Do you enjoy checking out various property management software options and comparing them? Most property managers don't have the time or energy to do this, and there is a better way!

Are you seeking a property management software platform that will help manage those rental properties? If so, you've probably heard of RentRedi, which offers property management tools for residential and association properties.

Here's the truth: there are countless options for property management software designed to make your life easier. However, it's challenging to know which one is best suited to your company and needs. It's not easy to find what you want.

This article will help you decide if RentRedi is the best choice for property managers and landlords. Likewise, we will discuss the best RentRedi alternatives on the market. Does RentRedi have the key features you need, such as tenant management, lease management, and tenant screening tools? Would another property management platform be better? Let's dive in!

About RentRedi


RentRedi is a cloud-based property management software option that countless landlords rely on to effectively manage residential properties. It features automated listing syndication, electronic payment processing, online rental applications, and maintenance requests to streamline operations, which can save landlords resources and time.

Overall, RentRedi allows landlords to focus on their property management businesses because they have everything in one place to manage their properties.

Likewise, RentRedi offers tools and a user-friendly interface, so it's the go-to solution for people who wish to optimize property management workflows.

With the efficient tools, landlords can easily manage properties, from tracking maintenance requests to processing payments and listing their properties. Overall, RentRedi simplifies the entire property management process, allowing landlords to manage their business with ease.

What are the features of this property management software? They include:

  • The accounting feature will help landlords track their finances and stay organized. It allows users to understand their expenses, manage tenant payments, and generate financial reports.
  • Likewise, RentRedi property management software streamlines rent collection processes. Tenants can easily pay their rent electronically. Landlords don't have to get rent in person or be available at specific times, which can reduce the chance of disputes relating to rent.
  • The e-sign lease feature helps landlords quickly and easily create, sign, and send lease agreements online. There's no need for in-person meetings or paper documents.
  • You get a cash payment feature, which helps tenants pay rent with cash at various retail locations. It works well for people who don't have a credit card or bank account or who prefer money.
  • There's a tenant screening feature, which helps landlords screen potential tenants before they rent the property. It includes credit checks, background checks, and income verification, ensuring that landlords can rent to reliable and trustworthy people.

RentRedi Pricing

Here is the pricing information for this property management software:

  • A monthly subscription costs $19.95/month.
  • The six-month subscription is $15/month, which is billed at $90 every six months.
  • The annual subscription costs $9/month, which is billed at $108 every year.
  • Every plan includes these features: customer support, cloud file sharing, lease signing, team communication, property listings, maintenance coordination, tenant screening, and rent collection.

Why People Choose RentRedi

Here are the top factors that make it stand apart from the crowd:

  • Cost-effective Solution - RentRedi is considered an affordable solution. You'll get all the tools you require for property management, and it's not expensive.
  • Advanced Features - The advanced features include online rental applications, automated listing syndication, maintenance request tracking, and electronic payment processing. They will help landlords reduce errors, automate their processes, and save time.
  • Improved Tenant Communication - RentRedi helps landlords communicate with tenants about problems, such as maintenance requests and rent payments. This saves time and boosts tenant satisfaction.
  • Easy to Use - The user interface is easy to navigate and intuitive, so landlords can manage properties with ease.
  • Excellent Customer Support - The customer support team at RentRedi is responsive and knowledgeable. Therefore, landlords can get tech support when necessary.

Top 5 RentRedi Alternatives

Here are the top 5 RentRedi alternatives:

1. DoorLoop

DoorLoop Homepage

DoorLoop is a cloud-based property management software that helps to streamline the rental management process. With it, landlords can collect rent, manage their properties, track maintenance, screen tenants, grow their portfolios, and much more. Plus, everything is in one place!

This software package is all-inclusive, so it will simplify your workflow by letting you access what you require from one platform. There will no longer be costly property management processes that are confusing. Just say hi to DoorLoop!

Likewise, this property management software will help you automate rent collection, financial data, property listings, and maintenance requests. It also integrates with API and Zapier, as well as thousands of other apps. Plus, it works for property managers, property owners, and property management companies.

