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Use a software that makes upgrades, not downgrades.

Multiple Entrata users complain that its “updates” hurt more than they help. At DoorLoop, our philosophy is simple: updates should make your job easier, not harder.

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Entrata vs. DoorLoop™ - The #1 Entrata Alternative is DoorLoop™

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alternative that manages any portfolio.



alternative that manages any portfolio.

DoorLoop makes it easy to manage any combination of rental properties.

residential property


commercial property


student housing property

Student Housing

HOA property

Community Associations

affordable housing property

Affordable Housing

self storage property

Self Storage

mobile home property

Mobile Homes

What’s better than seeming great? Being the best.

Entrata’s feature updates are made for customer attraction. DoorLoop’s are made for customer success.

When Entrata rolls out new updates or features, old ones–which its users actually rely on–glitch, change, or break. If you take one step forward and two steps back, you’re really not getting anywhere.

Users struggle on a software that can’t keep up.


Frequent changes can sometimes remove great features to make other features work. Changes can also take away from ease of use.



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I have noticed in the last 4 years or so their customer service has taken a nosedive, especially their billing department.



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Everytime an update was made, it messed up some other products that were integrated into Entrata.



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Chances are that the most modern software wasn’t built two decades ago.

Entrata’s been around for 19 years, and it’s clear that it hasn’t gotten wiser with age. DoorLoop is agile, intuitive, and open to change–because, in 2019, that’s exactly what it was built to be.

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vs DoorLoop Features

DoorLoop’s features set the industry standard. Entrata just falls short.

compare DoorLoop
#1 alternative

DoorLoop delivers what it says it will. Entrata over-promises.

DoorLoop prioritizes transparency. Entrata is as vague as it gets.

Budgeting for software shouldn't be an impossible feat. DoorLoop gives you all of the information you need up front, while Entrata makes you jump through hoops.

david testimonial

David Bonan

Landlord, RE Buy-In LLC
"The support is absolutely incredible! I always get instant responses via chat, and live agents are always available for a call or screen share when I need them."
The #1 highest rated property management software on G2 and Capterra

DoorLoop gets a perfect 10 for ease of use and customer support


Reviews on G2



Ease of Use



Quality of Support




Software should make your life easier, not harder.

DoorLoop’s intuitive interface makes running your business smooth sailing, while Entrata drowns in its own clunky website copy and poorly executed updates.

One-click turnarounds.

DoorLoop lets you find any feature, document, tenant, or property you need in seconds so that you can dedicate your time to what matters most: growth.

“DoorLoop’s quick search has been amazing! I can find any task, message, or lease in like 3 seconds. The most efficient software I’ve ever used.”

DS Dev Group

Effective communication.

Don’t just send individual or community-wide announcements–track open rates, get responses, and create actionable tasks to keep your tenants happier than ever.

“It’s so easy to keep track of message open rates (especially for important announcements like water outages or services). DoorLoop has eliminated the communication issues we used to have.”

Property Manager
AM Properties LLC

An interface that makes sense.

Entrata cares more about having catchy names for the features on its website than clearly labeling them for users’ sake. DoorLoop prioritizes simplicity over gimmicks so that you can get the information and functionality you need.

“It’s so simple to search for the features I’m looking for, access Support on the rare occasions I need it, and navigate the software in general. DoorLoop is in a class of its own.”

DragonFly Investments

Get 50% off your first 2 months

Prices start at $24.50/month for your first 20 units. Offer ends Friday June 10.
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DoorLoop vs

Unlimited training & support for free

DoorLoop’s support team is available to chat in one click, as well as via email or phone. Entrata’s support is like the software itself: difficult to figure out and much less efficient than it should be.

Response time
Under 5 min
Avg time to solve
Under 3 hours
Conversation ratings
97.8% 😃
DoorLoop trainer

Unlimited support

Accounting Training

Help center

Josh testimonial

Josh Blitz

Landlord, Blitz Capital
"DoorLoop doesn’t just offer all of the features I could want–it makes them faster and easier to implement. I can do things in seconds that used to take me hours."

Keep the processes that work for you

Our open API is a first in property management software, and it makes DoorLoop flexible enough to connect to thousands of the most-used platform online.

100% Free migration from


As a popular


alternative, we get a lot of migration requests. That's why we decided to include migrations free of charge. We'll help export your files from


or an Excel sheet, and import them into DoorLoop. Easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DoorLoop?

DoorLoop is a


alternative and easy property management software that helps manage tens of thousands of units in over 100 countries. People are switching from


to DoorLoop because of the QuickBooks sync, ease of use, and world-class customer service.

Can I use DoorLoop for a small portfolio?

The best time to get organized is when you're still small, growing, and have more free time. When you're able to automate rent collection and all the mundane tasks, you're able to spend more time growing your business.

Who is DoorLoop for?

DoorLoop is built for property managers, management companies, owners, landlords, investors, tenants or anyone managing any property worldwide. With unlimited customization and flexibility, DoorLoop is perfect for anyone just getting started with 1 property, or large companies managing thousands.

Why should I choose DoorLoop over

Our mission is simple - to make your life easier. We take pride in our ease of use, speed, and world-class support. We invite you to get a demo of both


and DoorLoop and see for yourself who gets back to you faster and is easier to use.

What are your prices?

Thanks to the $30M we've raised, we’re offering 50% off your first 2 months. Prices start at only $49/month for your first 20 units, or $24.50 with the promo. You will receive free updates, a dedicated account manager and unlimited free support.

Are there any contracts?

Nope! We believe you should have the freedom to use any software you like without being tied down by corporate contracts. With DoorLoop, you are free to cancel your account at any time or export your data and use another software.

Why is your price so affordable?

We are a privately owned company that is able to keep a low overhead and pass those savings onto you. By comparison, many of our competitors are publicly traded and need to charge high fees to please their shareholders.

Can I migrate my data to DoorLoop?

Yes. Due to the volume of migrations we get from


, we've nearly automated the entire process and offer all migrations free of charge. We'll import your current properties, units, tenants, owners, leases, and vendors.

Can I block parts of the software from my team?

Yes. With user access roles, you can allow or block access to certain parts of the software from any user. For example, you can completely block access to all financials, accounting and reports.

Is my data backed up and protected?

Yes, sleep well knowing your data is automatically backed to numerous servers. If you wish, you can export and save a physical copy of your data to your computer. DoorLoop is hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the leader in data security.

How often do you add new features and make updates?

You can expect updates at least monthly. The best part is, they’re done automatically for you - there’s no need to download or install anything. We also accept feature suggestions and prioritize them based on demand. So, please...keep the suggestions coming!

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