Property managers rely on good software to help them carry out their management tasks to ensure that business goes according to plan. There are many options, but the question here is if TenantCloud is the right one.

What would make it stand out against its competitors? Does it help with your maintenance requests? Does it handle multiple rental properties well? Can you get custom pricing if you need it? Having the right feature set at the right price is what property owners and managers look for.

There are also questions about the pros and cons to consider. We intend to tackle a broad scope of areas to ensure that you make the best possible call for the management of your rental unit.

Not only will we talk about TenantCloud, but we'll also refer to a few of the top alternatives that you may also want to think about. That way, you're covered whether this is your first stop or you've already been shopping around.

What Is TenantCloud Property Management Software?


TenantCloud, which some may write as Tenant Cloud, is a property management software suite that encapsulates a lot of the functionality landlords, property managers, and service professionals would need to handle areas such as maintenance request creation, online rent collection, communication, and more!

Its appeal comes from being able to provide these needs, while also being able to help with associated or supportive tasks such as invoicing, advertising, tenant screening, application tracking, and more!

The landlord portal provided is very involved allowing for the scheduling of reminders, initiation of background checks, creation of listing websites, etc.

Features of the TenantCloud Property Management System

With the overview out of the way, let's look at some of the key features that the application brings to the table.

  • Property listing - Use a simple interface to add your listings and have them displayed via numerous listing partners. There's even a matching algorithm to help you meet tenants who fit your criteria and vice versa.
  • Application management - Set up an electronic application form with all the key pieces of data. Management features are also present to deal with screening, application fees, and more!
  • Tenant move-in - Take advantage of cost and time savings with digital agreements that are lawyer approved and have the move-in process take place electronically with a few clicks. Notices, state-specific documentation, and e-signature functionality are available here.
  • Online payment processing - End-to-end accounting is included, addressing invoices, receipts, transaction history, and more, categorized logically. You can have rent deposited to your bank account directly, auto-pay functionality, and a perfect reporting suite.
  • Online maintenance - Visual maintenance requests from your tenants are supported here, which can then be used for equipment and scheduling management with reminders if necessary. Connect with and assign requests to local service pros if you so desire and track time, labor, supplies, and more as needed!
  • Communication - There's no need for long or awkward phone calls when TenantCloud allows you to use the mobile app, TC messenger, the property message board, or even the live feed notifications to stay in touch with tenants when needed.
  • Permission management - Add team members with role-based access to only what they need and built-in activity tracking.
  • Management fees - Set up and manage automatically calculated fees such as renewals, owner distributions, property reserve fees, and more!

TenantCloud Pricing

The TenantCloud cost structure comes in both a monthly and annual format. If you choose to pay annually, you'll be saving 20% when compared to going the monthly route. There are three plans to choose from, which are as follows:

  1. Starter - This will cost $15 per month or $144 annually. This plan includes features such as rent payments, maintenance, signature use, premium leads, CRM, tax reports, and maintenance.
  2. Growth - Subscribing to this plan will see you pay $50 monthly or $480 annually. You'll get everything in the starter tier plus additional features such as property manager-specific tools, management fees, Quickbooks Online sync, lease builder, property message board, and access to an individual owner portal.
  3. Business - You'll need to contact customer support for this one as the pricing will be customized based on your needs. Nevertheless, this tier grants you everything in the growth subscription with the addition of task management, a custom domain, team property permissions, auto-refresh for listings, team messaging, and more!

Can Landlords and Property Managers Get a Free Trial?

Yes, there are free version offerings available at the starter and growth tiers.

TenantCloud Pricing Review

Overall, the pricing for TenantCloud is very fair.

TenantCloud Review: Pros and Cons

With the features and the pricing out of the way, now we look at some of the pros and cons to expect if you want to go the TenantCloud route.

Bear in mind that we are not the ones that came up with these. Instead, we used a combination of user reviews since it's more accurate to the experience you can expect as a subscriber.


