Say goodbye to the days of struggling to manage your self-storage facility – now you can harness all the tools property management software has at its fingertips and make running operations, maintaining security, and gaining valuable insights a breeze.

In this blog post, we will take an in-depth look at what sets top providers apart from one another for 2024 so that you can find out how to select the perfect solution for your business.

What Is Self-Storage Property Management Software?

Property management software for the self-storage industry is revolutionizing how businesses operate.

Self-storage management software streamlines operations like tracking tenant information, managing facilities, and processing automated payments so facility owners no longer have to do manual paperwork or tedious tasks.

It doesn't matter if you are running a large chain of establishments or just starting out with one location - there's an ideal solution for your needs that takes into account everything from comprehensive storage solutions to more basic methods of property management.

Thanks to advances in self-storage technology, it has never been easier to improve business efficiency by optimizing the time used by facility managers, all while boosting customer satisfaction simultaneously.

Core Features and Functions

The best self-storage software options offer necessary tools such as:

  • Tenant portals that provide easy access to account information
  • Integration with needed systems
  • Extra functionalities like automated payments
  • Detailed reporting features

How Do I Automate My Self-Storage Business?

When it comes to self-storage property management, automating your operations can greatly enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction.

In this section, we will delve into the process of automating your self-storage business and explore the benefits it can bring to your operations.

Online Reservations and Rental Management

A crucial area where automation can significantly impact your self-storage business is reservations and rental management. By implementing self-storage property management software, you can empower your customers to make online reservations, check unit availability, and even complete rental agreements remotely.

This automation saves time and effort for both you and your customers, reducing the need for manual administrative tasks.

Integrated Payment Systems

Managing rental payments can be a tedious and time-consuming task for self-storage businesses.

However, with automation, you can simplify and streamline this process.

A robust self-storage property management software often offers integrated payment systems that allow tenants to set up recurring payments, view their payment history, and receive automated reminders for upcoming payments.

Automating payment collections ensures a consistent cash flow and minimizes the risk of errors and late payments.

Maintenance Management

Keeping track of inventory, such as locks, moving supplies, and other items, is essential for a self-storage business.

Automating inventory management allows you to track stock levels, set reorder points, and receive automated alerts when supplies need replenishment.

Also, self-storage property management software often provides maintenance management features, allowing you to automate maintenance requests, schedule inspections, and record maintenance history.

These automation features ensure your facility is well-maintained and fully stocked without requiring extensive manual oversight.

Top Self-Storage Software Providers in 2024

Self-storage software providers are more abundant than before.

The top players provide different features to accommodate various business needs, from pricing models to the platform's usability.

Let's examine each software option individually to select the best solution for your self-storage business.



DoorLoop is the highest-rated property management software in the game.

With it, you can get paid automatically, manage leases, get expiration reminders, communicate with renters securely, and much more. Automate your processes, track your finances, and get more done in less time with a go-to, all-in-one solution.

Some features include:

  • Robust accounting suite: Everything you need to manage all your property accounting in one place, no difficult QuickBooks workarounds necessary.
  • QuickBooks integration: Rather integrate with QuickBooks and use it? You can do that too.
  • Convenient tenant portal: Communicate with tenants, collect rent online, and even send in maintenance requests all from within the app.
  • Invaluable maintenance management features: Speaking of maintenance, edit those requests with attachments, send them to vendors, pay those vendors, and even communicate with tenants on those requests simply and easily.
  • A plethora of leasing tools: Get access to automatic listings, leasing templates, and background checks (to better screen tenants), which will make the entire process more streamlined.

To see what DoorLoop is all about, schedule a free demo today!


DoorLoop's basic plan starts at just $59 a month for 20 units.

Easy Storage Solutions

Easy Storage Solutions

This software offers the following features:

  • Automated Recurring Billing
  • Financial/Accounting Reports
  • Payment Reminders
  • Integrated Services

Their platform seems to cater to small or medium-sized companies to simplify managing a self-storage building so that success can easily follow.


Their basic plan starts at $80 per month, and you will need to contact them for any other type of information in regard to the software, as the website is not very informative.



Storeganise offers competitive features for self-storage companies, such as:

  • Online bookings
  • Automated payments
  • Visual inventory
  • File uploads
  • Full audit tracking
  • Electronic agreements
  • Automatic unit lockout
  • Inventory tracking


Storeganise's pricing is based on location numbers and unit numbers. The starting price is $45 a month for one location and 50 units.



