Miami, FL - November 30, 2022 – DoorLoop, the highest-rated property management software online, announced today its distinction among Great Place to Work®’s 2022 Best Workplaces in Real Estate™ in the United States. 

The Best Workplaces in Real Estate™ list is created based on survey results from over 23,000 employees from Great Place To Work-Certified™ businesses in the real estate industry. The workplaces selected for this list meet the highest national standards for employee satisfaction. This distinction  is of enormous importance to DoorLoop, with a positive company culture and team members’ happiness being among two of the company’s biggest priorities.  

What Does This Mean? 

The creator of the Best Workplaces in Real Estate™ list is Great Place to Work®, the leading authority on quantifiable employee experience. In order to qualify for the Best Workplaces in Real Estate™ list, businesses must first hold a  Great Place to Work Certification™. This certification is provided to workplaces with overwhelmingly positive employee feedback on a variety of criteria, including company culture, workplace environment, and overall working experience.

The national average employee satisfaction rating, as reported by Great Place to Work®, is 59%.  DoorLoop received 100% positive feedback from its team, landing the prop-tech startup on The Best Workplaces in Real Estate™ list in the first year during which it was eligible. 

“DoorLoop’s team is the foundation of our community. Every member of the Looper family is incredibly talented and hardworking. Working with this team every day is an amazing reward in and of itself, but it is an incredible recognition to have been selected in the Best Workplaces in Real Estate™ in the United States,” says CMO and co-founder of DoorLoop, David Bitton. 

Why DoorLoop? 

DoorLoop works tirelessly to offer its employees excellent benefits, a positive company culture, and a collaborative team environment. Among the benefits offered are monthly health insurance stipends, 401(k)s with up to 4% matching, state-of-the-art equipment including laptops, company credit cards with monthly stipends, and much more. 

DoorLoop’s mission to provide employees with excellent benefits is continuing into 2023, starting with full health insurance coverage (including medical, dental, and vision insurance) for all employees. By fostering a positive, inclusive, and dynamic work environment, DoorLoop sets its sights on being an increasingly great place to work for years to come. 

Grow With DoorLoop

For those who are interested in expanding their careers with DoorLoop, you are welcome to apply on our careers page.

Ilia is a Content Creator and Copywriter at DoorLoop with a background in Real Estate and Law. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Florida International University with Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and International Relations.

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