  • A great feature set - There's no doubt that the feature list is impressive, bringing together online payment processing, maintenance request management, website listings, tenant screening, management fee handling, and more. Though you may have to commit to a high-tier subscription, you can find what you're looking for with TenantCloud
  • Good customer support - The setup process to get things going is pretty involved so it's nice to know that you can have the assistance you need from the customer service team and that the same level of support will carry over throughout your time as a customer


  • Difficult navigation - While you can get some level of assistance from the customer support team, the overall experience can be frustrating thanks to design choices that make navigation difficult.
  • Integration configurations can be tedious - Integrations, such as those with Zillow, can be complex to get going, and even with all the work you put in, you may find that it still doesn't end up working.
  • Online payment options are limited - Though you can take advantage of automated and manual online payments, the methods available are limited, which may lead you to end up just handling it manually.

Three Competitors to Consider

We've now explored what TenantCloud has to offer, as well as the pricing model and some pros and cons. As you know, it's not the only property management software platform out there, which means we need to talk about a few of the amazing competitors that you should seriously consider.

1. Doorloop


As a property manager or a landlord, you have certain base expectations from your management software systems.

DoorLoop covers all of these bases while offering you additional features as bells and whistles to make your overall experience seamless and rewarding.

Doorloop Features

  • Easy multi-property management - There's no problem if you have multiple properties. Simply add new ones with specific details such as the address, ownership, property type, and more to keep track of all your holdings. Manage your added properties easily with details such as tenants, applications, tasks, reports, and more!
  • Tenant management - Capture details seamlessly to make the tenant management process a breeze. At a glance, you'll be able to identify the corresponding property, lease terms, deposit, late fees, a copy of the lease, personal information, etc.
  • Online rent collection - DoorLoop accounts for different preferences by accommodating debit, credit, and ACH payments. The tenant portal even allows your tenants to set up automated payments or manual ones, depending on what fits them best.
  • Maintenance requests - This is also easy to manage with DoorLoop, allowing you to easily create and manage your requests and work order. Use details such as the description, priority, due date, assignee, property, subject, recurrence, and more to stay on top of it all.

Of course, this is only scratching the surface of what DoorLoop can do!

Doorloop Pricing

There's no need to pay an arm and a leg for the impressive collection of features DoorLoop offers. For just $49 a month, you can get everything you need to manage your first 20 properties.

If you want to see it in action, why not schedule a demo today?

2. AppFolio


Apppfolio is an all-in-one property management software option that allows you to manage all your rental properties from a convenient space. There are facilities for different kinds of properties such as residential, commercial, vacation homes, and more!

AppFolio Features

Some of Appfolio's most notable features are:

  • Accounting suite - Enjoy a series of accounting features such as online rent payments, billing and invoicing, and late fee calculation.
  • Tenant portal - Give your tenants an easy way to pay their rent, communicate with you, submit maintenance requests, and more.
  • Community management - If you are dealing with a multi-family community, HOA, or more, there are committee, event management, and calendar features you can use to your advantage.

AppFolio Pricing

The residential core plan is $1.40 per unit per month, and it comes with a minimum $280 monthly fee. Similarly, the premium plus plan attaches a $1,500 minimum monthly requirement to the $3 per unit per month price.

3. SimplifyEM


SimplifyEM is another choice to help property managers handle multiple properties from a convenient interface and can work for any portfolio from small to large.

SimplifyEM Features

  • Lease agreement processing - Manage the entire leasing process with a few easy steps in a software-based format with forms, late fees, tracking, rent reminders, etc.
  • Maintenance scheduling - Tenants will initiate requests, which alert property managers and landlords who can then address them. Scheduled maintenance can also be set up.
  • Property accounting - Transaction tracking, reporting, taxation, cash flow, categorization, and more are the order of the day here.

SimplifyEM Pricing

There are eight tiers that speak to different numbers of properties. It starts with the P10 subscription for up to 10 properties and costs $25 monthly and goes up to the P2000 for up to 2000 units with a cost of $1,620 monthly.

Try It

DoorLoop features

There's nothing wrong with wanting decent features for a reasonable amount, and DoorLoop offers you all of that.

There's no reason not to try it and take advantage of full accounting, maintenance management, owner and tenant portals, online payments, etc!

Schedule a free demo today and see how DoorLoop will transform your business!

David is the co-founder & CMO of DoorLoop, a best-selling author, legal CLE speaker, and real estate investor. When he's not hanging with his three children, he's writing articles here!