For self-storage and property management, Quickbooks is a well-recognized brand that can help simplify rental payments.

It allows users to organize properties as customers, tenants as sub-customers, and classes for different types of transactions. Making it an affordable option particularly useful for smaller businesses or medium-sized companies managing fewer properties.

However, Quickbooks is not a property management software and cannot offer help beyond accounting.

So, the choice ultimately lies with the company - larger portfolios may find other solutions more suitable due to Quickbook’s limited capabilities in terms of scalability.


Quickbooks' basic plan starts at $15 a month, and its advanced plan goes up to $100 monthly.

Why Utilize Software?

Self-storage software is a great tool to optimize the running of your facility.

Taking advantage of its extensive capabilities will save time and money while providing excellent customer experiences.

Self-storage software can revolutionize how you manage your space in many ways, which we'll discuss below!

Streamline Operations

The use of self-storage software offers many benefits, particularly in terms of streamlining operations.

Access to real-time data makes decisions easier while managing units remotely facilitates improved customer service with more efficient procedures overall.

Relying on automated processes also helps reduce mistakes due to human error while simultaneously increasing accuracy levels, making your business run smoother than ever before!

Improve Security and Access Control

Self-storage software is fundamental in bolstering the security measures of a storage unit.

Access control solutions such as cloud-based access management technology offer an extra layer of defense, allowing for PINs or passcodes to be put into place that can monitor entries made at the property.

Integrating this with gate systems provides security and allows you to oversee who enters the premises.

Having these safety precautions in check grants peace of mind when it comes to protecting both people’s belongings stored within your storage facility and tenant information.

Gain Valuable Insights

By using self-storage software, customer data analysis can be done to understand consumer preferences and detect any changes in buying habits or trends that may benefit marketing decisions.

With inventory and occupancy rate tracking made easy by this technology, your company can effectively adjust pricing strategies based on fluctuations in demand.

Additionally, AI-powered analytics allows for a deeper understanding of customers' behavior resulting in improved advertisement performance.

By utilizing storage software that generates accurate financial reports, you can uncover cost-saving opportunities that provide an added advantage. These valuable tools allow you to compete more effectively with other players in the market, all while increasing your profit margins.

Now that you understand the importance of software for self-storage operators, let's discuss some important factors to consider before committing to a specific company.

Factors to Consider

Choosing the best self-storage property management software can be overwhelming, but this section will help you choose the perfect tool!

Pricing and Subscription Models

When it comes to selecting the appropriate pricing and subscription models for self-storage software, many options are available.

Pricing can range anywhere from $30/month up to more than $100/month, depending on how many units or spaces you have.

Some providers even give free demos as well as provide quotes along with websites that start at around $80 per month, while others employ their own industry-specific analytics geared towards helping customers attain maximum profits by properly optimizing prices.

When choosing a model for one's business, it's important to consider which type works best for the specific needs.

While affordability is a factor, it shouldn't be the only consideration as less expensive packages may not include all desired features.

Costlier plans may prove to be a wise investment in the long run due to the additional functionalities offered and the time-saving effects they provide.

So, ensure to weigh out the pros and cons in terms of pricing!

Customization and Integration

When selecting a self-storage property management system, the amount of personalization and integration it offers is key.

Numerous service providers offer flexibility for tailored features, such as personalized website designs. Additionally, they provide various integrations with other websites/programs that may better suit your specific requirements than standard options. Choosing a provider that can adapt to your business's evolving needs can be beneficial in the long term.

When deciding whether to integrate third-party tools with property management systems, it's important to consider what new applications and programs are necessary both currently and in the future. This helps bring greater efficiencies within operations while ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

Customer Support and Training

Finally, it's essential to factor in customer service and training when deciding on a self-storage property management system.

To get the most out of self-storage solutions software and minimize any complications associated with integrating new technology into work processes – make sure they have a great tech support, like DoorLoop!

Bottom Line

By taking the time to thoroughly evaluate all available software providers and features, you can find a property management software solution tailored perfectly for your self-storage business.

To learn more about property management software and how to choose which works best for you, click here!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I automate my self-storage business?

If you want to automate your self-storage business, consider using tools like online payments, Autopay capabilities, and digital documents.

To make it easier for customers to access the space they need quickly and conveniently – create a website with reservation options enabled by an automated software-based access control system. You can also take advantage of automation in communications channels so that more time is freed up for growth within the industry.

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