Work order software can do wonders for your efficiency and asset management.

Maintenance and repairs are almost always unexpected things, just another task that gets added to your plate while you’re doing everything else you do to manage your client’s properties.

With a computerized maintenance management system or work order software, you can streamline those items, upping efficiency and taking more off your back while improving tenant satisfaction at the same time.

The only problem is… there are a lot of options out there.

And that’s the purpose of this guide:

To help you find and choose a property management or work order software that saves you time and hassle by semi-automating the process of handling maintenance requests for your properties.

What is work order software?

Work order software, also called maintenance management software, is a software system designed to help professionals like property managers manage their maintenance teams and repair orders.

Sure, you could manage things in a good old spreadsheet or piece of lined paper, jotting down notes and passing them off via text or email to your maintenance managers.

However, with work order software, you have a dedicated platform for handling everything in one place.

What are the typical features and benefits of work order software?

So, what exactly can work order software do for you?

You know more about what it is in a general sense, but what’s the real deal?

In concrete terms, how are computerized maintenance management systems going to help improve your operation and save you time and money?

Some of the typical features you can expect from maintenance software include:

  • Work order creation and management: One central place to keep all your work orders, update their status, and track their completion, allowing you to practice preventive maintenance management.
  • Maintenance request submission: How nice would it be to allow your tenants to submit their own maintenance requests and have them automatically inputted into your system? That’s work order software.
  • Tenant communication: One central place to communicate with your tenant about the maintenance order? Check.
  • Mobile access: Direct access to your work order software on your mobile device makes receiving maintenance requests and dishing them out to contractors or your maintenance team fast and easy.
  • Analytics and work order history: Easy access to data makes getting vital information about your maintenance activities straightforward and convenient allowing you to even conduct inventory management.

And if that wasn’t enough, all of this (and more features depending on whether you use a full property management software or a dedicated work order software) leads to additional benefits.

Such as:

  • Increased tenant satisfaction: Better ratings and reviews for your properties and better retention.
  • Improved communication: By cutting things down to a single point of contact– your property management or work order software– communication is more accessible with fewer chances for discrepancies.
  • Fewer mistakes and wasted resources (time and money): A typical work order management system makes it super easy to add details like added instructions and images to the maintenance request, which means fewer mistakes, less back-and-forth, and more consistency.

The efficiency boost you get from work order software makes a quantifiable difference on your bottom line. Not to mention the reduced hassle and communication headaches you get from having everything in one well-organized location.

Manage Your Portfolio Easier With DoorLoop


Maintenance work order software takes something that’s typically time-consuming and mistake-prone and simplifies and streamlines it.

In the same way, a dedicated property management software tool like DoorLoop does that with your entire property management business.

Instead of having to hope that a particular work order software has an integration you need, with DoorLoop, you get everything you need to manage your portfolio effectively from one platform.

(But if you need certain integrations, they’re there too– in spades.)

Features include:

  • A simple interface to manage all of your work orders, including allowing tenants to submit maintenance requests, contacting contractors or your maintenance team, and tracking progress from beginning to end.
  • Built-in CRM with tenant portal for automated rent collection, tenant screening, and more.
  • A full suite of accounting features, including robust reporting, chart of accounts, and various payment methods such as credit cards, ACH, and more.
  • The owner portal makes it easy for clients to see how their properties are doing and track payments.
  • And much more

DoorLoop's pricing starts at only $59 per month.

Schedule a free demo today to see what DoorLoop can do for you!

Top 10 Work Order Software in 2024

Below are the top 10 work order software solutions for property managers on the market in 2024.

For each tool, you’ll find info on:

  • A quick summary of unique strengths and benefits that software has over the others
  • What professions it serves, if it specializes in certain industries
  • A list of notable features
  • And that software’s pricing model

Use this guide as a tool to help you find the best software to help move your property business forward– and don’t forget to do your own homework after reading this guide.

Let’s get started.

1. Service Fusion

Service Fusion

Service Fusion is primarily a small to mid-sized niche solution that serves everyone from property managers to electricians, appliance maintenance specialists, and locksmiths with more than 4,000 customers.

They aren’t specifically property-focused, but they’re known for their high ratings, ease of use, and robust features.

Features include:

  • Contract management
  • Customer database
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Estimates
  • Scheduling
  • Work order creation


Service Fusion is a bit on the pricey side, starting at $126 per month for their most basic plan all the way up to $339 for their max-tier Pro plan. They offer a free trial for getting started.

2. ServiceTitan

Service Titan

ServiceTitan is focused mainly on service professionals, but it makes for an excellent tool for any dedicated maintenance team for large-scale property management businesses.

They’re known for their overall high user satisfaction ratings and clean, intuitive design.

Features include:

  • Quotes
  • Work order creation
  • Database management
  • Scheduling functionality
  • And the ability to set up recurring appointments automatically for routine maintenance


ServiceTitan’s pricing is not publicly provided, so you’ll have to schedule a demo to find out more.

3. UpKeep

UpKeep Work Order Tool

UpKeep is primarily a CMMS software, which stands for computerized maintenance management software. It’s essentially a more robust maintenance management software designed for enterprise-level companies.