Let's check out the key features to consider:

DoorLoop Features

  • Bank Sync - You can connect your credit card or bank to track transactions easily and make property accounting that much easier.
  • QuickBooks - With the one-click sync, you can use QuickBooks for bookkeeping and never have a problem.
  • Reports - You can run unlimited and customized reports in just a few seconds to gain more insight into your financials.
  • Tenants - Manage tenant leases and communicate better with the tenant portal at DoorLoop.
  • Tenant Screening - Run eviction, background, and credit checks on your potential tenants to ensure that they're reliable and trustworthy.
  • Applications - Send online lease agreements and get electronic signatures to make life easier for both tenant and landlord.
  • Rent Collection - Automated rent collection helps you get paid fast without waiting around or watching for the mail carrier.
  • Listings - Easily advertise your listings to attract the best tenants with the listing management tools available at DoorLoop.
  • Support - Get assistance in minutes with the dedicated customer support team at DoorLoop.
  • Security - Be confident that your data has been fully encrypted. There's also 24/7 monitoring.
  • Mobile Apps - You can manage your portfolio wherever you are because DoorLoop has a mobile app for Android and iOS.
  • Integration - You can sync DoorLoop's property management tool with thousands of other apps for the most flexibility anywhere.
  • Communication - Send messages securely to tenants with the messaging system at DoorLoop!

DoorLoop Pricing

Here is a peek at DoorLoop's pricing options:

  • Starter Plan - This costs $24.50/month, and it includes Tenant Portal, email and chat support, eSignature, tenant screening, RapidRent online payments, maintenance, CRM for prospects, and property accounting/financials.
  • Pro Plan - This costs $49.50/month and includes the Starter Plan features. You'll also get unlimited Zoom training sessions, QuickBooks Online Sync, CAM charges, various support options, customizable dashboards, tenant announcements, bank account reconciliation, user access roles, market online, owner portal, and outgoing payments.
  • Premium Plan - This costs $74.50/month and includes everything from the Pro and Starter plans. Likewise, you'll get API access, free incoming ACH payments, unlimited free eSignatures, unlimited data storage, unlimited users, a free personalized website, and more.

Schedule your free DoorLoop demo to see how it can benefit you!

2. TurboTenant


TurboTenant is also a cloud-based property management solution that helps real estate professionals, property managers, and landlords handle their property management requirements. It offers tenant tracking, building maintenance options, and has a vacancy listing feature that will automatically post listings on various sites, such as Apartment List and Rent Jungle.

Likewise, TurboTenant helps people complete their Craigslist listings. Plus, users could access the rent calculator, tenant database, and their rental form templates. You can easily simplify property management by using TurboTenant!

Overall, TurboTenant is an excellent online platform that helps landlords list properties and show them to their potential tenants. Users can easily upload photos and property details, which tenants will view online. Plus, the platform lets tenants contact the landlords, share listings, and submit online applications.

One unique feature of TurboTenant is that it lets users generate flyers.

In fact, it can automatically create the flyers based on the images and information provided from property postings. Users will then distribute and print them, which makes it easier to get the word out when you have vacancies.

TurboTenant Features

  • Property Marketing Tools - This helps you create and promote your rental listings and showcase them to potential tenants.
  • Website Builder - Get a marketing website builder to create professional pages for your rental properties.
  • Custom Property Listings - You can give detailed information about your properties.
  • Lease Agreement Tools - Easily create a customizable lease agreement that complies with your state's landlord-tenant laws.
  • Automatic Listing Syndication - You can pair with popular websites, such as,, and

TurboTenant Pricing

TurboTenant has a free property management software plan for unlimited properties. It includes things like document management, maintenance coordination, expense tracking, rent payments, lead management, and rental advertising.

There's also a premium plan, which is $8.25/month but billed at $99/year. You'll get faster lead time responses, state-specific lease agreements, waived ACH fees for renters, a form package, eSignatures, lease addendums, and much more. Plus, you can verify your tenant's income and will get a screening report.

3. Innago


Innago offers a cloud-based property management software option that will cater to landlords.

Landlords have a full suite of tools to streamline all their property management tasks. Likewise, the customizable settings help property managers and landlords manage their rentals in ways that meet their needs, so it's a scalable and flexible solution.

