has to offer, let’s compare it to a powerful alternative: DoorLoop.

With a powerful set of features, affordable pricing, and award-winning customer service and usability, there’s little not to love.

Let’s see how they stack up to one another:


Earlier, we talked about Entrata’s expansive feature set. 

With DoorLoop, you also get the complete package- but without having to pay extra for a million enterprise add-ons– including everything you could ever need to manage your entire portfolio from anywhere.

DoorLoop features

Including the following property management solutions:

  • Automated rent payments
  • Full accounting suite with a convenient QuickBooks Online integration
  • eLeasing and screening tools
  • Tenant portal and CRM for resident management
  • Maintenance management
  • Marketing tools such as automatic listings
  • User-friendliness
  • And much, much more

Plus, you can get access to everything with a convenient mobile app. 


Remember when we talked about how Entrata lacks transparent pricing? And how because it’s structured like an enterprise solution, they likely charge an arm and a leg?

While the second may or may not be true, thanks to DoorLoops transparency, you know both answers right away– and the answer is affordable

DoorLoop pricing

You can get access to the lion’s share of DoorLoop’s feature set with its Starter plan for just $49 per month for up to 20 units, with just $2 per unit per month thereafter. 


Entrata is known for its usability, but what about DoorLoop?

This is another one of DoorLoop’s strengths. In fact, it won an award for it. 

Users report DoorLoop’s dashboard being incredibly easy to navigate, the software itself lightning-fast, and the accounting tools and other features being structured in a way that makes it incredibly easy to find whatever you need. 

Customer support

Another award-winning feature of DoorLoop, users report having an incredibly easy time getting a hold of support quickly.

In addition, with DoorLoop you can speak to real, live human beings (wow!) who will help you with your support request.

Entrata users, by contrast, mention having a hard time getting ahold of support and an even harder time getting action taken related to their support request. 


Cloud-based software can streamline your entire portfolio in a much more efficient method.

But you need to find the right tool that will not only do what you need but provide a pleasant experience with high ease-of-use and easy access to support in case you ever run into issues.

Not to mention, it would be nice if the price didn’t cost you an arm (or your sanity).

With DoorLoop, you get all of that and more (and get to keep your sanity). 

So, find out why DoorLoop is the #1 Entrata alternative by scheduling a free demo today.

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