With UpKeep, you can do things like update work orders through the mobile app, assign a priority level to work orders, and can even automatically send those orders off to approved contractors.

Features include:

  • Work order creation
  • Real-time work order tracking
  • Fully automated smart workflows
  • Track time and cost connected with each work order
  • Mobile app


UpKeep starts at $45 per user per month for its most basic plan. Their premium Business Plus plan requires a minimum of 5 users and is $100 per user per month.

4. FMX


FMX is another full CMMS solution with robust features. However, it balances its overwhelming number of features by being surprisingly easy to use.

Key points FMX notes are its ability to gauge and optimize work order completion time as well as organize and schedule preventative maintenance tasks.

Features include:

  • Work order creation and optimization
  • Quotes and estimates
  • Recurring appointments
  • Preventative maintenance scheduling


Pricing isn’t provided on their website. You’ll have to schedule a demo to find out more about FMX and get pricing.

5. Axxerion


Axxerion is primarily a property management maintenance solution, which is unique among most work order software solutions.

With this software, you can utilize various tools, such as categorizing work orders, to create a more efficient and organized workflow.

Features include:

  • Robust tracking for everyone involved on the work order, from you to your tenants
  • Automatic purchase order creation
  • Great customization features so you can manage your work orders how you want


Axxerion doesn’t share its pricing online. Schedule a demo to find out their pricing structure and learn more about the product.

6. eMaint


eMaint is one of the more robust work order management solutions on this list.

They have extensive features outside just work order management, but they’re most relevant to professions outside property management.

When compared to others on this list, their list of features comes up a bit lacking, as they don’t have things like the ability to keep a tenant database within the system or automatic routing.

With that said, their automatic and calendar-based scheduling features are advantageous and worth noting.

Features include:

  • Job management
  • Work order creation
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Quotes/estimates
  • Comprehensive scheduling tool


eMaint starts at $69 per user per month.

7. MaintainX


MaintainX is a maintenance management solution known for being super user-friendly.

It also has unique team communication features that allow teams to mobilize together on a specific work order.

Features include:

  • Easily communicate about work orders with comments, messages, add photos, and draw functionality
  • Work order creation and assigning to specific contractors
  • Easy customization of work orders and pre-made forms
  • Repeatable work orders
  • Mobile app


MaintainX has a free Basic plan that allows for up to 2 work orders per month, perfect for landlords with 1-2 properties.

If you’re an established property management or company, you can move up to their Essential plan for just $16 per month (billed annually) to get unlimited work orders.

To get many of their unique features offered, you’ll need to move up to one of their higher-tier plans: Premium at $41 per month.

8. ServiceMax


ServiceMax isn’t a field service management tool, so it’s not a dedicated work order tool.

However, this is offset by ServiceMax’s robust features, including built-in CRM and drag-and-drop assignment functionality.

Features include:

  • Built-in CRM
  • Simultaneously assign multiple work orders to multiple contractors
  • Robust reporting
  • Work order assigning and tracking
  • Mobile app


Pricing isn’t available for any of ServiceMax’s plans online. So, you’ll need to schedule a demo to get pricing details.

9. Jobber

Jobber work order tool

Jobber has uniquely powerful scheduling features, including a drag-and-drop calendar for preventative maintenance jobs to make it super clear what contractors are working on what and when.

Also, maintenance requests received from tenants are automatically created into work orders where they can be assigned to a contractor or field worker.

Features include:

  • Mobile app with push notifications
  • Drag-and-drop calendar
  • Work order templates
  • Messaging
  • Great reporting and analytics


Jobber comes in at $40 per month for its basic Core plan. You can also move up to $104 per month for up to 5 users, or $200 per user for up to 15 users.

10. ManagerPlus


ManagerPlus is as much a dedicated work order management tool as any on this list.

In fact, it has nearly full CRM functionality, with the ability to manage not only contractors but communicate with tenants on maintenance requests they submit.

Features include:

  • Work order creation and assigning
  • Mobile app with built-in messaging
  • CRM capabilities
  • Reporting


ManagerPlus has just two pricing plans available but no longer shares its pricing online. Schedule a demo to find out their pricing structure and learn more about the product.

Transform how you manage work orders with DoorLoop

Work order software can lift a tremendous weight off your shoulders.

With everything else you manage, juggling communicating with tenants and contractors to get maintenance requests taken care of can be an unnecessary headache.

But property management software like DoorLoop can do much more for you than simply fully manage your maintenance management needs.

DoorLoop can:

  • Automate rent collection
  • Give owners their own portal, a central place to get key reports and payment information, simplifying communication
  • Streamline your accounting within the same platform that you manage those work orders
  • And even offer baked-in marketing tools and things like tenant screening

Whatever tool you choose, consider what features will genuinely move the needle for you, whether that’s saving you time, money, or simplifying your workflow.

And consider the value of bringing everything together into a central platform that genuinely simplifies and streamlines the work of managing your portfolio.

To learn more about DoorLoop, schedule a free demo!


David is the co-founder & CMO of DoorLoop, a best-selling author, legal CLE speaker, and real estate investor. When he's not hanging with his three children, he's writing articles here!