The suite of features for Innago is extensive and includes messaging, e-leasing, work order management, property listings, tenant screening, and rent collection. The property management platform streamlines your rental property management needs by automating the most essential tasks, which saves time and boosts transparency.

There is a free rental property management software option, so landlords don't have to spend money initially when they're learning about the product. Plus, you don't require third-party services, so it's affordable for all types of landlords.

You'll love the secure document storage option. It's easy to store your important rental documents in one space for more organization and easy access.

Innago Features

  • Innago provides a convenient and easy way for tenants to pay rent online, and landlords can collect payments and track them with ease.
  • Landlords can easily sign leases and store them and other documents online, which saves time.
  • Tenants can submit maintenance requests. Plus, landlords can manage work orders from within the platform and set up the maintenance team.
  • Innago offers a user-friendly and secure platform where landlords can manage their rental properties anywhere.
  • The mobile app helps landlords manage rental properties, regardless of where they are. It's easier to stay on top of everything while you're on the go.
  • With Innago, landlords can get information out about their rental properties with syndication on popular rental websites and free listing tools.

Innago Pricing

Innago is completely free for landlords. There are never any contracts, monthly fees, or setup fees.

Plus, ACH payments are free for tenants and landlords. However, credit and debit card payments will cost the tenant 2.75 percent but are free for landlords.

4. Propertyware


Propertyware is a fully cloud-based property management software option designed to help property management companies, property managers, and landlords with their rental property management needs. It offers many next-generation tools, and it will empower landlords and property managers to drive more profitability from all real estate investments.

The platform features proven integration, award-winning functionality, and point/click customization. Therefore, it will be easy to manage your rental property tasks, such as maintenance tracking, online rent payments, and tenant screening.

It puts the focus on delivering a great user experience. Therefore, Propertyware provides a customizable and scalable solution that's tailored to meet the needs of every landlord or property manager.

Propertyware Features

  • Propertyware provides marketing tools for property managers to promote their properties, generate leads, and track all marketing efforts.
  • You'll get robust property accounting management and reporting features, such as income/expense tracking, rent roll management, and financial reports.
  • Property managers get tenant screening tools to help them screen potential tenants for criminal records, credit history, and more.
  • Propertyware helps property managers track all maintenance requests and offers vendor management tools in one spot.
  • Tenants can pay rent online through the tenant management system, which saves time and reduces the chance of late payments and fees.

Propertyware Pricing

There are many pricing options available for Propertyware, and it's all based on how many units you manage. The core price of this cloud-based property management software is $1/unit/month and includes various features, such as tenant screening, maintenance, marketing, payments, and accounting.

You can also add optional modules to get more features, such as tenant portals and mobile inspections.

Overall, Propertyware offers transparent pricing, and there are no long-term contracts or hidden fees.

5. Hemlane


Hemlane offers property management software with innovative tech solutions to help you have a better rental management experience.

It was founded by Dana and Frank, and it wants to revolutionize the outdated industry by using technology to streamline everything with its cloud-based property management software.

You have many features available, such as communication automation, property advertising, lease management, tenant screening, property maintenance, and online rent payments. Easily protect your real estate assets with this property management tool.

Overall, Hemlane has great retention rates from customers throughout the United States and offers various pricing options and a one-month free trial. The property management software simplifies property management and can improve the tenant experience. Check out the key features below:

Hemlane Features

  • You can easily collect payments online, so the process is secure, fast, and easy.
  • Tenant screening services are available and include background checks, credit checks, and rental history verification.
  • You'll easily track your maintenance requests, schedule all repairs, and communicate with vendors and tenants easily.
  • Generate financial reports that help you create balance sheets, track income, and more.

Hemlane Pricing

There are three pricing plans with this cloud-based property management software. All of them include marketing syndication, lease tracking, online rent collection, and more.

Basic costs $36.50 per month. If you go to Essential ($49) or Complete ($74), you'll also get state-specific leases and many other perks.

Which Online Property Management Software Will You Choose?

If you need cloud-based property management software, you can't go wrong with DoorLoop. It has many key features that will help you deal with property management in a new way. For example, you'll get a responsive customer service team and a great user experience.

DoorLoop features

It's time to make life easier, and DoorLoop's property management software is just the ticket. Schedule your free demo today to see how it works and why you need it!

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